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“If you don’t want to have to worry about what may go wrong buying property in a foreign country, hire Michael Simons. Here’s our story…” Patrick & Shelley Peters in Lake Lotawana, MO. USA. 16th January, 2016

In December 2014 I inquired about a Realtor through Scott Oliver’s newsletter. I quickly received a response from Michael and I began letting him know about our situation via email. Michael replied that he would give me a call (sure, I thought, after all it was Christmas time).

Nevertheless he did take the time to call while he was on vacation visiting his family over the holidays. Even though I was shocked, the dialogue began. First, Michael recommended Realtors to me to help sell our properties here in the US. I did meet with those Realtors and both were excellent. After that, we planned a month long trip to Costa Rica (September 2015) and Michael became our Realtor, travel agent, tour guide, and friend.

During our time in Costa Rica Mike met with us, personally, and showed us many properties over several days. He gave us his undivided attention and besides showing us properties, he took us by the hospital, the grocery store, the Do It center. He got us a Pacifico condo at a price I’m forbidden from telling. He helped carry our bags up. He took us out to breakfast and lunch. He invited us to his home, introduced us to his dogs, he cooked for us for heaven’s sake! He showed us the best place to buy steaks and wine. He introduced us to some of his friends and the list goes on and on. Mike is FULL SERVICE and he makes you feel like the most important person in the world.

At the end of the day we did not buy a big expensive house, but asked Michael to represent us in the purchase of a lot. I have no doubt Michael zealously represented us in that negotiation. Our offer was accepted, without the stressful back and forth, and Michael hooked us up with the necessary lawyers, title company, etc. Since we had spent so much time with Michael, we knew beyond all doubt he is honest and trusted him. Next, he introduced us to builders and took us to their building sites. Since Michael trusted them, we trusted them.

We have not yet listed our properties here in the US, but the calendar is ticking with a goal of 319 days to go. Since September 2015, Michael continues to stay in touch with us even though the sale is done. Most recently he’s recommended a Costa Rican dentist and banker. Michael has made it very clear that my questions or requests are never an imposition.

In sum, our deal went smooth and even though our slice of heaven is 3,000 miles away, we’re not worried about it.” 16th January, 2016 from Patrick & Shelley Peters in Lake Lotawana, MO. USA.


July 14, 2014: Bad Beginning, Great Ending. “Ten years ago I made my first trip to Costa Rica and fell in love with the country and the people. So much so, that I decided that I wanted to own property in the country.

Unfortunately, my first experience was with a developer (from the good old USA, by the way) who was, lets simply say, less than honest (you could say a dishonest bastard if you would prefer!). While being scammed caused me to lose some faith in mankind, I never lost my desire to have my own little piece of paradise and Pura Vida.

I had rather be lucky than Good!

As luck would have it, I had the good fortune to meet Cheryl Grant during a vacation visit. Since she had been in the real estate business, and was now the owner of a Property Management Rental company Costa Connection. I trusted her to recommend someone who was trustworthy and honest to show me various properties, and share with me what might be the best course of action for me to take… existing home, purchase a lot and build, or purchase a condo.

Enter Mike Simons…..real estate guru extraordinaire. I contacted Mike and he arranged a whole day of his life to not only show me property, but to answer questions about Costa Rica, the people and their customs, the economy, the government, taxes, the education system, the medical facilities and how the national health system works, how to become a resident, and on and on. I swear he had to have a headache the size of Texas by the end of the day that three Patron Gold margaritas would not have caused.

Most importantly, he took an interest in ME. Not just in selling me a piece of property, he was truly interested in what my ultimate goal was…..Do you want to live here? If yes, full time or part time. Do you want to rent your property? Do you want to use this for now or for the future?

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast on the beach. We talked about weather, sports, politics, and pretty girls……he became a FRIEND. So after continued communication over a nine month period, he found a perfect opportunity for me, and the perfect way to do it for my situation. He never pressured, I never received the “sales pitch,” and most importantly, never felt like he had anyone’s interest at heart other than mine.

