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New Single Storey Home For Sale in NaturaPark in Brasil de Santa Ana, Costa Rica For $425,000 Furnished and $395,000 Unfurnished – 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, TV/Family Room plus Maid’s Room/Office with free video.

At $1,490m2 ($395,000/265m2) you will not find a quality new, single storey home anywhere in this area at this price.” Scott Oliver. Owner of this home and author of ‘How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa.’

Recommended Costa Rica Realtor Andrés Henfling. Ten reasons to hire Andrés Henfling as your Realtor in the Santa Ana & Escazu Areas.

Through this website, you will have learned that there are no qualifications, exams or regulatory requirements to become a ‘real estate broker’ in Costa Rica so anyone can print a business card and call themselves a broker.

Recommended Bilingual Costa Rica Realtor in Santa Ana and Escazu Andres Henfling. With free video.

Even after the sale has been made and long after the commission cheques have been cashed, Andres works closely with his clients, helping them to …

Avalon Country Club Condo Apartment For Sale PA1-309 By Owner in Santa Ana US$280K. Walking trails, lake, swimming pools, restaurant, tennis courts and gym. See video!

With walking trails, lake, two swimming pools, private restaurant, tennis courts and gym, the amenities offered in the Avalon Country Club project can not be found in any other project that we know of anywhere in the Central Valley.

Fully Furnished Avalon Country Club Apartment For Sale. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms with mountain and Santa Ana views US$295,000.

Avalon Country Club is located very close to everything but at the same time away from the noise, you can enjoy the tranquility and relax in its extensive green areas or simply relax in the shade of a tree.

Quality Escazu Condo Apartments For Sale From US$250,000 With Free Property Management.  See our video! 

Located less than a mile from the U.S. Ambassador’s residence, this Escazu condo apartment complex of 54 units on 12,000m2 of land was completed in early 2015 and is situated in an incredibly convenient location in Escazu close to practically everything you could wish for…

New Single Storey Home For Sale in NaturaPark in Brasil de Santa Ana, Costa Rica For $340,000. Casa #34 has 3 bedrooms, 3/5 bathrooms, TV/Family Room with Free video.

In Brasil de Santa Ana we love being close to Ciudad Colon, Santa Ana and also the capital city San José but it’s just far enough away from…

The Monkeys You Will Find In Tamarindo

Monkey watching is a popular past time around Tamarindo as tourists and visitors alike enjoy being an audience to the crazy antics of the primates which inhabit the tropical rainforests and mangroves of the area.

The Joys Of Living Near Beach In Tamarindo Costa Rica

The small town of Tamarindo is located on the central west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste. The population of Tamarindo is highly variable and depends on the time of the year.

Living Longer and Healthier in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica

Blue Zones are where people live significantly longer lives. There are longevity hotspots in Japan, Italia, Greece, Costa Rica and even in California. Some of the factors contributing to longer lives in these areas include:

Living in a True Blue Zone Community in Tierra Pacifica in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Free video.

Living in a True Blue Zone Community in Tierra Pacifica in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Free video.

Canopy Tours Near Tamarindo – Costa Rica

Exploring the forest from the ground is always a rewarding experience but short of transforming into a bird there’s really no way for us humans to enjoy the forest from any other perspective — that is until now.

Fun After The Sun With Tamarindo Nightlife

After you have watched the last dying rays of the sun sparkle across the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean it’s time to head back from Tamarindo beach and explore the exciting night life this small yet lively town has to offer.

New Homes For Sale in Rio Oro, Santa Ana With Special $1,200m2 Pre-Construction Pricing For First Ten Sales Only! Proven developer continues to build attractive, great value homes that people are fighting for….

My wife Mayra and I know this real estate developer very well. We live in one of their NaturaPark homes. You cannot buy a new, quality home or condo in Santa Ana for under US$1,700m2 so this pre-construction pricing is extremely attractive…

Moving To Costa Rica For Your Health

Nobody wants to spend their retirement in ill health, although sometimes we do not have a choice–or do we? The place we live has a lot to do with how healthy we are, our attitude toward life, and how much we enjoy our retirement years. Moving to Costa Rica for your health can be a wise decision that will allow you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.