Costa Rica Videos

Costa Rica Birds – Identify these and win our DVD gift set!

The first person to correctly identify these four Costa Rica birds will win our Costa Rica “Must Have” Costa Rica Living & Retirement – Secrets To Happiness DVDs which are normally sold for US$34.95

Quetzal Spotting in Costa Rica With Free Video

Nestled in the mountains off a less-busy stretch of the north-south highway is Parque Los Quetzales. High above, yet geographically between, two little towns called Santa Maria de Dota and San Gerardo de Dota, it is a vast plot of family owned land still home to much of Costa Rica’s native flora and fauna.

A Feast On The Social Scene. Cornell Wind Ensemble and Burns Night with free video.

Organised by Ian Young and other stalwart Brits, Burns Night is a terrific night of Scottish culture, complete with haggis, ‘neeps and tatties’ (turnip and potatoes!) Amazingly, the haggis is made by Claudio Pacheco, the Costa Rican husband of our British Embassy’s Vice Consul – excellent haggis, what a special man, definitely an Honorary Scot!

Hummingbirds in Costa Rica – Trogon Lodge Free video

Trogon Lodge is sits on a 105 acre farm and it’s a perfect, little escape and very affordable rates from the modern world, where you can relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air or, perhaps take a hike and spot some of Costa Rica’s most magnificent birds, especially the birds within the trogon family including the famous Quetzal.

Noise in Costa Rica – 2010 Election noise video

Ticos have a much higher tolerance for noise than we do. We do have spring-like weather all year round and when you have your windows open for most of the day and night you will hear more noise from outside than you would normally do back home with all your windows shut tight to protect you from the cold or the heat.

Living in Escazu – What is it like? Free online video included.

If it’s good enough for some of the most important diplomats in the country, then maybe it’s good enough for you too… Many people ask me why I have lived in the different areas of Escazú and here’s why.

Buying a Home in Costa Rica – A helpful checklist with FREE online video

The following guidelines will help you understand much of what you need to know and help you determine how much you can afford and things you should look for in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Living in Escazu – Free online video.

Doug is originally from south western Michigan in the USA and moved to Costa Rica a few years ago and is clearly a very happy single man living in Escazu.

Puntarenas Real Estate – Video Interview with the President of the Tourism Board

Don Miguel Angel Renna is the President of the Chamber of Tourism in Puntarenas and we interviewed him about living in Puntarenas and how the most recent changes in the regulatory plan will affect Puntarenas real estate investors.

Costa Rica Free Video – Inflatable rafting

Costa Rica is a great place for rafting. Combine Costa Rica’s mountains and valleys with lots of rain and the result is some world class rafting along some of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful areas that exist in the world today.

Bronco Riding In Costa Rica – This video is for adults only.

According to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), it is believed that rodeo was born in 1864 when two groups of cowboys from neighboring ranches met in Deer Trail, Colo., to settle an argument over who was the best at performing everyday ranching tasks.

Taxes in Costa Rica – End of September is an important date – A quick overview with FREE online video.

During the last 10 years Costa Rica had received a lot of attention from multinational companies, and therefore has been chosen as the country to be due to its affordable labor cost; economical, social and political stability.

Costa Rica Retirement on Social Security – Advanced Retirement 101 with FREE video interview with George Lundquist.

As my experience with our lives here continues, we become even more convinced that we have chosen the very best way to enjoy the time we have left. We are now 70 years old and except for a few more aches, pains and lapses of memory, living physically and mentally more comfortable than ever.

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment – Free video of US Investor Henry Kaufman interviewed by Scott Oliver.

When a successful real estate investor like Henry Kaufman starts investing millions of dollars in Costa Rica real estate, it’s a sign that confidence among sophisticated US investors has most definitely returned and I was delighted to receive an invitation to interview Henry Kaufman in Santa Ana, Costa Rica on the 27th July 2009

Costa Rica Dolphins Video

Crystal clear sunny skies, deep blue seas and dolphins swimming, twisting and turning… Ahhh! Costa Rica. Kids of all ages will love watching this Costa Rica dolphins video, seeing the dolphins swimming, diving and jumping in the deep blue seas off the coast of Costa Rica.