Manuel Pinto has lived on the Southern Caribbean coast with his wife and two children since 2002

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Manuel is originally from France but moved to Miami when he was 8 years old and remained there for 25 years.

After spending 12 years in the pharmaceutical sector they realized that even though they were successful, had a lovely home and nice cars, they had become “stuck in the daily routine of work, work, work and work” and moved to Costa Rica “for an exciting new change in our lives.”

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Even living in Punta Uva, Costa Rica Manuel’s family experience with health care has been positive: “Doctors practise for the love of medicine and not for the love of money.”

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Our cost of living in Costa Rica comparison to Miami is “significantly lower” and “an average family could live very well for around $2,000 per month.”

“If there’s a secret to living happily in Costa Rica it’s first and foremost appreciation that you live in this country and secondly – patience.”

Manuel, his wife and children all speak fluent English, French and Spanish and are enjoying a “simpler, saner more down to earth life” where living here is “about who you and not what you are.”

Personal Note From Scott: If living on the Caribbean is something that appeals to you you might want to ask Manuel about information on his vacation villa. I have stayed there on two separate occasions with family and had a great time …. You can email Manuel at:

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