The Llano Bonito coffee cooperative offers “Café con Rostro Humano” which means “Coffee with a Human Face.”

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Our Wise Owl or Búho Sabio coffee comes from the Llano Bonito cooperative which was founded 34 years ago by 186 families and is located in the Los Santos area of Costa Rica.

Today this cooperative is the #1 most important organization in the community and gathers coffee from over 600 small producers where the average family has four children and an average annual income of only US$2,000 per year.

This is one of the best coffee zones in the country in the range of mountains called Tarrazú where their high quality SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee is known as one of the ten best coffees in the world.

What is ‘Fair Trade’ Coffee?

Wise Owl or Búho Sabio coffee from the Llano Bonito cooperative is Fair Trade Certified so in choosing Wise Owl, you are making a real contribution and helping the local community because this certification ensures that:

  1. The farmers receive a fair price for their coffee, always more than they would be offered by the big multinationals.
  2. The workers will receive a fair wage.
  3. The workers will only work under safe working conditions.
  4. And enjoy direct market access.
  5. Their work will help develop their own local community.
  6. All will benefit form a democratic decision making process.
  7. The local environment will be better off and protected because of more sustainable farming methods.

Because of this genuine concern about our people and our planet, more buyers are choosing Fair Trade Certified coffee and other products that will directly help the local community instead of some giant, faceless, money hungry corporation.

And by the way, after packaging materials, shipping costs and labor we make no money selling coffee – your purchase will help the co-op – but you’re never going to be able to call me a coffee baron!

When you buy ‘Wise Owl’ or Búho Sabio coffee from you are doing the right thing by directly helping the economically disadvantaged people in the area to become more entrepreneurial.

And not only are you making a difference, you also get to enjoy Costa Rica’s sunshine and smiles in every great tasting cup of Wise Owl coffee!

Wise Owl – Búho Sabio coffee is packed fresh for you by hand in 250 gram bags – Each bag should be good for 25 cups.

I’ve tasted coffee around the world and think Búho Sabio is right up there if not THE best.” Coleman Alderson, USA & Costa Rica.

At only US$5.99 per 250 gram bag, that’s less than 32 cents per cup including shipping when you buy the five pack!

  • Two bags of coffee (50 cups) for only US$17.95 including shipping
  • Three bags of coffee (75 cups) for only US$24.95 including shipping
  • Five bags of coffee (125 cups) US$29.95 including shipping

Your Costa Rica Wise Owl coffee – ground or whole bean – is delivered to you in a convenient box which you could give to your family and friends., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods
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