So if you find like me….wanting a little piece of paradise for yourself and having doubts about what you should or shouldn’t do, you can trust Mike to help you…..and while he will get paid for his work, you can rest assured that he also has your best interest at heart.” Dr. Scotty Hermann – Waco, Texas.


June 17th, 2014: “Mike Simons is a unique businessman, … as well acquainted with his craft as any … and he doesn’t just sell properties, … he offers solutions. He’s the only realtor we’ve dealt with that is all about the customer.

Whether you choose to target from his network, or another … you will never sense a difference in his demeanor. He’s very switched on, charming, energetic, fun.

Mikes greatest strength is perspective AND he delivers in such a way that enables your confidence. This type of assurance is a big factor when considering a property purchase abroad. Mike knows where to go, what to do, how to do it and what its going to take.

You earned and deserved our trust Mike and continue to answer the bell. Any reader of this note can expect the same.” Nurys and Murray Hooper


June 8th, 2014: “We had been looking for a house in Costa Rica near the town of Coco , not too seriously until the winter of 2013-14. Having bought a condominium at Pacifico, several years ago, we were looking for something more away from the village, up on the ridge if possible, with views of the Pacific ocean east of Coco. We had heard of Mike Simons from his RE/MAX office in Playa Hermosa through a couple friends that Mike had helped sell their condo previously.

We also heard that he was a very charismatic fellow, who loved his pack of rescued dogs that he collected from around the country, eight now I believe. In our view, anyone that loves dogs like him, must be a nice person, as we have our own bunch of Australian Cattle dogs here in British Columbia that live with us.

We viewed several houses and properties in the Coco area, came very close to buying a certain house that we really liked the layout of, it just didn’t seem quite right with the views of the ocean. Finally, Mike said he had a buddy/builder friend that was finishing a spec house in Ladera, around 75% complete. We had a look the next day, it was exactly what we were looking for, deal was sealed a couple days later. (same layout as the one we liked, but much nicer location) We returned to Canada and Mike sent photos of the house as it progressed, we returned to Costa Rica in May, with the house 98% completed, and finalized the deal, stayed in our new house for our 10 day visit.

We enjoyed dealing with Mike, his casual style, very punctual, and got the job done. Discussions and dealings mostly over a beer or two. (after all we are Canadian and we need our beer!!)

Thanks again Mike, we will see you for a cool one in November.” Mike and Audrey King, Chief Pilot, White Saddle Air Services Ltd. British Columbia Canada


June 2nd, 2014: “My husband and I closed on our Costa Rica condo with Michael a couple days ago. He provided the absolute best service, support, guidance, and expertise from top to bottom. The process could not have been any smoother. Michael goes out of his way and far beyond the call of duty to take care of his clients. He instilled confidence in us from the start. We feel fortunate to have had him representing us throughout the experience.

When we met Michael on our first trip to CR last year, he instantly felt like a friend we’d know for years. He’s a very genuine person. He really cares about his clients and seems to love what he does. He had our best interest at heart from the very beginning.

Michael was intuitive and knew exactly what we needed at each stage of the game in order to get us to our ultimate goal — the perfect place in Costa Rica for our family of 5.

I trust this guy. He’s the real deal. If you’re serious about buying in Guanacaste, CR and you want someone who respects your time and money, Michael Simons is it. Look no further.

Thanks, Michael. We couldn’t have accomplished this amazing goal without you. We are thrilled about our place and cannot wait to get back there soon to enjoy it.” Bob Burger and Melissa Connell – Chicago


May 24th, 2014: “Mike Simons is “The Man” for buying or selling real estate in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. He has contagious enthusiasm about the region and encyclopedic knowledge of the communities and the real estate available in each. And once you’ve bought or sold through Mike you are not finished. He is effectively your entree to an entire community of people, services and opportunities, including Costa Rica natives and expats. Basically, Mike is the hub of the wheel and we’re delighted to be among the spokes!” Stuart and Katie Saunders — Chapel Hill, North Carolina


May 29th, 2014: “In 2010 I started researching warm tropical locations where I could purchase a home or condo where I might eventually retire. After about eight months of research I decided that Costa Rica was the place that “ticked all of the boxes” and so it was time to convince my wife. All of the articles, photos and pleadings seemed to fall upon deaf ears and my wife did not want to hear of my plans. Finally I was able to get her to concede to going on vacation to Costa Rica where it would be OK for me to schedule some real estate visits.

