Manuel Antonio Real Estate

Dreaming of Finding Your Paradise in a Real Costa Rica Community? Manuel Antonio is the place…

Nothing better than sitting on your backporch with your morning cup of joe, watching tropical birds, morpho butterflies and three types of monkeys prancing in the trees around you, while still being able to walk inside, connect to world news on a 2MBPS cable modem and have my mother relaxing in bed getting her daily dose of Matt Lauer on the today show.

Manuel Antonio Farewell Party to the Summer Beach Video

High season is over, but what about the summer? Even though there is no need to invent an excuse to celebrate, a despedida del verano (farewell party to summer) seemed appropriate! Manuel Antonio beach is one of the most beautiful and nostalgic places on Earth!

Real Estate Investing in Manuel Antonio. January 2011 market update.

Knowing the soil conditions is extremely important as this is the only way to know if the ground will resist the load of what you are about to build. Soil tests help to find groundwater, or signs of abnormal behavior of the different layers and components of your lot’s soil.

Manuel Antonio Emergency Notification – “Grave danger of massive land slides.”

Owners are advised to close their businesses and vacate their premises until a geologist gives a report of what needs to be done to resolve this danger. The populated areas below this mountain are in grave danger of massive land slides.

Manuel Antonio After The Storm Of June 2010

Unfortunately, last week, we had our “once in a fifty” year storm and though short lived, the results were pretty dramatic. There are a lot of downed trees and most of Manuel Antonio was without electricity, phones, internet and water after the storm hit. Now, a week later, the area is back to normal, fully functional, with our National Park back open, infrastructure in place and tourism industry back in order.

Living in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – The best of both worlds.

In my opinion, the true beauty of the country which is so evident in its iconic natural beauty is also mirrored if not overshadowed by the authenticity of experiencing and interacting with the people of this unique destination.

Manuel Antonio Villas Mymosa Gets Rave Reviews

I made mention to Julia, the receptionist, when I emailed our reservation request, that we would be celebrating our fortieth anniversary with them, but I never, in a million years, expected the reception we got nor all of the extra care and thoughtfulness that all of the staff put into our stay there in December.

The Perfect Costa Rica Retirement Home Community In Ojochal

The developers are true pioneers to the area, having arrived over 35 years ago. Their development plan has been one of long-term vision and lifelong dedication.

Living in Costa Rica – Moving from Manuel Antonio to Escazu.

The move was prompted by a number of reasons that all seemed to come together with great timing. My kids were ready to go to school, My wife was ready for a little more of an active lifestyle, and our office in the Central Valley was overloaded with opportunity, so it was clear that the time was right.

Hot Real Estate Deals In Portalon – Paving begins on Costanera south of Manuel Antonio and Quepos

Last week president Oscar Arias attended a ceremony for the widening of the Savegre river bridge and the beginning of the paving of the 45KM stretch of the coastal highway linking Quepos and Dominical.

Real Estate Market Update With Martin Gill in Manuel Antonio. March 2009

Good quality new product in a good location is at the same level as last year. The properties that have declined are those homes that have been on the market for a while and are older construction in marginal locations.

Vacation Rental Homes in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

One of the best ways to invest in a home for personal vacation use is to buy a home that will generate income while you are away. The best performing homes in Manuel Antonio make over $100,000 in net income per year.