Costa Rica retirement information and the most recommended, reference-checked Realtors in Costa Rica.Costa Rica retirement information and the most recommended, reference-checked Realtors in Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica Chiropractor Dr.Jim McLellan of Sana Vida Quiropractica in Santa Ana

Margie Davis
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Dr. Jim McLellan is my primary care practitioner. When I get sick, come down with a cold, or have aches and pains, I make an appointment to see Dr. Jim.

Fortunately, I am basically healthy - all my organs work just fine - but I inherited my father's lousy back and loose joints, so I seek relief from joint pain from a chiropractor.

A 1982 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Jim is licensed to practice in New York, North Carolina and Costa Rica. His undergraduate studies focused on the sciences, and he was interested in pursuing a graduate degree in optometry. He felt that field was too restrictive, however, because he could treat only eyes. Instead, he chose chiropractic so he could treat the entire body.

It wasn't easy getting permission to practice chiropractic in Costa Rica, but Dr. Jim persevered. Since Costa Rica doesn't award a degree in chiropractic, the University of Costa Rica had to acknowledge that Dr. Jim had met all the educational requirements to practice in this country. Then the Ministerio de Salud (Health Ministry) gave him permission to practice in Santa Ana.

As Dr. Jim explains, pain is a symptom. Just like high blood pressure, pain indicates that your body has used up all of its natural defenses and is now crying for help. The body has tremendous resources to call upon before pain starts: white blood cells, histamine, blood vessel opening and closing, drainage through the lymph system, glandular activity - just to name a few.

When pain starts, and especially if it persists, the body isn't just crying for help, it is breaking down. The best way to treat pain is not to take a pill but to find and treat the cause. That's what chiropractic does - it locates and removes pressure on the nervous system, permitting the body to function properly, and to heal naturally without drugs or surgery.

At your first visit, Dr. Jim spends considerable time with you to understand what has been happening to your body. He uses orthopedic, neurological and iridology tests to determine the extent of your problem, then he recommends a treatment program. Three stages of care apply to most patients:

  1. Intensive - to relieve pain
  2. Stabilizing - to strengthen the joint so symptoms don't return
  3. Maintenance - to keep the joint strong

You will also be advised on diet, posture, sleeping positions, exercise and home care. His explanations are easy to understand because he speaks in plain English. And Spanish. He is bilingual, and many of his patients are local Ticos.

Some Call Him the Best Chiropractor in Costa Rica - Dr. Jim McLellan's healing hands at work.
Some Call Him the Best Chiropractor in Costa Rica - Dr. Jim McLellan's healing hands at work.

Dr. Jim has been known to say: You use your spine every day, just as you use your teeth every day. Imagine how your teeth would feel if they were never brushed, never cared for. You see a dentist for regular dental care, so it makes sense to get regular care for your spine.

The best time to start chiropractic, according to Dr. Jim, is right after birth. When babies are pulled out by their heads, birth trauma occurs. Structural problems, which can result from birth, may not be apparent right away, but years later chronic pain or misalignment may begin.

Correcting problems right after birth trains the body to remain properly aligned for a lifetime. Adjusting children when they are still growing and their bones aren't fully formed makes adjustments easier to do and to keep in place.

I wish I had started chiropractic care when I was a kid. Since I didn't, I follow the advice Dr. Jim gives me and see him whenever I need to. Besides being a knowledgeable doctor, he's an amiable person with a big heart who loves his work and the people he serves.

Sana Vida Quiropractica is located in downtown Santa Ana. From the road to Pozos, go 100 meters west, then 50 meters north (directions in Spanish: de la entrada de Pozos, 100m al oeste, 50m norte). Dr. Jim McLellan's telephone number is (506) 2282-3998.

Finding Your Perfect Home in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Realtor Mayra Claveria de Oliver
Photo: Costa Rica Realtor in Santa Ana & Escazu: Mayra Clavería de Oliver.

If you are serious about buying or renting a home in the Santa Ana or Escazu area, then please telephone our Recommended Realtor Mayra Claveria on 506 8893-6262 or (506) 6050-0058 or, contact Mayra using the simple form below:

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