In my research I learned of the developing South Pacific Region, the Central Valley and the Guanacaste region. So, in the summer of 2011 I contacted several real estate agents and made plans to see all of the areas. I remember Michael Simons telling me to go and visit all of the other areas, to see what is on offer, and then come to see him in Guanacaste. He boasted that after seeing all the rest, he believed that I would be very happy to live in one of the areas surrounding Playa del Coco or Playa Hermosa.

In September 2011, my wife and I with another couple, set off to Costa Rica on a real estate hunting “VACATION”. We did as Michael suggested and visited other areas first and then went to see him at his RE/MAX office in Playa Hermosa. Not only did we find a condo that my wife was begging me to purchase, but the other couple that we were with (who were not looking for real estate) they also purchased a condo with Michaels help. In addition to purchasing the condo units, Michael also set us up with tours that included zip lining, white water rafting and more. So we found a home and had an exciting vacation.

Since 2011, I have added to my property investment in Costa Rica where I have purchased 4 properties with Michaels help. Not only is he my realtor, but I now consider him to be a friend and someone that I trust greatly.

If planning to buy or sell property in Costa Rica, Michael Simons will take great care of you.” Raymond Charlton — Bermuda


May 26th, 2014: “Mike Simons is the reason we bought real estate in Costa Rica. My wife and I have been looking for a place with all the beauty and great weather of our native California, but without the high prices, taxation and politics. We had been evaluating several places in Latin America as potential year-round or partial year retirement spots including, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica.

We decided to take a 10-day tour of Costa Rica exploring the southern Pacific coast, the Lake Arenal area and the northern Pacific coast. We were immediately attracted to the beach area around Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco. We found everything we wanted in the local grocery store, the Pacifico condo where we stayed was the perfect combination of relaxing and well-appointed with an amazing pool. Mike took care of our every need during our stay in Playas del Coco, from showing us real estate possibilities, helping us set up an adventure tour, showing us the town and its infrastructure and recommending restaurants. Mike is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Costa Rica and helped us with some of the ins and outs of overseas real estate investment, including the possibility of purchasing through a self-directed IRA.

It is very comforting to have someone you can count on and trust in Costa Rica. Mike is the kind of guy who will give you the shirt off his back. He must have hundreds of clients just like us, but he treats my wife and I as friends and answers every e-mail right away. He helped us with inspections, tracking down property surveys, and arranging every detail of our purchase. Mike seems to know everyone in town and was able to recommend closing attorneys, interior designers, property managers, builders, he even introduced us to our future next door neighbor through e-mail. He made an appointment for us to talk to someone about what is needed to establish residency, recommended a rental car agency, even sent us pictures of our condo and pool as they were being built. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty so many times for us we owe him a great debt of gratitude.

He has made the experience of buying a lot and condo in Costa Rica as simple and comfortable as buying a house in your home town. I would recommend Mike and his team at RE/MAX to anyone thinking about buying in Costa Rica.” John and Kay Houghton — Visalia, California


May 27th, 2014: If you’ve seen the HGTV show “Property Virgins”, we were something like that. Although we had bought two houses in our 30 year marriage in the US, with buying in Costa Rica, we were really over our heads! We don’t speak Spanish and we were uncertain about the laws, real estate rules and processes. ReMax is a familiar name from back in the States, so we decided to start there. Mike Simons helped us to navigate the “stuff” that we would require to own property here.

