The Southern Pacific is a beautifully preserved area of Costa Rica that boasts some of the best coastlines in the world. With its rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes it is easy to see why numerous families have decided to make this paradise their home.

Located in the South Pacific, situated approximately 17 kilometers to the south of Dominical, Uvita is a rapidly expanding costal town with plenty of multi-cultural character. Offering a wider range of facilities than its fellow neighbors, its steady growth has seen this town go from strength to strength in recent years.

Once a small fishing village, the town of Uvita has a well developed infrastructure and an organized network of services which offer some of the most interesting investment opportunities in the area.

A paradise found.

The Southern Pacific has been a notoriously difficult area to access but this has proved to be of benefit. Whilst other tourist hot-spots have experienced sometimes overwhelming development this area has remained largely untouched.
In recent months, the San Jose to Caldera Highway has facilitated access and reduced travel time considerably; improved road conditions from Quepos to Dominical have also ensured that Uvita will continue a sustainable development.

The real benefits of living in paradise.

The town of Uvita is located next to a beautiful pristine white sandy beach that looks out onto sparkling pacific waters which are excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

Uvita beach and its immediate surroundings are abundant in tropical flora and fauna and it is a protected conservation area belonging to the nearby Marina Ballena National Park. This is home to beautiful species of humming birds, toucans, monkeys, parrots, iguanas and sloths. Between the months of July to January sea turtles arrive to lay their eggs.

The Marina Ballena National Park is the location of the famous whale tail coastal formation. Best accessed during low tide, this sand bar has acquired the shape of a whale’s tale through natural erosion. Resident dolphins are easy to spot and Humpback whales pass through these Pacific waters between July and November and from December to March.

Costa Rica is known to be home to some of the happiest people in the world, and the residents of Uvita are of no exception. Residents in Uvita enjoy a healthy lifestyle with endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. You and your family will be able to enjoy a much healthier diet with an abundance of tropical fresh food available; those fast food chains will be nothing more than a distant memory. It’s difficult not to lead a healthy lifestyle here, the organic vegetable and fruit market is held by local farmers every Saturday and you will never tire of the variety.

If you come from the city your life here will feel like a never-ending vacation, able to enjoy the paradise that surrounds you, snorkeling, and kayaking, surfing and horseback riding to nearby waterfalls will ensure your family spends quality time together. Televisions and computer games are not so important in this part of the world.

Uvita is an Eden with amenities.

Uvita has overtaken Dominical in terms of necessary amenities. Local residents have access to three local banks including Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica and Banco Popular. All of which offer a range of personal and commercial services.

Supermarkets, electrical appliance stores, pharmacies, restaurants and an indoor recreation centre and soccer pitch are additional assets to this emerging town. A local art gallery exhibits talented artists from the area and an internet and business café serves as an excellent base to help you get set up in the area.

The town’s restaurants are a reflection of the multicultural community that call Uvita their home. La Fogata Pizzeria, Coconut Spice serving Malaysian cuisine and Sueños Tranquilos serving traditional Costa Rican dishes are just a few. There is great opportunity for innovative businesses in the area that cater for the tourism industry and many residents can expect to live well from their gains.

Excellent Health Care Facilities.

Uvita has its own EBAIS which is a local government clinic offering free medical care and the majority of staff are able to speak English well. Additionally there are several doctors and dentists on 24 hour call for emergencies.

A new hospital opened at the beginning of 2010 just 20 minutes outside of Uvita along the Costanera Highway. Hospital de Osa, Cortés is the newest hospital in Costa Rica and services the southern area. With a total of 23 departments, multi-lingual staff, 7 medical specialists, 10 GPs and 30 nurses this modern local hospital is well equipped to deal with emergencies and transportation is available via helicopter to a San Jose hospital if required. Facilities include a pediatrics wing, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology center.

Uvita – Home to an innovative new school.

Finding adequate educational facilities in remote areas can be the deciding factor on whether a family moves to a coastal community. There are has been a steady influx of families moving to the South Pacific and the opening of a new school has proved beneficial not only to the children in the area but also the local community.

The Escuela Verde Bilingual School, offers a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, health and garden, arts and crafts, music, physical education and technology.

The mission of the school is to prepare children to be resourceful and independent while inspiring them to give back to their multi-cultural community and the natural environment. The South Pacific area of Costa Rica has complex ecosystem and the school incorporates innovative ecological education into its curriculum.

Making Uvita your home.

Uvita is an emerging town with a growing community of welcoming international expats. The availability of on-line blogs for newcomers to Uvita can be of great help when you need advice but it might be an idea to re-visit Uvita without vacation in mind. Instead schedule a visit to the local school with your children, contact Recommended Realtors and do some investigations about potential business opportunities.

If you are used to a fast paced life, be prepared for a gear change. Far away from big city burdens, living in Uvita will give you an opportunity to be part of a community that really relish living life in the great outdoors. The availability of essential amenities and technological advancements mean that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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