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What the Expat Stats Don’t Show…

The IRS – the agency that releases the stats – doesn’t believe in providing a full accounting. I’ve experienced this in my own practice: The names of only one-third of clients we’ve helped expatriate have ever shown up on the list.

The New Era of Surveillance is Here

There are no more legal protections that matter. The 4th amendment is (was) “the law of the land,” and it is very clear. But that doesn’t matter: A pile of court rulings have been given precedence, and the Constitution no longer applies.

Congress Wants the IRS to Cancel Your Passport

Hidden within the 2013 highway funding bill are a few paragraphs with the innocent-sounding title of the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.” Section 40304 of this act would revoke your passport if…

Traveling on a Revoked Passport…What Can You Do Next?

For the last month, I’ve been riveted by the developments surrounding the case of Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old whistleblower who confirmed that the U.S. National Security Agency is, in fact, spying on almost everyone.

How the Government Uses Citizenship as a Weapon Against You.

“The Obama administration has now adopted the strategy of using citizenship as a weapon,” writes whistleblowing hero Edward Snowden, surprising no one who has been paying enough attention in the past few years.

More Than One Slave Card… Don’t Leave Home Without It!

“My administration will be the most transparent in history” — Barack Obama
Barack Obama was correct. It will be the most transparent and exposed in history thanks to the internet… and specifically thanks to Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

Civil Forfeiture of Cash: It Could Happen to You

If you don’t trust U.S. banks to protect the monies you’ve deposited with them, you’re hardly alone. Once you deposit money in a bank, from a legal standpoint, that money is no longer yours.

When You Need to Disappear

Whistleblower Edward Snowden needs to disappear if he is to avoid kidnapping, assassination, extradition, or deportation to the United States. If you’re ever faced by a situation in which you need to disappear, right away, what would you do?

“Homelanders” To U.S. Expatriates: Don’t Come Back… Ever!

The United States is one of only two countries (the other is Eritrea, a military dictatorship) that taxes its citizens and long-term residents, no matter where they live.

U.S. Citizens With Financial Interests Abroad MUST Remember The 30th June 2013 FBAR Deadline Or… You could be facing a $10,000 fine for each unreported foreign financial account!

The deadline is less than two weeks away. If you had US$10,000 or more in any non-U.S. bank account(s) at any point during 2012, you are required to complete the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). That applies even if you transferred money to your a foreign bank account to buy a car, say, and the account broke the threshold for but a single day.

No Statute Of Limitations For Failing To File U.S Tax Returns

It’s not something you want to think about, but old taxes can come back to haunt you. This is especially true of returns you’ve never filed. The statute of limitations–that legal egg timer, normally set to three years–never starts to run on unreported activities.

Lies, Lies, and Expatriation Statistics

Official IRS statistics published in the Federal Register show that the number of U.S. citizens or long-term residents losing U.S. citizenship increased from 45 in the last quarter of 2012 to 679 in the first quarter of 2013. In 2012, according to IRS expatriation statistics, 932 Americans officially expatriated.

U.S. Government Watchdog Agency Urges IRS To Intensify Efforts To Identify Offshore Tax Cheats.

While you’d never know it reading recent headlines describing IRS targeting of conservative “Tea Party” type groups, a much larger IRS effort is underway to identify U.S. persons who have failed to disclose reportable and possibly taxable non-U.S. investments.

Costa Rica Lawyers & Laws – What is the Civil Law system? With free video.

The civil law system derives from the system of jurisprudence held and administered in the Roman Empire, which developed the idea of compiling its written laws into codes.

Live Offshore and Earn Nearly $200,000 Annually, Tax-Free

The United States is one of the very few countries, and the only major country, that taxes its citizens or permanent residents, no matter where they actually live.