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    Doug Ward

    Soon enough you will be able to trade a one way ticket for a mansion in Joyyyyzey.
    Build a place down here.


    Not very inspiring, but Colts Neck is a bit different than Camden:wink:. I must say I am enjoying the burbs after 29 years in Manhattan and renting has been just fine, especially with the outrageous property taxes.,_New_Jersey

    I am leaning towards a casa in CR.


    This has been an interesting thread. Before moving to CR and buying property here, we took a long, hard, steely-eyed look at our motivations, our money and mainly, our desires.

    Our homes are always “for sale” so our purchase price/location/product were very important. But this time more important considerations were lifestyle, new friends (both Tico and expat) and the way that Costa Rica seems to stretch out time in a luxurious and peaceful way.

    As a result, our property will sell when it sells…. Our expectations have been exceeded in so many ways. Pura Vida.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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