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|Costa Rica Opthalmologist Dr. Manrique – 20 years of experience.|

Dr. Manrique is a board certified ophthalmologist with offices at Hospital CIMA in Escazu, Costa Rica and also at a private clinic in San Pedro on the east side of San José. Manrique is a comprehensive eye doctor, able to meet all of your eye care needs but his specialty is in retina disease, vitreous disease, and cataract surgery.

Our Costa Rican Doctor “Has Been A Guardian Angel.”

Superior surgery solutions for half the price is indeed a remarkable achievement and Vicky finished her letter with: “Not only is Dr. Mauro one of the top surgeons in his field, we found him to be an exceptional human being as well.”

Costa Rica Surgeons Correct Newborn’s Severe Heart Problem US Clinics Refused To Treat

Jorge Cortes, director of the Clinica Biblica Hospital stated that: “Costa Rica has the human talent and the technological equipment that could treat him and give him life.” The narrow part of baby Rigoberto’s aorta measured one millimeter in width, while the norm is four millimeters, and it was this problem which prevented the blood flowing from the heart to the rest of the body.

US Woman Pays $3,600 for Expert Dental Work in Costa Rica That Would Cost $14,000 in the USA

In the article they discuss the case of Shelia Liner who had broken, damaged front teeth for many years and even with dental insurance she was quoted around $14,000 to fix them. She didn’t have that money: “I just thought I’ll never be able to have it done,” said Liner. In the end Sheila found a dentist in Costa Rica who did the dental work for her for just US$3,600.

Costa Rica Dentist – Or, how I got dental implants in Costa Rica, saved a bundle, and learned to laugh again.

My toothy adventure began last February. That’s when my dentist gave me final warning: “The only way we can save what little gums you have left is with dental implants. And soon!” But the cost was prohibitive.

Costa Rica’s Socialized Medical System – The CAJA – Does Have It’s Limitations!

Many of our VIP Members have had great experiences with the remarkably affordable Costa Rican state medical system (which normally costs less than $50 per month per retired couple), but the speed and level of attention very much depends on where you are physically located. Service in the bigger cities tends to be slower, depending […]

US$20,000 Saved with Costa Rica Medical Care

For quite some time, I have researched Costa Rica in many aspects. Medical care being a primary concern for me. I have read books, internet articles, spoke with others that have been there. After I spoke with Dr. Eduardo Loyola (who was recommended by Scott at WeLoveCostaRica …

Costa Rica Face Lift – Trading Faces Under The Volcano.

Costa Rica Face Lift – Trading Faces Under The Volcano. How I Traveled to the Land of Pura Vida and Found My New Face Waiting. I’d just turned 65, and had declared no national holiday…

Quality Dental Care in Costa Rica

For the last six or seven years I have been wearing dentures. Part of the time when I was not wearing them at all was because they caused me so much pain when I wear them! I could list the negatives of dentures here but anyone who has them already knows! The best advise I could provide would be to do whatever it takes to keep your original teeth.

Costa Rica Dentist in Arenal – VIP Member recommends Dra. Tatiana Ortiz

Rising costs of dentistry in the U.S. has reached an all time high with no relief in sight. Many people are forced to go without or are going deeply in to debt to get much needed dentistry.

Costa Rica Dentist in La Fortuna

Ana had finished her studies at Ulacit University, obtaining a master’s degree in Oral Surgery under the tutelage of well-known dental surgeon Dr. Jorge Cubero Malavassi.

Costa Rica Dentist – Avoiding Pain

Last Sunday I started having a severe toothache. I had not required the services of a Dentist in Costa Rica up to this point, so I had to ask for recommendations.