Born and raised in Costa Rica, Melissa Guzman has always had a passion for great food. Originally from a small, traditional farming town in the mountains of Cartago, she grew up with many traditional recipes that were shared together with friends and family. After getting married and moving to the beach, she discovered the other part of the Pura Vida lifestyle. An active lifestyle, along with a healthier and lighter diet which lead her to the recipes and secrets she is wanting to share today.

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Working in the tourism business in Jaco Beach, Melissa would often have requests from foreigners asking her about local foods, and some of her recipes. One day a traveler told her, “you should make a cook book.” Two years later here she is.

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Living Longer, Healthier & Happier – Recipes from Costa Rica is a collection of traditional and modern Costa Rican recipes. The book features large and professional photos of each recipe. “I really don’t like cookbooks that feature recipes without photos so wanted to make sure that my book highlighted each recipe with a great photo.” said Melissa. But beyond the recipes, the narrative focuses on much more. The book and its recipes is really about the Costa Rican lifestyle, what ticos refer to is the “Pura Vida”, which focuses on a healthier and happier lifestyle all of which is centered around the food and culture of Costa Rica. While the recipes are one step to a better well being, the book features a number of tips to living longer, healthier and happier.

Pre-orders are currently available on Indiegogo, where Melissa has launched a 30 day campaign to raise $25,000. The funds from the campaign will be used for the books first print run so she can begin selling and distributing. In addition to a copy of the book, there are great perks for those helping to fund the book, including beachfront accommodations in Costa Rica and personal cooking classes by Melissa. To order your copy and help Melissa’s campaign click link here.

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