We had a general idea of what we were looking for in a house: one story, view, not too expensive. We spent a few days with Mike scouting out the possibilities. He was very patient with us as we tried to figure out what/where to live. As it turned out, he found us a nice, flat lot and a killer view of Coco Bay. We fell in love. With Mike’s help we negotiated a good price and it was ours.

Now we are building our dream home and Mike continues to help us with great contacts and advice. Whenever we have questions, Mike or his assistant, Yorleny, have the answers. It is truly a pleasure working with such professionals.

When you come to Playas del Coco, buy us lunch and we’ll tell you all about it!!” Stu & Wendy Pike — California


May 27th, 2014: “What do you say to people who ask us… “You moved from Hawaii to Costa Rica–You nuts?”

That is exactly what we did and when we started looking into Costa Rica we had no idea where, who or how we would do it. After searching on the internet I came across Michael Simons name and I can’t recall where I actually found it, but after many e-mails and some long distance phone calls with Michael we had set a date for coming to Costa Rica.

Sally and I flew in to San Jose and made the trek to Guanacaste to meet with Michael and learn more about Costa Rica. Our first introduction was so rewarding as Michael sat with us and explained the culture and history of the area and what this community meant to him and his company RE/MAX. We were so impressed with his knowledge we didn’t even talk or see real estate the whole first day. The whole week was very rewarding and Michael was the most generous host showing us property that would meet our needs and wishes. We were so blown off our feet about Costa Rica that before the week was ended we had picked a property and made an offer on our very first trip to Costa Rica.

Our next adventure to Guanacaste we had become a lot wiser and we flew into the Liberia airport and met Michael and he had his support contacts meet us and taken us under their wing and showed us all the necessary steps to help close our escrow. Sally and I were really impressed and very thankful for the help and support and answers to our many questions that Michael provided to make this an easy and smooth sale.

We have to thank Michael Simons for many things but mostly for his honest and sincere effort to show Sally and I how “PURA VIDA” is really lived in Costa Rica. We had a wonderful experience in purchasing real estate but a more lasting fact we have a friend who cared about how we wanted to LIVE.” Jerry and Sally Howard — Hawaii


May 26th, 2014: “I met Mike Simons through a referral from someone that appeared on House Hunters International. He was so friendly and enthusiastic! He helped me find a condo and the sale was easy. I found him to be very reliable and knowledgeable. When I came to visit and look at the condo before the sale, Mike showed me around the area and made me feel right at home. He arranged pretty much everything.

Whenever I have any questions or concerns, Mike is there for me, and I am sure will always be. I will always consider him a true friend and would highly recommend him if you are looking for an agent. You can’t say that about other realtors!” Janet Rowe – the Great State of Texas, United States


May 27th, 2014: Mike Simons takes looking for real estate in Costa Rica to a different level. His passion and love for this wonderful country rubbed off on us quickly. Not only did he show us great properties we also received a lot of information about the country that we found very helpful in our decision. The Pilsen’s were very tasty also. Thanks Mike.” Mike and Cindi Ruevers — Minnesota


May 2014: “Last fall, after visiting various areas of Costa Rica for the last 15 years, my husband Dan and I decided to search for property in the vicinity of Lake Arenal.

Although we loved the beautiful views of the lake and volcano, we couldn’t find the right match. As we were heading west to the Pacific Coastal area, our agent gave us Michael’s business card in case we wanted to see real estate there too.

Dan doesn’t normally like beaches, so I thought there was very little chance of buying anything, but we called Michael and he met us for breakfast. After looking at several places, we learned that Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama were much more than beaches. We liked the personality of the area because Michael introduced us to all the charming people…. and their dogs. We felt a sense of community that we had not felt in Lake Arenal. While we ate ceviche and drank beer at the beach cafes, we realized that this was an area where we could entertain family and friends and feel comfortable in retirement. Within a couple of months, we had signed a contract on a new condo in the development Pacifico.

