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Living In Tierra Pacifica in Guanacaste, Costa Rica And Making The World A Better Place. A video with Will Raap founder of the Gardener’s Supply Company..

So for 30 years, I’ve really focused on that in Vermont, mainly on energy-related things, food security and sustainable agriculture, business that really supports local community and the well-being of healthy communities. That’s a priority I’ve had in Vermont. What is so cool about Costa Rica is that it holds a lot of the same values…

|Enjoying A Sunny Tranquilo Lifestyle At The Tierra Pacifica Green Community in Junquillal Costa Rica. That’s pronounced HOON-KEE-YAL! Free video|

As the warm Costa Rica sun slowly rose up behind a leafless old tree in Junquillal, my wife and were thrilled to see a Crested Caracara – a large Costa Rica falcon – soaring overhead in what appeared to be a demonstration of just how happy he was to be alive…

In Grave Danger of Falling Food

In truth, the designs and techniques don’t just leap off the pages, into your yard or farm and magically transform everything into a Garden of Eden before your eyes. The wet-dry tropics imposes its own seasonal challenges, timing is everything and the term ‘site specific’ comes into play from …

Going Bananas in the Tropics.

Twenty years ago I was substantially more tranquilo in the act of smuggling than I would be today. With nary an afterthought as to the possible consequences, I waltzed unscathed through immigration and customs at Juan Santamaria International Airport with a dozen ‘pups’ of banana plants, artfully ensconced among the colorful clothing in my 7 year-old daughter’s suitcase.

Losing Weight And Feeling Great Under The Costa Rican Sun

If you need to lose weight or are concerned that your body is getting a bit heavy in retirement you’ve undoubtedly tried healthy ways to improve your diet. You may have increased your physical activity but still the scale inches up incrementally. The answer to maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess fat may be retirement under the beautiful Costa Rica sun.

Surfing Fun at Playa Negra.

Playa Negra is a favorite spot for surfers, having been made famous when featured in the surf cult movie “Endless Summer II”.

The Key People Behind The Tierra Pacifica Community. Experience, trust, and compassion for the people in Junquillal and for our planet!

Will Raap, the Managing Partner, has been visiting Costa Rica for over three decades. His wife’s family has been growing coffee there since the 1800s…

Sweet Talked, Short Changed and Locked Out! A Costa Rica real estate investor’s ‘hit list!’

My only observation here is that they don’t make Aspirin, Tylenol or any other remedy in big enough doses to alleviate the headaches that result from dealing with the courts, the banks and the lawyers when the deal is not squeaky clean from the start.

The Joys of Living Near The Beach in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Is this the right place for you?

Whether you are looking for the ideal place to retire or the ideal place for your family to thrive, Tierra Pacific in Junquillal, Costa Rica is one of the few places on earth that naturally promotes a healthy life.

Living in Junquillal, An Underrated and Tranquilo Little Community. Video with Joan Inman, President of the Tierra Pacifica HOA.

“I think one of the things about this area that I think people maybe are missing it, it’s very underrated. There are so many wonderful things to do here…”

The Tierra Pacific Green Community in Junquillal, Costa Rica… A little history with free video with Ben Morris – Landscape Architect!

The course combined business students and environmental engineering under grads and grad students from universities around the US. In the words of one of the course participants our challenge, we were told, was to assess the potential for sustainable economic land development in the Guanacaste lowlands.

Costa Rica Real Estate Development at Tierra Pacifica. Water Is Extremely Important. Another video in our series with Will Raap.

So those four elements, top soil, water, healthy air, and biodiversity, are areas that I focused on my entire career in my business, in my development work. And coming to Costa Rica, it’s very interesting because it’s a place where the water resource particularly here in Guanacaste is overabundant part of the year and non-existent part of the year.

Live Well, Live Long, and Live Green (and Blue) in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

A small area of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula located in the province of Guanacaste, boasts the best of these features; the greatest concentration of biodiversity in the world, world class surf spots at deserted beaches, friendly people who enjoy regular community fiestas, and organizations working hard to protect it.

|Consider Tierra Pacifica For Your New Life In Costa Rica. A video with Will Raap founder of Gardener’s Supply Company in Vermont.|

“When I got married, I actually also married in a sense Costa Rica because my wife’s grandmother is Costa Rican and my wife has been coming here all of her life, although she was …”

Costa Rica Condos For Sale at Tierra Pacifica in Junquillal For Less Than $175K and 1 Acre+ Homesites From US$75K. Video with Dylan Raap.

Tierra Pacifica is a true green community in Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica. We have 220 acres of residential development of which 80 are permanently protected green zone. All of our infrastructure, water, electric and sewer are in place.