El Puente – The Bridge is a project of a USA non-profit organization Serendipity International Foundation a registered 501C3 and offers educational assistance, food, and microloans mainly to indigenous people in Costa Rica. Their goal is to help families and individuals become self-sufficient.

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It was 9:30 AM. We were serving soup to 20 Bribri Indians when a car carrying four people drove into our yard. A doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and a medical observer from the local Clinic stepped into our porch. The first free clinic at The Bridge had begun.

The Bridge is a project of a US Non-Profit, and provides educational assistance, food, and microloans mainly to indigenous people in the southeastern part of Costa Rica. The clinic was created in response to the needs of those who come to The Bridge as part of its other programs.

A 75-year-old Bribri grandmother came with a bad hip. A boy of 10 had a sore throat. A girl who was 13 came with the pains announcing her first menstruation.

Whole families came with intestinal parasites. A boy of eight had a parasite living under his scalp, and needed it removed. An infant with a severe case of papalomoyo was brought by her mother. Several others just wanted to be seen.

In the space of an hour and a half, those who wanted to be seen were seen. I drove the nurse to the local Clinic to pick up medications. “Do you give injections?” the Doctor asked. “Just to animals” we replied.

The infant was scheduled to go to the Clinic for her first injection of Glucantime, a serious cure for a serious disease. Just in case, we were given a ten-day supply of medicine and disposable needles – and were shown how to use them.

The followup continues. The baby’s mother has not been able to get down from the jungle daily, coming instead every other day when The Bridge is operating. We’re watching the scalp of the youngster with a parasite.

When we can’t get the baby to the Clinic, we give injections at The Bridge, following the suggestion and instructions of the doctor at the Clinic.

Social workers are filling us in on the programs available through the Costa Rican government, and matching up the people who come here with what’s currently available.

Who said the government here is unresponsive? We’ve met many dedicated people, struggling with limited resources, still trying to do a good job.

The Bridge has put 24 children in school this term, provide weekly food supplies for up to 29 families, offer a soup kitchen for up to 100 individuals a week, and have made 19 microloans.

Our goal is to help people help themselves to self-sufficiency. We’re a project of the Serendipity International Foundation, based in Carlsbad, California.

You can see more about the remarkable people behind the The Bridge here.

We would ask you to please consider making a contribution, which will make a difference.

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