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Buenos dias… My name is Scott Oliver, I’m a 52 year old British citizen born in Scotland, who has lived and loved this beautiful little country called Costa Rica since 1999.

I am the author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa (Shirt) and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore in Bull & Bear Markets.

“The Secret Sales Weapon” That
Most Successful Realtors Hope You Never Discover!

Through my websites and we have helped our clients rent, buy and sell hundreds of properties throughout Costa Rica in the last ten years…

For example, in one project in Santa Ana, our specialized marketing with articles and videos helped a developer to sell over 60 apartments in Avalon Country Club which you can see detailed in the letter below. If we can help sell 60 apartments for a real estate developer, surely we can help you sell your home, right??

We are in the business of selling and renting quality real estate in Costa Rica to our network of real estate buyers in United States, Canada and Europe, to buyers in other countries of Central and Latin America and of course the people here in Costa Rica.

As full time experienced real estate professionals, our goal is to give our customers the right tools to help them sell their homes quickly, efficiently and at the best possible price.

Ten Important Reasons Why A Video
Will Help You To Sell or Rent Your Home!

  1. 85% of home buyers and a big percentage of renters use the Internet to search for homes and to gather information about specific geographic areas.
  2. It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but in our experience, a video is worth millions! Yes! Our simple videos have helped our clients to sell about $25,000,000 worth of real estate in Santa Ana alone…
  3. A video can make a very complete and original presentation of your home in a much shorter time that it would take someone looking through individual photos, and, a video controls how the information is presented.
  4. A video shows what a home really looks like, so you don’t have to listen to “exaggerations” from the owner or “misrepresentations” by the real estate sales person.
  5. A video is very real, people believe in video because it conveys transparency and creates confidence in the minds of the prospective buyer.
  6. Video moves us emotionally in a way that is simply not possible with words on paper or in a magazine.
  7. When you include a quality video of your home for sale or rent in your marketing, even if your your neighbor is also trying to sell or rent their home (maybe at a more attractive price), your home will invariably be noticed by more buyers if it offers video.
  8. Videos can be fun to watch and it’s important to remember that the use of the Internet from mobile phones has soared from 15% to 41% this year in Costa Rica.
  9. People share videos with their friends, nobody shares a classified advertisement in a newspaper with their family and friends.
  10. A quality video can convey your message faster, better and more convincing than any other form of media.

Buyers and renters want to see videos when looking for homes online, so be sure to have your video created by professionals who know how to market themselves.

We don’t just boast about success, our results speak for themselves and you can easily see for yourself how successful we have been in creating YouTube videos that get seen by lots of people….

  • Try searching for for videos for Costa Rica luxury homes in Google and as of 13th December 2012 you will find that 5 of the top 10 videos which appear on the first page are my CostaRicaLuxuryHomes or scottisfree YouTube channel videos…
  • Try searching for videos for casas de lujo en Costa Rica in Google and as of 13th December 2012 you will find that the top 3 videos that appear on the first page are my CasaDeLujoCostaRica YouTube channel videos…
  • If you are looking for online videos of luxury homes for specific real estate projects such as Puerta de Hierro (where I have the top five videos), with Villa Real or Valle del Sol you will find dozens of our videos from our CasaDeLujoCostaRica YouTube channel and videos of on the first page.

We have sold and rented hundreds of houses and apartments online with YouTube videos and now we are going to help you sell and or rent your home…

When you know what you are doing, the Internet can be very effective for the sale and rental of homes, apartments and land and YouTube is becoming quickly tool #1 to show and sell your property to real estate buyers and investors around the world.

Your Rental Home in a Quality Video
For all the world to see for a
A fraction of the normal price of a professional video!

Many video producers will charge $500 and more for creating a professional-looking short video and remember if you do sell your home by yourself and save 5% in commissions selling a $200,000 house, you are putting an extra $10,000 in your pocket!, right?

What Will Your Style
YouTube Video Look Like?

It is important to remember that the quality of the video will depend entirely on the quality of the photographs you send to us by email; however, click on the video below to see an example of a beautiful house which has been recently offered for sale in Atenas, Costa Rica…

You can also view hundreds of additional videos that we have created for our clients at and many more for our customers in Spanish at

Happy Customers of Style YouTube Videos

“Omigawd!! This is freakin’ wonderful, Scott! Marcia and I cannot thank you enough. We may have to build another place to accommodate everyone who will want to stay with us. Thank you again… and again.” David C. Murray. Grecia, Costa Rica. You can see the video we did for David’s Costa Rica rental in Grecia video here.

Marielos Gutiérrez wrote to us saying: “I want to thank you for the great information that you have on your site and personal comments and guidance that is provided in relation to the current market. We listed our property for sale with a video that was created in your site in English and received a multitude of references from you that were very strong that lead us to an amazing couple who bought our home. With a good informative website like yours and a wonderful lawyer (that the buyers find also in this process was completely painless.”

Dennis Easters, who is a professional real estate agent in Atenas wrote to us saying: “My partner Gerardo González-Porras and I work as Realtors in Atenas and we have been working with Scott Oliver and his web site and since May 2011 and we can assure you that the videos he creates for our properties have made a huge difference in the minds of our real estate buyers… Properties that have videos always attract a larger number of interested buyers and therefore we sell more houses.”

Rent Your Property With a Style YouTube Video!

The secret to successfully renting your home not only is having a great video, but be able to show the video of your home to enough qualified renters.

We sell affordable and very professional slide video services to owners, developers and investors who wish to create videos from to help rent their homes.

After ordering your YouTube video here’s what happens:

  1. You send us by email no more than 25 quality photographs of the home you wish to rent, include some basic information about the property and your contact details and we will create a professional video (with music) to help you rent your house.
  2. You choose the music you want in your YouTube video… Choose between classical music, Rock, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, Tico or Popular.
  3. We will send you by email the link of your new YouTube video within 48 hours of receiving your order and all the necessary information about your property.
  4. You can then easily send the video link by email to your friends and family and include the video link in any publicity if you wish.

Now you can use the marketing secret weapon used by some of the most successful Realtors in Costa Rica to help rent your home.

Here’s How You Can Save $20 and Start
Renting Your Home Online with a YouTube Video.

Our customers normally pay us US$99 to create a professional YouTube video
As a very special offer for our VIP Members for the next 30 days only
You will get a $20 discount so
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As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will send you more information by email about what to do and how to send us e-mail photos, description, and the contact information of your house for sale.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Best wishes… Scott Oliver

Scott Oliver's Four Books

The four books written by Scott Oliver.

PS. If you have any questions, please contact Scott by email here.

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