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Free Spanish Lesson 36 – How feo is feo?

In English frecuentemente decimos certain words que pueden ser very strong in Spanish. These are words that should be avoided because pueden ser offensive. Un ejemplo es the word “stupid” that we talked about in a newsletter el año pasado. In English, some people commonly say, “that was stupid” y otras frases similares. The word “stupid” in Spanish is “estúpido” [es-too-pea-though]; it is incredibly fuerte and should be avoided in Spanish speech.

Free Spanish Lesson #33 Effects of language learning on the brain.

This week’s newsletter tema is fascinating to me and I understand that around el mundo, there is a fascination with learning y el cerebro. He hecho some research and found articles about how language learning affects el cerebro of both niños y adultos.

Is Living in Costa Rica Right For You?

And peaceful, beautiful, friendly Costa Rica seems to fit the bill perfectly. Like any other life-changing decision, however, you need to gather the facts and as much information as possible, but it’s also important to get the right attitude before moving to a completely different country.

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night: The Tragic Death of Brian Arredondo

They were often seen playing together in parks and schoolyards in communities surrounding Boston, Massachusetts, and Bangor, Maine, where they grew up. As teens the two boys were perfect targets for military recruiters: first-generation Americans on their father’s side (he emigrated from Costa Rica), working-class youth (Alex attended a technical high school where much of the curriculum focuses on job training), living with their mother after their parents divorced when they were young.

7 Tips On How To Use Pareto’s Principle To Live A Happier Life in Costa Rica

You too can apply the 80/20 Rule to almost anything, from the science of management to the sciences of the physical world around us including your life and your own happiness… The value of the Pareto Principle in management and in life is to stay focused on the “20 percent that matters”.

Costa Rica Dry Cleaner – Inside Scoop on Brian Kerr – Discover How People Have Made A Success of their New Lives in Costa Rica.

Vicky Longland interviews business people, entrepreneurs and other residents to give you the real inside scoop on what it could be like for you if you decided to move to Costa Rica.

Free Ebook – How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate
Without Losing Your Camisa (Shirt)
We make buying your home in Costa Rica safe and simple.
99 page E-Book.

My hope is that my unique experience in being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in Costa Rica over the years will help simplify the sometimes complicated process for you of buying a home in Costa Rica.

|Festival de la Luz 2011. Parade photos and free fireworks video|

The excitement of the enthusiastic Tico families who arrived early to stake out their spots to see the parade and the fireworks which are all part of the Festival de la Luz parade were not dampened by the light rain that fell on them …

Costa Rica People & Culture – A few thoughts…

It was an innocent enough question. A thoughtful Canadian who has mastered Spanish and is planning an extended trip to Costa Rica, a country he’s briefly visited but doesn’t profoundly “know,” expressed interest in Costa Rican culture and wondered whether anyone might offer a ten commandment-style guide on how not to offend Ticos during his stay.

Tips For First Time Costa Rica Real Estate Buyers

What makes the difference between heartache and satisfaction in the property-buying process? Taking your time to gather information is a key to success. Tempting though it may be, don’t rush into any purchases without all the information.

Costa Rica Living in the Central Valley: The Three Villages of Escazu

The Central Valley is the place for me, and maybe it’s the place for you. When I was still living in Florida, I researched online a place to settle in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement – Reflections on My First Year in Costa Rica

On 30th August 2006, I marked my one-year anniversary of living in Costa Rica. To celebrate, I threw myself a party! Most gringos I’ve met passed their one-year mark without fanfare. Many didn’t even notice the calendar date. I’ve tracked the time because on August 30, 2005, I left my life as I knew it – married, homeowner, living in the Retirement State of Florida …

Learning Spanish – Embarrassed? Or Pregnant in Costa Rica?

I have never dated an English speaking lady and only a few of my investment clients spoke English so, in the ten years of living in Costa Rica my Spanish is pretty good but, I still make a fool of myself on a regular basis.

Costa Rica Birds – Look Who Came For Breakfast!

With a sickening thud, a bird flew into the window of the neighbour’s log cabin and we rushed to see what it was… Lying there on the wooden floor was a gorgeous, but very unconscious Emerald Toucanet.

Myths & Misconceptions of Retirement in Costa Rica

Rule #1 when thinking of moving to Costa Rica: Please keep an open mind because unless you have been here you will not know the incredible variety of living choices available.