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Although you may have harbored visions of Robinson Crusoe or Castaway while considering coastal living in a tropical location, nothing could be further from the truth in Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast.

Before the days of the Lonely Planet phenomenon, picturesque villages in the South Pacific were only known to adventurous backpackers hearing rumors of this area’s natural beauty. Fast-forward ten years later and South Pacific towns such as Uvita have grown at an incredible pace.


Where is Uvita, Costa Rica Located?

Uvita is just 11 miles or 10 minutes south of the town of Dominical, situated right along Coastal Highway 34. The very characteristic heat that many find on the coastal regions of Costa Rica isn’t as ferocious here, since there are many palms providing shady relief from the intense sun daily. The Playa Uvita is a great white sand beach, and this is just one of the draws to this southern coastal town for real estate . This small coastal town has experienced steady growth whilst still maintaining harmony with the beautiful surroundings.

No longer considered a remote destination, arriving to the Costa Rica’s South Pacific is now a relaxing and speedy journey of less than three hours from San José. Uvita has also benefited from the opening of two paved roads.

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Thanks to this balance many international investors have arrived to set up home, buy a vacation residence or capitalize on the area growth and start a new business.

Recognized as a prime destination for commerce and tourism investment, it is no surprise that Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Popular have established operations in Uvita Costa Rica.

The recent opening of two new restaurants and a Cappuccino Bar have also been indicative of the growth in commerce this area has experienced.

The local Dome Restaurant recently held a concert that attracted over 300 people! With a good availability of highway frontage real estate, many investors are considering establishing profitable businesses that are much needed in the area.

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Many families that have relocated to the South Pacific of Costa Rica would also agree that living in peaceful towns such as Uvita gives residents the best of both worlds, a healthy laid-back beach lifestyle whilst still being close to all modern amenities and commerce.

Popular Activities in Uvita, Costa Rica

There are many various things to do here, such as the Bahia Adventure Combo Tour, which combines whale and dolphin watching, as well as snorkeling into a very action-packed day that you won’t soon forget. The tour departs from Punta Uvita Beach, and takes participants deep into the Marino Ballena National Park.

The Nauyaca Waterfalls Tour takes you on an adventuresome horseback ride through a dense and lush forest, where you’ll mount a horse and have the ability to see peacocks and many other exotic birds along the way. This is a two-level waterfall that eventually splashes into a rocky ledge, and then spills over to create a calm pool ideal for swimming. With so many outdoor activities to enjoy, families are also spending much more time together.

For many families, moving to Uvita has also meant an upgrade in living accommodations. With ocean view real estate lots for just under $125k, many international investors have built their dream home in paradise on a shoestring.

Homes for Sale in Uvita, Costa Rica

There are a variety of homes for sale in this beautiful southern Costa Rica region: In the general price range of $200,000 – $300,000, you can obtain an ocean view house on 2.5 acres by the beach, that has just been renovated. There is a custom kitchen with exotic hardwood cabinetry, and granite counter tops, along with custom tile flooring throughout the property.

Another great example of a home in Uvita that has a second suite and 2000 sq. ft under the roof for comfortable living, and is a prime opportunity for a single-family real estate investment. There are numerous homes like this one priced in the general range of  $250,000 – $300,000. Just ten minutes from Uvita, this is a perfect location for a seasonal visitor that has friends and family visiting on a regular basis, and will be a wonderfully scenic location to wake up to every day.

As you go up in price range slightly, there is an array of amazing and cozy ocean view homes in the price range between $380,000 – $450,000, all in the area of Puntarenas, Uvita. These properties are great for dipping the pool, watching the many different types of wildlife that populate the area, or take in the ocean view which included Isla Ballena, and the Osa Peninsula.

Available Land in Uvita, Costa Rica

Having the opportunity to purchase your own parcel of land in Uvita, Costa Rica gives you the chance to completely customize the space you will live on here, and make your dreams come true while dealing with designers and builders that can evoke your vision. There are parcels located in the mountains directly above the Whale’s Tail reef formation, and an average price is around $900,000. This is a popular area where the ocean and valley views are going to really make you enjoy where you’re living with a variety of scenery, and the beaches of Playa Uvita Marino are accessible within just minutes. This is one property with complete and absolute privacy, and has an area with small waterfalls that will be a major asset to anyone who chooses to call this home.

