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Top 20 Green Living Bloggers of 2017

Top Green Living Bloggers

Gotten your Green on yet?  These 20 Green Living Bloggers have certainly made me more aware of how living green can turn your life around! Reading through them can give you a tremendous feeling that if everyone did just one or two things to improve their environment, it would have a big impact on the planet, your health and well-being. 

We start our List with Megean as she is challenging us all to join her in bringing awareness to International Zero Waste Week (starts 9/4/17). Check out her 30-day guide for becoming a zero waste household and help make others aware that you can make a difference in not only your health but also the planet’s health by following her suggestions!

Cheryl is an “accredited webfluential influencer” and writes about injustice issues as well as zero waste issues. If you plan on traveling internationally, the eBook, Zero Waster’s Travel Companion, will give you tips for places that are less wasteful in 32 cities around the world. If you sign up for her newsletter, you can get the first chapter free.

Jeff has been a green blogger since 2003 and has penned several articles on how to stop wasting food, how to recycle or repair products, how to kick the plastic habit, how to go solar without breaking the bank, how to build your own washing machine, and my favorite, Recycling Games for Teaching Kids (and You) About Responsible Waste Disposal.

Tiffany is a freelance writer and maintains several websites that address environmental issues and has information that’s useful for natural and green families. What I found amazing was her 10 New Ways to Cook Quinoa. I’ve often wondered how to cook that stuff!

Diane believes that we can use the power of our purse to change the world and that living greener is affordable. She says what we buy has an impact on the consumer marketplace and going green can save you a lot of money on utility bills. She is author of the book, Big Green Purse, often referred to as “the big green bible” because of how practical and inspiring it is.

Seth is one of the greenest guys I’ve ever met! He’s a green living expert, an author, a radio host, a reporter and has written books on building your own electric vehicle, as well as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and more. As a gardener, I appreciated his articles on how companion planting acts as a natural pesticide and how it can make food taste better.

Sommer is a marketing manager for, a social media consultant, and has been a professional blogger since 2007. I love her saying, “Many Americans would be able to save some green as a perk of going green.” One way is by getting solar power which will save you a monthly average of $84 on electricity.

Anna started Green Talk in 2007 intending it to be about green building since she was in the process of building an eco-friendly home. Only four years later, Green Talk has become a green living and green business guide as it evolves with her changing interests. Her website includes over 1,000 articles as well as podcasts and videos about living greener.

Lori’s goal as an active Boston mother of three boys, a writer, and speaker is to encourage everyone to live greener. She calls herself a recovering attorney because 11 years ago she and two of her boys were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies so she quit law and followed her passion of a toxin-free groovy green life. She spreads awareness with her “Green Your Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps” now on YouTube.

Allie is one of The Greenists who make up a group of green living bloggers. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and cat in Rochester, NY. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking, biking, camping, and writing fiction. One of her amazing facts is if we reduced our laundry by one load per week, we’d save enough water to fill 7 million swimming pools each year!

Being a busy mom, Micaela has still found time to come up with solutions of eco-friendly and budget-friendly products. She has written eBooks, guides and checklists on natural living resources that are free when you join her mailing list. She teaches how to read labels so when you do grocery shopping you will make better choices. She also tells about beauty products that you can make yourself.

Deanna works for a regional governmental natural resources agency and does urban homesteading projects. She’s been blogging for ten years and has authored the book, The Non-Toxic Avenger: What you don’t know can hurt you. It’s about pervasive toxins in the environment and gives several alternative non-toxic products.

Jennifer is an environmental attorney specializing in consumer product labeling, uses practical ways to reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals in her home, and loves to write. She is the author of the book, Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Toxic Chemical Exposure.

Shia is always on the lookout for easy zero waste solutions. Her latest campaign is to remind big brand fast food and restaurant chains of their eco-friendly responsibility in helping save sea life by using recyclable glass straws instead of the some 500 million plastic straws used on a daily basis, many of which end up in the ocean.

Eliza has been blogging about her journey to living simple since 2006. Her Household has made several energy-saving and gardening changes including heating/cooling improvements. She just had a recipe book published called, Small Bites, that is full of mouth-watering appetizers. Eliza also has a consulting company and enjoys speaking to groups on how to simplify.

