Retirement In Costa Rica

Earthquakes in Costa Rica. Shaken, not stirred (well maybe a little) in Samara

Then human nature took over as leaders emerged as they always do. An entire community was belly punched and upon quickly gathering its breath and balance Samara showed me once again why I chose to live here.

Living Happily in Costa Rica. Top ten reasons why we love living in Atenas with free video

It does not matter how beautiful the country is, or how fresh the climate may be, if the locals are not warm and welcoming it is hard to fit in and feel at home. Costa Ricans are fun loving and friendly and always greet you with a smile and…

Free Spanish Lesson 49. A costly mistake from an incorrect translation

Hace unos años Chevy® decided to start selling the Chevy Nova in Latin America. It was sent down to dealerships pero ventas were incredibly low. For some time Chevy couldn’t figure out why.

Canadian Woman Captured Trying To Escape From Prison in Costa Rica

39 year old Canadian citizen Belkis Depaulo who is serving 8 years in El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd) prison in Costa Rica for drug smuggling, tried to escape on Saturday night to be with her children, she said…

Retired Gringos in Costa Rica Give Us Their Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Atenas For Your Retirement. With free video.

We hear it time and time again from our friends, family and clients “It’s amazing how friendly, warm and welcoming the Costa Rican people are.” All you have to do is walk down the street and you are met with a warm smile and HOLA! My mother will often sit on the bench in front of my office and the local ladies will stop, have a seat and start up a conversation with her as if they had known one another for years!

Free Spanish Lesson 46 – The fun of “el regateo.”

Not only is “regateo” fun to do, but it earns you un precio más bajo, and is actually expected as part of their culture. You can bargain at any small shop o mercado, but usually at larger grocery stores or department stores bargaining no se hace.

Living in Costa Rica and the Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Costa Rican Women. With free video.

By comparison, Costa Rican women are among the sweetest, most accessible ladies I’ve met during my travels. I’ve come to the realization that they play a very large role in why I choose to live here. What’s so great about Costa Rican women? Well, if you don’t already know yourself, here’s my top 10 list of reasons to love Ticas.

Retirement in Costa Rica. To kiss or not to kiss.

Occasionally, when a dinner party was a bit more intimate, guys usually shook hands – of some sort – and the woman nodded with direct eye contact. Did you guess? I’m originally from the Midwest! Personal contact, in general, is a no-no.

Teaching Your Children Values While Living Abroad

Expatriate couples who move their children to a new culture face yet another parental responsibility heightened by relocation: How does a parent teach values to a child who is being exposed to so many different ones?

Costa Rica Living – Top ten things we do NOT like about living in Costa Rica with free video.

There are thousands of pages on this website talking about Costa Rica and even though you can find ‘tips and traps’ about certain many aspects of life here, I don’t want you to accuse me of never mentioning the negative side of Costa Rica living…

Costa Rica Real Estate. Buying a house can be a tricky business

You’ll see many different building systems when looking at Costa Rica real estate for sale: from stone to cement blocks; Ricalit (fiber cement sheet walls) or ‘sandwich’ style Styrofoam with cement rendering; metal walls; Den-Glass (anti-glare reinforced glass) and …

Free Spanish Lesson 45 – Money, Money, Money!

What I recommend is to keep your money in a US or foreign bank and withdraw and exchange it a little at a time. Usually in Latin America, there are very few places that accept credit cards and there aren’t many ATM’s, but you can have money wired to a bank.

Free Spanish Lesson 44 – Nueva York (New York)!

As many of you ya han escuchado, I lived in Latin America for two years among native Spanish speakers. Durante ese tiempo, I got to live in the Dominican Republic for three months. Es una isla grande in the Caribbean between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Costa Rica Living – Top ten reasons why I love Costa Rica. Free video

Different people have different tastes and there are a million reasons to live in this country but here are Scott’s Top Ten Reasons why he loves living in Costa Rica.

Retirement, Recreation and Real Estate in Costa Rica.

As more Americans are opting to retire rather than continue their frustrating job search and struggle with the ups and downs of economic uncertainty, many intelligent retirees have acquired their own piece of paradise here in tropical Costa Rica — they have never looked back!