Now we are official property owners in Costa Rica who are waiting on their container of furniture to arrive. Michael made the foreign business transaction less intimidating in an extremely professional manner all the while wearing flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. That day last fall, we met a great agent who became a special friend.” Dan and Lisa Sharp — Houston, Texas


May 28th, 2014: “Mike Simons and the team at RE/MAX go above and beyond to help their clients make a wise investment in Costa Rica. We have had the pleasure of purchasing two properties and each transaction was very smooth. They were happy to answer my millions of questions and Mike took an extraordinary amount of time showing us around when we first went down, despite our modest budget on that property.

He truly loves the area and has become one of its greatest assets and his passion is evident in every conversation and email.

Buying in a foreign land is frightening and understanding the local culture and customs is paramount- while at times it drove this type A American nuts, he was very patient, never pressuring us into a position that made us uncomfortable. I can say that you will not regret choosing to buy in Costa Rica through Mike and his team, he will quickly become a good friend and before you know it you will be leaving the good life or in our case, counting the days until we visit again. Pura vida!” Heather Drebenstedt — Fort Wayne, Indiana


June 30th, 2014: My wife Lin and I first met Mike around 2007 on our first trip to CR. We had gone to Jaco and scheduled a trip up to Hermosa to meet with one of Mike’s realtor’s, Jennifer and that is when we met Mike. We continued our investigative trips at the rate of just about one per year until April 2013. Our sole intent was to look at a piece of dirt, buy, and build at our convenience. Mike was all set to show us some dirt but had a couple of existing homes he wanted us to see. Well, Lin just fell in love with the view from our home in Vista del Pacifico and we started figuring how we might acquire the place. We worked out the resources and now enjoy going there as often as we can until Lin decides to retire, probably about this time next year.

Mike was always sensitive to the parameters we put on what we may be interested in and could afford and we appreciated that. Since then he has always followed the sale with “service”. By that I mean he didn’t abandon us after closing but has always been available for advice, assistance, and friendship. I have to say though that on the day we decided on this house, the sale was almost killed by a disagreement about “some” attitudes we witnessed that day and the silence could be cut with a cheese knife. But, cooler and professional heads prevailed and we proceeded with offer discussions later that day. I can always call on Mike and know that either he will personally assist or put us on the right trail.” Tom and Lin Grant – San Antonio TX


May 31st, 2012: “When my husband and I decided to sell our Pacifico condo, we knew we wanted the best to help us. We had heard over the years while in Costa Rica that Michael Simons is who you want on your side when selling or buying.

We didn’t know Michael when we called him out of the blue and told him that we wanted him to list our condo. He came over, answered our questions and suggested a price to list. During the few months that it took to sell, he was very attentive, answering all of our questions (and believe me, we had constant questions).

When it came time for the closing, Michael was excellent. He walked us through the whole process and went beyond the call of duty as a realtor as he answered questions about how to close various accounts (i.e. telephone, etc.).

We highly recommend Michael Simons whether you are buying or selling in Costa Rica. He knows the area, is very professional and is a great friend to have on your side.” Linda and Gary Roisum — Alexandria, VA


May 21st, 2012: “I have bought several properties through Michael. He has always put my interests paramount and steered me to the ideal properties. No one knows the area as well as him. He has continued to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism!” Dr. William Muir — Las Vegas, Nevada


April 30th, 2012: “If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica, I highly recommend calling Mike Simons. Michael is very experienced,extremely knowledgeable in his field and in the area. He spent several days with us looking for a piece of property that matched our vision and fit our budget.He is a true professional,very personable and incredibly generous. Michael always had our best interest in mind. Thank you Michael for helping us find our little piece of paradise.” Heike and Larry Knaus — Orlando, Florida