Christina and Family are hip to all the toxic chemicals that surround us and do as much as possible to live green and non-toxic to improve their health through aromatherapy, herbalism, and green cleaning methods. She went through years of poor health before discovering that poor diet and toxic chemicals were contributing to her problems.

Doreen has an eBook called Save Green While You Go Green—23 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money While You Save the Planet. She has a list of 30-some links to other green websites.

Pip blogs about her journey to becoming zero waste, sustainability issues and wild swimming. Her articles share advice on reducing single-use plastics, places to shop zero waste in London, her favorite places to swim outdoors, and a host of other environmental musings.

Claire and family now live in Malaysia. The children’s school has taken the initiative to stop using paper napkins by asking each student to bring four fabric napkins. To keep the waste down, Claire used two of hubby’s old soft cotton shirts to make the napkins. She encourages everyone to contact their local schools if you have ideas for your school to cut waste.

Helen is an Ambassador for Zero Waste Week launched in 2008 and has 72 countries now involved in raising awareness. She is committed to being active and influential while sharing solutions to problems involving zero waste. She encourages all to sign up for 9/4 to 9/8 and see how much waste you can audit.

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Top 25 Eco-Brokers to Know

Top Eco-Brokers for 2017

Today’s prospective homebuyer is not only looking for suitability in comfort and design, but is now moving toward realizing a vision for a home that is more financially prudent than ever before. Including “Green Homes” in local housing inventories is a trend that has been on the rise for years, increasing competition in the market. Aligning with the current needs of prospective home buyers, Eco Brokers are real estate brokers who are qualified to list homes that are energy efficient and environmentally sound. Here is our compiled list of top Eco Brokers to know and what they have to offer!

The team at Goggins Real Estate has held the record sales and listing's high for over 30 years in Western Massachusetts. Working across the Pioneer Valley in Hampshire, Franklin, Berkshire, and Hampden, Patrick Goggins and his team bring a breadth of experience to the Eco-Broker community.

Need a refresher course on sustainable energy and what it means to live "green"? From cork flooring to non-toxic paints and low-e windows, The Green Team has experience beyond your average Eco Broker. Husband and wife, Lara and Dave, consider themselves "sustainability minded" realtors who share a common vision: to help their clients buy or update a home for comfortability and resource efficiency. Their friendly website includes listings available for buyers, sellers, and investors in Colorado.

Betty Saenz is a native Texan who spends most of her time soaking in all the beautiful aspects of the great outdoors. When she is not hiking, you can find her promoting sustainable living practices inside and out of her home. A 7-year volunteer for the City Planning and Zoning Commission, Betty has experience with environmental setbacks, and enjoys  giving back to her community. Betty is in the process of adding Energy Star roof shingles as well as Bio-Foam insulation to her home. She is passionate about sustainability and will work with you to find your dream, green home in Texas.

If you are looking to own an eco-friendly home in the Prescott, Arizona area, look no further than Rob Israel. Aiding in the launch of the Ecosa Institute, a nonprofit professional training school for energy sustainable design, his extensive knowledge about the architectural and design intricacies of green homes is unparalleled in the industry. He holds a degree focusing on environmental issues and education, and he wants to sell homes that reflect his values. What more could you ask for in an Eco-Broker?

The team at Mock Realty works within an expansive domain, covering the Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, and Longmont areas of Colorado. This team of experts are all Green Points certified, meaning they have what it takes to compete in today’s eco-conscious real estate market.

Serving the Triangle Area of North Carolina, Tim McBrayer knows that going green saves money by conserving energy and resources, protects the environment, and improves the overall quality of our lives. Visit his user-friendly website for an entire page dedicated to green listings and ways to improve air and water quality in a green home.

Nili Hudson's exceptional people skills and skyrocketing sales record have landed her in the top 1% of agents nationwide. If that isn’t impressive enough, Nili is Eco-Broker Certified and understands that “going green” often translates into saving money, and living more comfortably. Nili Hudson knows that green homes typically market at prices 10-15% higher than their outdated counterparts and she will only let her Westside Los Angeles clients settle for the best.

