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Making New Friends In Costa Rica Is Easier At

We all know that good friends can make a big, positive difference in our lives but how do you make new friends when you’re up there and we’re down here? How can you contact like minded people like yourselves who are also thinking about living and retiring in Costa Rica?

Schools In Costa Rica – Blue Ocean Bilingual Academy

The new bilingual academy offers quality education and the year runs from August to June (which follows the international calendar). The school made a point of lowering its tuition this year to $150 per month to make it accessible to more families in the community.

Free Spanish Lesson #17 – The Holiday Season in Latin America

Because about 95% of Latin America is Catholic, Christmas is as widely, maybe even more widely, celebrated holiday than in the US. Because a majority of Latin Americans live south of the equator, for them Christmas is actually during the summer. As you will see later, this influences some of their holiday traditions.

Taxes in Costa Rica – End of September is an important date – A quick overview with FREE online video.

During the last 10 years Costa Rica had received a lot of attention from multinational companies, and therefore has been chosen as the country to be due to its affordable labor cost; economical, social and political stability.

Costa Rica Land Sales – Deceptive advertising or not? Your vote is important!

One of our VIP Members has been emailing asking what we thought about the two promotional emails she and her mother had recently received from a company selling land in Costa Rica. She said that these views are impossible to find from any land that is for sale by this company…

Don’t Sell That Big Green Egg Because You Think It’s Too Heavy!

Turns out that a Big Green Egg is a particular brand of outdoor charcoal cooker that has very devoted fans and part of its charm (or, at least, its effectiveness) is in its very heavy ceramic body.

Importing Your Pets To Costa Rica – Guidelines on getting your dogs and cats safely into Costa Rica.

Let me first mention that pets come in a variety of species but to transport some of them can be challenging or even impossible. If your pet is other than a domestic cat or dog, your challenge may be out of sight. I came in to Costa Rica back in the year 2000 with five crates of pets.

Costa Rica Real Estate’s Abandoned Projects – But the salesman said…

If you have read features and comments on this web site for any period of time you will have no doubt read Scott Oliver’s mantra that he only recommends, “experienced developers with a proven track record of building quality real estate”.

Costa Rica Living in Escazu – Free video interview with Marc Schweitzer originally from New York City

As far as Escazu real estate is concerned, he states that: “Escazu is not cheap” but “I paid about $300,000 for the apartment (in Escazu), in New York City it would be a $2,000,000 apartment.”

Living in Costa Rica – From San Francisco to Samara to Atenas

But pretty soon they realized that they were working all the time just to pay bills, and thoroughly caught up in the rat race. Weekends, which were supposed to be fun, soon became full of work too; for laundry, cleaning the house, going to the supermarket, the occasional home repair, car repair, or veterinary visit.

Costa Rica Retirement on Social Security – Advanced Retirement 101 with FREE video interview with George Lundquist.

As my experience with our lives here continues, we become even more convinced that we have chosen the very best way to enjoy the time we have left. We are now 70 years old and except for a few more aches, pains and lapses of memory, living physically and mentally more comfortable than ever.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment – Free video of US Investor Henry Kaufman interviewed by Scott Oliver.

When a successful real estate investor like Henry Kaufman starts investing millions of dollars in Costa Rica real estate, it’s a sign that confidence among sophisticated US investors has most definitely returned and I was delighted to receive an invitation to interview Henry Kaufman in Santa Ana, Costa Rica on the 27th July 2009

Costa Rica Scams – US Judge orders the extradition of Gerald Joseph Latulippe to face fraud charges.

Forrest told me that his partner would supposedly use investor’s money to buy companies in trouble, rebuild them and then sell them for a handsome profit. Not being a shy wall flower type of person, I pointed out …

Costa Rica Living in Jaco – Jill’s story and why we should be so grateful.

The highlight of the evening was meeting their friend Jill an elegant, classy, gray haired British woman who casually shared a few tidbits of her days in a Nazi concentration camp during much of World War II.

Costa Rica Crime – Murder rates in perspective.

It is fascinating that when there’s horrific crime news in Costa Rica that the local English language newspapers feel that it is their ‘journalistic duty’ to share all the gory details but when there’s news that some might consider good new about crime in Costa Rica, where one can put things in real perspective, then nobody wants to talk about it.