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The 4th of July is all about celebrating the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776 (Don’t blame me please! I was not there.) Independence day is the one and only National Day and as such is a pretty important holiday in the United States.

So I must confess to being a little confused to see a letter on a local news website that explains that because the new US Ambassador to Costa Rica is an African American Orthodox Jew, he will not be attending the July 4th celebration because it’s on a Saturday.

Now some of those ‘anti-semites’ might say this is understandable because this is when Jews normally stay indoors to sacrifice small Christian children but surely they could make an exception on the 4th July?

Don’t worry! I’m only kidding about sacrificing the small children, the rest is true…

Come on! Where’s your sense of humour?

If Jewish ‘comedians’ like Sarah Silverman can joke about killing Christ and Larry David can write comedies about urinating on an image of Christ, I can make a joke about child sacrifice.

The letter writer states that: “I feel that no matter what beliefs an ambassador has, he is the representative of the United States and the president. For that ambassador to not attend his country’s primary celebration of its founding sends a negative message regarding his commitment to his country.”

So seriously, what do you think?

Do you agree with the writer or not?

Please give us your opinion about our new Ambassador not going to July 4th celebration in our Discussion Forum here.

And a very Happy July 4th to you all!

Por Favor
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