Prior to working as a real estate agent, Traci Ferguson worked in Architecture and has cutting edge experience involving building, inspecting, and modifying homes. As an L.E.E.D. APCertified Eco-Broker, Traci is committed to putting her clients first, laying out her goals and objectives as an agent to meet your needs. Visit Traci’s website for a sample of her Complete Home Marketing Plan.

Listed as a Top Ten Broker company-wide, as well as Rookie of the Year, Penelope’s skills don’t stop there. Moving out of Manhattan to a more tranquil environment in 1996, Penelope is Shelter Island’s premiere real estate agent, keeping up with the trends of the marketplace and keeping things interesting! Visit her website for a list of properties sold by Penelope Moore, herself.

In addition to the comfortability and environmentally sound aspects of a green home, The SmartLiving Team understands that it is a financially smart decision to invest in energy efficient systems. Today’s real estate marketplace is competitive, and whether you are looking to buy new property, or implement greener solutions in your current home, with the Smart Living Team of La Cruces, New Mexico on your side, you have someone in your corner.

The team at 3 Options Realty, in Atlanta, Georgia, understands that the green industry is not only beneficial to the consumer, or home buyer. Tenants, landlords, buyers, and sellers all have something to gain from a relationship with an Eco-Broker. Whether it’s saving money on utility bills and maintenance fees, decreasing emissions, living a healthier life, or simply implementing green systems in your home out of respect for the environment, Dan Wilhelm and his team will support and provide you with the resources to make the best possible decision.

Tony Ray is not your average eco-broker. He is a down to earth, friendly, and eager to help clients really enjoy their experience in Tuscon whether renting or looking to buy an eco-friendly property. His website features Tony with a bearded dragon on his head, his upbeat vibe is notable. Tony is innovative and shares creative ways to start living green today regardless of your readiness to purchase a new property.

Suzanne is a mother of two who resides in the Portland, Oregon area and is dedicated to helping families create and live their own dream life. What does being an Eco-Broker mean to her? Not only does Suzanne consider a green home to be a good financial investment, she understands the impact of sustainable resources on our health and the future of our children. Suzanne is also a Certified Distressed Property Expert and she is committed to helping prevent foreclosures for those struggling in today's economy. Visit Suzanne's website for more information about green homes available for sale in the Portland area.

Former Board Member of the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies and Member of the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, Karen Marquardt is a nature enthusiast. Also an avid biker, hiker, and skier, Karen is no stranger to adventure. As an Eco-Broker serving the Alaskan coast/waterfront, Karen is QSC qualified and ready to help you find your dream green home in beautiful coastal Alaska.

Stuart Utley is anything but new to the eco-friendly, sustainable, green movement in real estate. Receiving his Eco-Broker Certification in 2005, Stuart has been featured on the cover of Madison Magazine detailing Madison, Wisconsin’s list of eco-minded business people. Improving your quality of life and health are inevitable outcomes of sustainable living and Stuart wants to be a part of your journey to get there!

Wilmington NC Real Estate

5 Star Real Estate in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina is a big proponent of the many benefits of merging sustainable living choices with real estate. From helping their clients market homes with green features to introducing them to the cost savings and value added through energy efficiency and eco-frinedly choices. Visit their website for the newest homes, market and school reports.

Looking for an eco-friendly home in the Pacific Northwest? Michelle Markwood is Eco-Broker Certified and serves the Greater Seattle area. From simple improvements such as CFLlight bulbs or composting trash, to larger ones including low VOC paint and solar paneled roofing, Michelle has your interests covered. Visit her website to read a more detailed description of these common energy saving tips, or to view the City of Seattle Greenspace Blog!

According to Liz, buying a home should feel like an adventure and it is her goal to help her clients feel that way. After watching her father work in real estate while growing up, Liz stepped into her father’s shoes and became a successful realtor herself, with a slight twist. Liz not only promotes and sells energy sustainable homes, she has actually inhabited her very own Earthship (a modern, climate sustainable, energy efficient home). If you want the inside scoop on sustainable living, Liz Jameson has it and she will steer you in the right direction!

Maria and her Green Team make a great case for investing in a green home; 46 reasons to be exact is what she lists on her website. Transparency defines Maria when discussing what works and what may be a fruitless endeavor. Her team understands that the priorities of each client or home buyer may be different and while most are looking for cost effective improvements, she is able to serve those who are looking to turn green for more subtle reasons as well!! Visit Maria’s website for over 40 benefits to owning a green property in California.