Another prime example of what is available for a plot is an entire group of ranch properties situated above the town of Uvita, that are all in the price range between. The price range for properties like these are between $300,000 – $400,000. They are located right above the beaches of Playa Uvita, and offers whitewater ocean views, and has the back to the Chirripo mountains.

Condos Available in Uvita, Costa Rica

The idea of having a condominium in Uvita, Costa Rica appeals to many who immediately fall in love with this coastal area. Within the realm of luxury pricing, one example of what an available condo in like Uvita is a development of 3-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom villas on a gated property, and is minutes from Uvita and the beautiful beaches in the area. The average price for a condo property such as this is around $350,000.

True turn-key convenience is what many are after when the are looking into condos: you don’t have to spend time worrying about issues such as gardening, pool maintenance, or general upkeep: The on-site caretaker will always take care of these issues for you.

Another prime example of condo property here is the Elan group at Playa Ballena: a display unit here is a 3-level split condominium, with 2 and a half bathrooms, and a size of 2,185 sq. ft. The beach of Playa Ballena is just footsteps away from many of these homes, and an average asking price for a property such as this one is around $430,000.

Beachfront Property Available in Uvita, Costa Rica

Many homeowners are happy to have their dream fulfilled when they finally are able to purchase beachfront property in Uvita, Costa Rica. Here there are immaculate locations you can find on the market that are nestled in the jungle 500 meters above the coastline where the Uvita Whales Tale is located. Prices range in the $500,000 – $600,000 for these beautiful homes.

With beachfront property in locations such as this, your entire family will enjoy the setting: you can find areas to peacefully read a book, take a relaxing outdoor nap, and let your children enjoy the ocean in all of its splendor. This is the type of area and property that many have worked their entire life for, and you will no doubt fall in love right away with the area.

Another oceanside villa area in Uvita boasts houses that are situated closer down toward the beach, and on average have 4 bedrooms, with many properties also having a fully-equipped guest house. When looking at properties in the coveted Uvita area such as this, the price ranges are between $400,000 – $550,000.

Gated Community Properties in Uvita, Costa Rica

Living in a gated community offers many benefits: you enjoy the privacy of an area that is extended beyond your own property, and embrace your own lifestyle. Costa Rica is one area of the globe that is already prone to folks that are very elite wanting to come here and live, and so it only makes sense that the gated communities offered within are favorable places for many ex-pats to enjoy.

Properties available within gated communities here in Uvita offer views of the Osa Peninsula, Cano Island, Drake Bay, and the intensely chiseled surf breaks of Playa Chaman. You take a 10-minute drive up a gravel road from Uvita, up to a property where the higher elevation offers cooling breezes and amazing views. When taking the route of looking for a gated community in Uvita, you can expect to see prices ranging from $500,000 – $700,000 and up, depending on the level of luxury offered.

Mansion/Luxury Properties in Uvita, Costa Rica

The high-end and luxury home market here is definitely thriving, and this is one location that many love to call home who have the finest in tastes. Homes that are available here have an amazing and tranquil beauty, with some overlooking Playa Dominicalito, and the resident sufficient cool breezes to be comfortable. Properties such as this are in the general price range of $1,000,000 and up.

This is an immaculate villa with a Spanish colonial style, with exquisite finishes and the best in décor. There is a very well-maintained road that a 4 x 4 can easily access, and the lush natural surrounding along with gardens and plant life will be simply amazing for any new resident.

There are other luxury properties here available that have some of the most open and breathable architecture anywhere, with around 6,500 sq ft. of space, along with amenities such as a caretaker’s residence, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and private waterfall. This particular listing was built in 1999, and comes with a very modern kitchen along with marble counter tops, and an electric gate for security and privacy.

When you acquire a luxury property in Costa Rica such as this one that is built on a higher elevation than sea level, you get the duality of the wonderful breezes, yet knowing that the ocean is close underneath. This southern beach area is going to someday be so popular that it could potentially be overdeveloped, and now is the time to get in on the bargains, beautiful scenery, and satisfaction that you will gain from living in your own slice of paradise.

Whether you build your own home or invest in a ready-build, Uvita is a secure investment that can give investors an alternative financial future for them and their families.

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