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Help-U-Search and Find Your Costa Rica Dream Home

Scott Oliver
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Help-You-Search For Your Dream Home in Costa Rica?

Before we can help you or suggest anything, we need your help!

We need some information from you so that we can recommend the most suitable area for you and help you find exactly what you are looking for...

So please tell me more about what you're looking for?

1. Have you been to Costa Rica before?
Yes No

2. When exactly is your next trip to Costa Rica?

3. Please rate your Spanish speaking skills on a scale of 1-10 - with 10 being fluent?

4. When do you plan on purchasing Costa Rica real estate?

5. What are you looking for in a Costa Rica property?
Apartment Single Family Detached Home Townhouse
Gated Community Farm B&B or Small Hotel

6. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms?

7. Does the property need to be on one level or can it have more?
One Level Multi Level

8. How much land would you prefer to have as part of the property?

9. Would you like to live on a golf course?
Yes No

10. What minimum - maximum total dollar amount are you considering investing in your new home in Costa Rica? (We must have this answer to help you.)

11. What is the ideal temperature for you?

12. Do you have pets that will be here with you in Costa Rica?
Yes No
What kind of pets?

13. Are you single or coming with a partner?
Single With Partner

14. Do you have children that will be with you?
Yes No
If so what ages please?

15. How many hours do you spend online weekly?

16. What hobbies and or interests are important to you?

17. Are there any medical requirements or disabilities that must be considered?

18. How many minutes would you be willing to travel to buy your groceries & supplies?

19. How far (in time) would you be willing to go to the nearest international airport?

20. Would you prefer to live near a Catholic Church or a Temple? Is that important to you?
Church Temple

21. When would you prefer to move into your new home?

22. Is this a property that you will live in full-time or only part-time?
Full-Time Part-Time

23. Will you be retired? Or, planning to work or start a business?
Retired Work

24. Do you know which specific geographical areas that you are interested in? (Remember that Costa Rica has two coasts.)

25. What qualities are you looking for in a real estate agent?

26. Have you hired a Costa Rica attorney to help you with any legal, 'residency' or real estate matters?
Yes No

27. What are the three things your home in Costa Rica  must-have?

Contact Info

 First Name Last Name

 Telephone Number

 Street Address 2

 Street Address 2

 City State

 Zip Code Country

 Email Address


We are asking you these questions, because with this information we will help you to understand that there are specific, unique challenges associated with buying real estate in Costa Rica.

For example; you know the laws here are based on 'Napoleonic Laws' and not 'Common Laws' as they are in the US & Canada right?

Our goals are simple:

We will help you to clearly define exactly what type of property you are looking for ...

We will help you to pinpoint the best possible geographical location for you and your family and ...

We will then recommend the most qualified and experienced real estate professionals in that area and ensure that they know exactly what you are looking for with the information you give us here. Apart from myself - Scott Oliver, and our recommended real estate agent, NOBODY else will see this information.

This should save you significant time and save you money by only showing you the most appropriate properties and making sure you are only working with honest, experienced and most qualified real estate agents...

'Gracias' for giving us an opportunity to try and help you.

Best wishes from your 'amigo' in Costa Rica

Scott Oliver - Founder

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