Sansa Airlines has begun flying from San Jose’s SJO, Juan Santamaria Airport, to Limon. Flights are available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

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This is the first time in 20 years that commuter flights have been offered to and from Limon. Those who live on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica are patient people.

It has often been debated why there are flights to so many other destinations in Costa Rica, and there have been no flights to the southern Caribbean for so many years.

The Limon airport suffered damage from the earthquake of 1991, so there were reasons, initially. But as the years passed, it just seemed that the southern Caribbean Coast was being overlooked. The Tourism Chamber of Puerto Viejo has been working with Sansa to initiate these flights.

The flight from San Jose to Limon, departs at 8 am. The flight from Limon to San Jose departs at 9 am. The cost is US$129 round trip, with all taxes and airport charges included. Tickets can be purchased online at

This means the now 4 hour 15 minute bus trip can be shortened to a mere 30 minutes, by flying. The cost differential is about $113 round trip, but if you are looking for a quicker way to get to the Caribbean beaches, finally, here it is.

Hotels, restaurants and shops from Moin to Manzanillo are happy to welcome this new service, as are residents. People are happy that there is another option.

Some tourists have a limited number of days to travel, and want to see the entire country. Flying becomes the only option in such a case. Now there is no excuse to not include the Caribbean in your vacation itinerary.

And as Scott Oliver says “If you are looking to make a serious investment in Costa Rica land, we would certainly encourage you to evaluate the Caribbean coast as well as the Pacific.”

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New Flights From San Jose – Limon on the Caribbean Coast.

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