Top 25 Most Interesting College Blogger in 2017

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Most of us will some point in our life spent 4 or 5 years studying in a college. Going to a college can either be an “exciting” or a “painful” experience depending on how well you are prepared. The following Top 25 college bloggers provide some of the most interesting information, best tips and answers to prepare you to achieve your best moment in college.

This blogger is a father who gives advice about how to pay for college and what parents can teach their children about financial planning. He shares financial tricks on how college students can use to finance college

This blog shares what jobs you can find after completing your college education. It does job searches based on location, field and major. If you are still in college, it will helps you find internships based on the same criteria as the jobs

Carly started this blog as a creative outlet during her freshman year at Georgetown University back in 2008. She shares her journey and adventure in all aspect of college life.

This blog is for the college lady who want their clothes to look good and stylish on a low budget. It also tells them where they can buy inexpensive makeup.


This blog prepares women for what they can do after they have finished college and what they can do to make their careers and lives successful. 

This blogger is no longer in college, but she does give some helpful advice about what it was like to be in college. She is a twenty-two year old blogger living in the Midwest and sharing her love of fashion and travel.

Sara is a blogger who graduated from Wellesley College and one of the major categories in her blog is about her college life. She also has other categories called Self, Life, World, Twenties.  She only recently graduated so her information will still be useful and timely.

This blog helps college students and millennials make their way through life. It gives advice about the academic aspects of college and graduate school. As far as college academic life, she talks about note-taking and other ways to make your academic life easier. As graduate school, she talks about how to prepare for the GRE (the American graduate school version of the SAT) and how to apply to graduate schools. Her advice about both is interesting.

She writes about surviving as a college student, traveling as that (broke) college student, and loving yourself. She loves talking about ways to overcome obstacles, make the best of your school year, and love who you are.

This blog is exclusively for college women as its main purpose is to inspire women to have success in college and life. It even has a free e-mail course that will set you up for success in your new classes.

This blog is written by a 21-year-old who focuses more on the emotional and spiritual side of the college. If you are having trouble with your faith or a relationship, this would be the place to go.

These two women manage this website like a journal about their college lives than a guide to college life. For example, since it is summer, most of the home page is called Summer Reflections and is talking about what the two women are doing before they go back to college. 

This main purpose of this blog is to show how a gluten-free woman can survive in college and graduate school. She provides recipes and food tips to make it easier to be free of gluten in the college world. She also does talk about what is happening in your personal life, but the emphasis is on the gluten aspect of her life.

This blogger looks at all aspects of college life. She has her own unique advice on productivity about what to do during college. Reader should find this website practical and useful.

This blog helps college students and twenty somethings find their place in the world. It include all aspects of the college experience such as how to make a stress-free schedule or how to decorate your new abode if you are lucky to be living outside the college's dorm system.

What Haley has going for her is that she is the only one out of this group bloggers that has
been part of a study abroad program. If a college student wants to know what it is like to study abroad, this is the blog to read. She also does talk about other aspects of college life as well as what to do after college. What makes her blog valuable is what she says about studying abroad.

Ana is a 20 something year old college student who has passion to share her life including college experience. She writes about fashion, food and fitness with particular interest on Vegans

Emma, the blogger of this website, states right up front that her website is about fashion, food, and life. She is of college age and talks about what is happening in your life. Other college age women could relate to her experience and her advice would be helpful to them.

This college blogger give advice about fashion, style, and makeup. If a college woman is into these things, she would find extremely valuable. 

This blogger writes about personal health issues of college women. If a college woman is still having problems with acne, they can go to this blog. If they are having trouble sleeping, they can go to this website. If college women wants to have good health in college, this is the blog for them.

This main goal of this blog is given to people in college about academic and dorm life. Do you want to know what to do when your professor sucks? This blog will answer that question. Do you know what to do with the dorm's bed sheets? You will learn the answer at this website. All college people have to deal with academic and dorm life and that is why they should go to this website

If anybody has lived in Texas even for a day, they will know that Texans have a different perspective on the world. This particular female Texan has gone to college out of state and definitely has a particular viewpoint about what is like to go to college outside of her normal environment. This blog is chock-full of college advice, easy recipes, and lifestyle tips. It aims to help young females feel less stressed about the small things in life

This particular blog is for people who are of the Christian faith in college. She talks about what it is like to be a deeply faithful Christian in a secular college. She offers a point of view that is unique and should be read.

This blog focuses what it is like to go to college in the southwestern part of the United States. It focuses on fraternity and sorority life, lifestyle, travel, and fashion. College people will be able to see what it like to go to college in another part of the US.

This blog focuses like a laser on the academic aspect of college life. She shares lots of brain hacks and shortcuts that can help you overcome study-struggles and perform well in college. She gives advice on the website on how to achieve honor status in college. You should look at this blog if you want get the highest honors in college.

College Life is so unique for different people that you can only really understand it if you have experienced it. These bloggers should make your college experience easier. If you want to succeed in college, you should read these blogs and make the college experience a successful one.

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