Why Would You Want To Be In New York City During The Winter? 15 reasons that persuaded me to start a new life in Costa Rica

As a kid growing up in New York the winter was fun, well at least when school was out and I could go sledding.

Now that I am older and in my 50’s, things have certainly changed. Here are my top 15 reasons why winter is best spent in Costa Rica on the beaches of Playa Hermosa.

  1. Sunshine, warm weather and lots of it. In the Pacific Northwest of Costa Rica we average close to 340 days of sunshine a year and the average yearly high temperatures are between 85 and 90 degrees. You never have to worry about working on a tan, it is a given.
  2. The beaches, what more can I say. Can you go to the beach in out on Long Island in December; sure you can, if you are bundled up like a polar bear. December is a great time to be in Playa Hermosa, it’s warm, there is a tropical breeze and you can actually go swimming, boating, diving and all sorts of water activities. Try that in December at Coney Island, you will need a thermal wet suit.
  3. The Ocean is just a few blocks away from my home and is always amazing to be there. Looking out west, south or north I see either nothing but blue water or a few tree lined peninsulas jutting into the ocean. When I lived in New York, yes I could see water, it was the East River, the Hudson River or the Upper Bay and you would still see a concrete jungle just across the body of water. However you could not stand there to long as the cold winds goes right to your bones.
  4. Heavy clothes, yes that’s right no more need for warm jackets, long wool pants, rubber insulated boots, gloves to keep my fingers from going numb and those ski caps to keep my head the head warm; besides they always mess up your hair. Now all I use are shorts or bathing suites, golf shits or tank tops, sneakers, sandals or nothing at all. That on my feet of course!
  5. Outdoor restaurants think about it most people love to dine “al fresco” right but can you do that in New York in the winter? Well you could but I know I did not enjoy it. There is nothing better than going to a beach front restaurant kick off you sandals run your feet in the sand sipping a cold cocktail or tropical fresh fruit smoothie and without freezing and gazing out at the ocean while you wait for your order. It does not get any better than this.
  6. Have you ever taken a New York Subway train in the winter? Those tunnels in the winter are the dampest dreariest places I have ever been in my life. At least when I go spelunking at the Bara Honda National park here in Guanacaste, there are amazing sites to see and when you come out it is nice and warm. Not like seeing the drunk leaning against the wall trying to find his next drink then you head outside to the freezing cold.
  7. Fishing, I love to fish and the fishing up north was great when I was a kid, but you could only do it during the spring and summer months. Now some will say what about Ice fishing? Really stand on a frozen lake, cut a hole in the ice, sit in a tin or wood shack to stay out of the wind. REALLY is this fun? Not for me, tried it once never again!
  8. Boogie boarding, it is kind of like sled riding but a lot better. Of course you’re going to get wet, you in the water, right? But you won’t get cold and shiver to the bone like when you get snow in your face or fall off the sled and continue down the hill on your back getting snow down or up your pants. So I replace this kid winter fun with another that’s tons more fun! And I don’t have to wear those crazy gloves and boots.
  9. Snow we don’t have any of it at the beaches, plain and simple so let’s move on to number 10
  10. Ice storms, HA! I haven’t seen one of these for years and not here! Glad I won’t either. Have you ever read a weather report of an ice storm in Costa Rica? Yes we may get some hail from a thunderstorm but that might happen every green moon and in much higher elevations but not at the beaches.
  11. Slush. You know what I mean, that mix of melted snow ice and water, just after a snow storm and the road crews come out spreading salt and sand all over the place it is a mess and it ruins your car to boot.
  12. A shovel, the only time I pick up a shovel now is to plant some beautiful tropical plants or trees. This really refers back to number 9, snow we do not get it, period, exclamation point what else can I say?
  13. Cold weather, yup that’s right, we don’t have any of that either. Heck the coldest it gets here at the beaches in December thru March is maybe 70 degrees and that is at 4:30 in the morning.
  14. Multi car pile ups, even in New York City where it is almost completely flat I have witnessed this in the winter. Some nut case thinks because he has a 4×4 he can plow right through the snow at 50 miles per hour and then there is another one right behind following in the tracks.

    All good till the first one hits some ice and then it is all over. You know what I am talking about. Here at the beaches there is no rush to get anywhere, yes there Are some bad drivers, heck they are everywhere but with the average speed of 40 kilometers per hour (that would be only 24 miles per hour) I have yet to see one multi car pileup.

  15. Last but not least is the plain comer lifestyle; they don’t call it “Pura Vida” for nothing (Pure Life). Everything in at the beaches is laid back, there is no real rush to do anything or go anyplace in a rush. When it gets cold in New York people actually start moving even faster than normal, they have to so they can try and stay warm.
  16. Why Would You Want To Be In New York City During The Winter? 15 reasons that persuaded me to start a new life in Costa Rica

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