Serving both the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, Taj partners with Simcoe Green Homes to bring her clients cutting edge eco-friendly design. A former artist, Taj understands that aesthetics play a large role in mainstreaming the idea of green living. Taj’s goal is to help clients reduce their footprint and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, in style!

The name here says it all. Carolina Green Realty is a real estate brokerage out of Western North Carolina that makes green properties a priority. Nick Hinton and Jeremy Rabuck, CGRpremiere agents, are plugged into outdoor leisure and work with clients to find an eco-friendly home that best fits their vision.

Looking for green property in Albany, New York? Whether looking for commercial or residential property, Alex Nichols and his team at Eco Realty have a list of eco-friendly, green homes ready for you to view. The team can walk you through the steps of lowering your utility bills by implementing on-site sustainable changes that will save you and your family money.

When searching to buy new property in an eco-friendly city, Jeanne Moyer is the woman to know. Eco-Broker certified, Jeanne is a real estate agent at Raleigh Cary Realty in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. She understands what the Triangle Area has to offer a home buyer and is responding to an increasing need for energy renewable resources in everyday living. If you are looking to have the latest information on sustainable living, you can visit Jeanne's website and take a look at her monthly newsletter where she features energy efficient houses and reasons to buy them.

Serving San Mateo, San Carlos, San Francisco, Burlingame, Belmont, Hillsborough, Woodside and surrounding areas, Stacy Clark is Eco-Broker Certified and ready to assist you in finding your dream home. When it comes to energy sustainable homes, Stacy and her team will lead you to your best match.

Whether you’re looking for a local spot to scuba dive, or buy an eco-friendly home, husband and wife duo, Harry and Lena Devery, are here to help! Their team also includes close family friend Mike Kranchick and all three have lived in Lahaina, Hawaii for over 15 years and serve the local community in buying and selling homes.

Buying a home can prove itself to be a stressful experience for the underprepared. However, securing an Eco Broker is a decision that can alleviate those feelings. Whether looking to buy a piece of land, or a home, these folks can help you make a decision you are proud of!

10 Things You Absolutely Need in Your New Green Home

10 Things You Absolutely Need in Your New Green Home

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for residential Green Building with the industry expected to double by then. Whether you’re building or upgrading, we explore some of the latest trends in sustainable home design so you can start prioritizing your eco-upgrades.

10 Things You Absolutely Need in Your Next Green Home


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1. LED Lighting Upgrade

Simple & Affordable! LED lights consume up to 90% less power and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. To get the most benefit, consider retrofit kits for a true conversion.

2. Home Automation

Yes, there’s an App for that! Energy management systems (EMSs) monitor energy consumption and can automate HVAC, lighting and heating systems that translates to huge energy use reduction.

3. Smart Windows

Clear to opaque and back again, all controlled by your smartphone or a Harry Potter-esque wave of your hands. Lower your A/C bills, have less furniture discoloration and spend less time cleaning.

4. Reclaimed Materials

Re-purposing old objects rather than building things from scratch can add character, history, and charm to any space. Shop local flea markets, antique stores or salvage yards for design elements.

5. Bringing the Outdoors In

Refreshed, calm and one with the earth, the outdoors has always appealed. Straight lines and geometric shapes are out. The trend is towards rough edges, natural finishes, and organic patterns.

6. Daylight Harvesting

Automated daylight harvesting systems monitor the level of natural light in a home at any one time. If it rises above a baseline, the artificial lights dim; if it drops below, they brighten.

7. Solar & Wind Power

You already know the benefits of solar power but did you know small wind electric systems are “one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems.”?

8. Home Energy Storage

Batteries capable of storing enough power for an entire home are expected to be as common as rooftop solar panels in a decade.

9. Tankless Water Heaters

Because they only heat water when needed, tankless water heaters use significantly less energy, take up less space, and last longer than traditional water heaters.

10. Natural Insulation

With a giant return on investment, natural insulation such as wool, hemp, and some types of biodegradable foam are actually better insulators than fiberglass, and are eco-friendly during production and once discarded.


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