As technology continues to advance, searching and looking at real estate online is becoming easier and easier every day.

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With faster internet speeds now available, video tours are starting to emerge as a great way not just to preview listings, but to learn more about everything in Costa Rica.

With virtual tours and video you can get a much better feel for properties, developments, and regions, than you can with just a few pictures. Convenience also is a big difference. Many times picture formats require a lot of click through or scrolling, where simply pressing play for a video can be much easier.

While most video might be used to showcase properties, video interviews also offer a great chance to get to know people in the area. They are much more personable and are a very easy way to learn more about a Realtor as well as hear news or updates on a specific area.

You have probably noticed that WeLoveCostaRica.com has worked hard to provide VIP Members with video interviews with some of the most Recommended Realtors in Costa Rica. These videos all provide great tips and info for members interested in learning more about Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real Estate Video:

As an example, if you would like to see a short video of the Los Suenos luxury resort and marina in Jaco, please click on the small triangular Play button below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

Our office has joined WeLoveCostaRica.com in offering great real estate videos to its VIP Members. We recently did high quality video tours of nearly a dozen communities in the Jaco area.

Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

Affordable Oceanfront Condos For Sale in Jaco
A fun beach town for all the family.

For more information about condos, homes and land for sale in the beach town of Jaco and surrounding areas please contact our Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher
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