October 6th, 2011: “When I first decided to look into Costa Rica as a location to purchase a vacation condo, I didn’t know where to start. I really appreciated Mike’s calm reassurance and expert advice; he made it easy (and fun) to look at condos that fit my parameters. Mike is not only knowledgeable about the real estate in Costa Rica, but he is knowledgeable about people as well and helped direct me to locations that fit my needs and desires best. He always made me feel as though I was his only client.With Mike’s expert guidance, I purchased a condo in Costa Rica where my family and I have enjoyed many happy vacations and look forward to many more in the future. I was lucky to find Mike as a realtor and I am now lucky to call him a friend. I simply cannot recommend Mike more highly; he is professional, motivated and has significant knowledge and experience with Costa Rican real estate.” Donald L. Feinstein. Chairman of the Board. Emerald Foods, Inc/Diamond Foods, LLC


September 22nd, 2011: “It is with great respect and pride I introduce you to one Mr. Michael Simons who in short is nothing less than in my eyes a miracle worker! Yes, I can actually say this. I will explain…

For many, many years I do mean MANY years I have scoured this absolutely breathtaking country in a quest of obtaining the perfect rental/vacation villa in which I could have a decent rental income and still enjoy all to offer. I have put numerous, numerous offers and always still the same outcome … either the deal went sour, fell apart during the due diligence period or something happened that I didn’t feel I was obtaining the results that should have taken place. I was actually watching a House Hunters International program one Friday evening and watched their whole process from inception to the actual signing and I thought to myself WOW, this is the way it should be, why can’t this happen for me?

I immediately went to the archives of the show and found out who the Realtor’s were that actually made this happen and found Michael Simons. Through numerous emails he was able to access what type of property I would be interested in, what type of revenue I wanted to obtain and would be able to receive in the different areas never, ever going above what my budget was. Mr. Simons sent links to the various properties describing in detail his thoughts and why he thought these would be of interest to me, and even found one or two that had been taken off of the market but was relentless in his search, one of which I purchased.

Mr. Simons knows the area inside and out, and takes it upon himself to know the homes and owners personally and all of the developments and developers in and around the area and even outside the area if this is where you might have seen a property so, if you have a particular interest he has the inventory to suit not just myself but, anyone, no matter their budget and treats everyone the same with the utmost respect, knowledge, integrity and above all honesty.

So, if anyone is looking for an energetic, knowledgeable, honest hard working Realtor who is ALWAYS there for you and goes above and beyond the call of duty this is the Realtor you just MUST use!” Sue Ann Rasenberg — Ontario, Canada


September 22nd, 2011: “Mike has been the most amazing Realtor I’ve ever worked with to find and purchase a home. Even before our trip down to Costa Rica, we emailed houses back and forth and he even called several times. Upon our arrival in Costa Rica, we set out on a search for our new home.

Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and history of Costa Rica. Before we knew it, we felt like we were home already! He was so helpful in guiding us through the process and made it all pain free. When we chose our home, he negotiated a fantastic and fair deal for us. Now, we can’t wait to make our move to CR permanently!

His services didn’t stop with just showing us homes, he has an amazing list of people that he was able to refer us to for help with everything from the actual purchase to beginning the immigration process. Even now, I can email or call him with a question and he’s always there to help! I can’t imagine dealing with anyone else in CR. Mike is the man!” Suzanne Calhoun — Conroe, Texas


September 22nd, 2011: “Michael Simons and the members of his office in Playa Hermosa are the best choice for people interested in buying or selling real estate on or near the Papagayo Gulf.

Mike personally found me a large investment property there and then sold it for me at a significant profit several years later. He is also extremely honest and has repeatedly made good on promises when others have not followed through. What’s best about Mike, though, is his enthusiasm. He loves Costa Rica generally and Guanacaste in particular, and he has the long term knowledge and experience here to lead people to the right properties. I am currently using him to list some of my properties, and I recommend him highly.” Alan J. Shusterman. Linden Partners/Matapalo Investments. Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.


September 22nd, 2014: “We were referred to Mike Simons and met him in March of this year when we went to Costa Rica to search for property. We were very pleased with his enthusiasm, his knowledge of the country and his patience. He did not show us anything that was not in our budget and when we found our home, he was extremely helpful with the entire process, we would highly recommend him! (we even recommended him to another family member who also bought a house from him)

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