You’ve heard of Costa Rica’s natural treasures, but one special jewel awaits your discovery, a natural jewel of jungle, beach and whalesong.

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Canto Ballena is exclusively for nature lovers. This is the place on earth where you can see the whales give birth, a place where a shimmering blue ocean, amazing wildlife, superlative architecture and good taste come together in perfect harmony.

Adorning Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast, the Canto Ballena secluded Ocean Residences are an exclusive gated-community nestled in the heart of Ballena National Marine Park. Named Canto Ballena, or whalesong, in honor of the mystical calls of the Humpback whales that winter in these warm protected waters, this secluded luxury community provides unparalleled entrée to a natural wonderland. At last, you have found your dream home.

Outside your door, a wonderland awaits. Set out from shore at low tide to snorkel among the anemones and darting, brightly colored tropical fish, or arrange a diving excursion to one of the islands. Miles of golden sugar sand lure you to explore the shoreline, home to many different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

The retreating tide reveals a gradually expanding land bridge that allows you to walk out to the small island of Punta Uvita Tambolo. Breathe deeply of the soothing salt air. You have found the idyllic place to begin your new life.

Calm the longing in your soul…

  • What have you been longing for?
  • Some well-deserved privacy?
  • To truly get away from it all?
  • The chance to fall back in love with your significant other?
  • To immerse yourself in the glory of nature?
  • To spend quality time with your children?

At Canto Ballena we answer your soul’s longing and more… Offering a luxurious gated-community in the middle of a pristine national park, a combination that provides the balance you deserve… A beautiful blue ocean, bountiful wildlife, flawless architecture, all in the best of taste.

Words alone are not enough to describe what Canto Ballena can offer you. So come visit and see for yourself. Be among the very few to enjoy the privilege of owning one of the fully furnished luxury residences in this natural jewel of jungle, beach and whalesong.

The Canto Ballena luxury beachfront homes offer million dollar views with pre-construction prices that range from US$325,000 to US$1.7 million. Some people might say that this is expensive real estate but for a truly, spectacularly gorgeous one-of-a-kind location like this, we don’t think so.

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Research by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore. This new feature was created at the request of numerous VIP Members who have asked us repeatedly to recommend experienced developers with a proven track record who are building quality homes in Costa Rica.

  1. To see more photos and read more about the US developer behind this project, please visit ‘Developer Profile – Canto Ballena Luxury Beachfront Homes in Costa Rica’ here.
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