Regardless whether it’s a family decision or a single person’s decision, most likely a world map is spread out on the dining room table.

Facing a choice of over a hundred and sixty countries, there is no doubt that the ultimate choice isn’t an easy one or could be. Found in a map.

For most people the vast majority of the countries can be discarded due to cultural differences, weather, distance, cost of living, political unrest, immigration complications or other personal incompatibilities.

Yet even after eliminating man of them, one can still be left with many choices… “Where to go?”

Most countries in one way or another try hard to promote themselves in order to draw private sector investment or in many cases to encourage certain groups of people to live in that country.

Costa Rica is no different, in the 1970’s and 1980’s Costa Rica passed laws to encourage retirees to move to the country even permitting them to bring all their belongs including a car totally duty free.

Since then Costa Rica has aggressively seek and succeed in developing one of most friendly tourist service country in the world.

When one reads and studies Costa Rica, a country of less than five million people with only 50,660sq km, slightly exceeds that of Vermont and New Hampshire combined, it is easy to see that nature was and is on its side.

This small country counts on over 5%of the world’s biodiversity. As of 2009, it was reported by the U.N. that Costa Rica has more trees per square kilometer than any other country in the world.

Besides its great natural gift, the costarrican known locally as “ticos” have given the country a solid democracy with a Switzerland type neutrality that permitted it to abolish its military over seventy years ago.

With a decision taken or being seriously considered to find a new horizon whether only as a summer home or a full time home, ut was time to fold the map up that doesn’t provide the insights or information needed.

One will find it mind-bogging, the amount of data whether through the internet, books and other resources that are available to help direct one to a decision, some good, some not so good.

Honestly, if one was years away from retirement, by the time one read and try a computer, all the info on all the countries, one could well reach retirement and still be undecided.

There is no doubt that the question “Why not Costa Rica?” can be the best answered not by only reading some promotional literature, but by what that individual or family truly seeking; what do they want of their new life, their new home.

Some want “peace and quiet” getting away from the rat race.
Some want to be close to nature and all its wonders.
Some want the thrill of years around and surfing, hiking, fishing and swimming in the ocean.
Some want to never have to pick up a snow shovel again to fight their way out of their carport.
Some want a country where their children will learn an important second language and another culture, where T.V. and computer games don’t have total control of their development and minds.
Some simply want security and others want to actually know their neighbors are and on a first name basic.

So “Why not Costa Rica?”

Regardless of any of the above “wants”, they are all to be found in Costa Rica. You will find it very difficult to say “NO” to Costa Rica.

At Coldwell Banker, it is our primary job to be objective with any and all of your needs and to guide you through your decision to be our neighbor here in Costa Rica.

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