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Where is Limon Located?

Limon stretches along the Caribbean Coast, and is situated on most of the entirely eastern portion of Costa Rica. This has always been considered one of the lushest regions of the nation, and there are 125 miles of shoreline that have picturesque white-sand beaches lined with coconut trees, making it a very sought-after tropical paradise. There are mountains towering over the landscape here, as well as wetlands to see full of mangroves and other fruits.

where is limon located

This is surprisingly one of the least-traveled regions in Costa Rica, allowing for exploration of locations like beautiful rainforests, and a bit more unspoiled vibe than much of the rest of the nation. This area is where you can experience a bit more raw culture than some others in Costa Rica, and gain a very rich experience that has not been completely tainted by tourism and development.

What are Some Prime Activities Found in the Limon Region?

The cultural hub of Limon is Puerto Limon, the capital city that bustles with a very unique vibe, and where visitors or new residents can experience a very Caribbean atmosphere that offers several museums to visit, and architecture that has its own very unique stamp. Parque Vargas is a beautiful park that many come to photograph and enjoy, and to appreciate the shady palms and views of the docks here.

activities in limon costa rica

Tortuguero National Park is located in the northern half of the province, and is known for the many turtles that nest along the beach. This is an excellent place to explore by using the water channels, and you can go at a slower pace by using a canoe or a kayak. You can also view and photograph West Indian manatees, monkeys, river otters, and many numerous types of freshwater fish here.

The smaller towns of Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca are destinations where you can get a feel for the true and untainted lifestyle of this area, and many coming here fall in love with the beach vibe and very tropical landscape. There are definitely periods of heavy rains here, but they produce forest areas that are very lush, and are part of what makes this true paradise.

Houses for Rent in Limon Costa Rica

Coming down here to reside on a temporary basis is sometimes the stepping stone needed to figure out if someone wants to live here permanently, and rentals in Limon are plentiful. Some that are used to the more luxurious things in life want a fully-furnished home that is a high-end villa, and these are available within Limon.

Within the average price range of $3,000 – $5,000 per month, you can acquire rentals here in Limon that have amenities such as 3 bedrooms, fully furnished kitchens, spacious backyards, and large terraces for sprawling out with the entire family. An opportunity like this is great for a transition period where you are still spending the majority of your time elsewhere, but eventually want to purchase property in Costa Rica, and want to give this area as a whole a test spin.

houses for rent in limon costa rica

On the lower end of the price spectrum, there are still wonderful houses available: fully-fenced properties with additional gardens, tropical front garden and back yard, very high ceilings, and a super large living room are some of the amenities within these homes available for rent. These properties can rent for an average of around $1800 a month, and fluctuate up to around $2500 a month.

Condos Available in Limon, Costa Rica

Condos are a great way for someone to experience this province in Costa Rica: you still get a luxurious space to call your own, and a staff to help with security, maintenance, and other elements of general upkeep. Many condominiums in this area with 2-3 bedrooms, close proximity to luscious fruit trees and luxurious beaches, and that provide a future opportunity for rental income can be available in the general price range of $300,000 – $400,000.

If you are looking for a bit more luxury in your floor plan, there are condominium units available in the  Limon area that are priced at $1,000,000 and up that offer pools with swim-up bars, unbelievable views of mountains and jungle, and the most immaculate and well-kept grounds you can imagine. At this higher end of price, there are also hacienda and full-blown luxury homes available, but the floor plans, architecture, and well-beyond curb appeal make these condos well worth a thought for investment or ownership.

Land Available in Limon, Costa Rica

This area has a very strong and prevalent Caribbean heritage, and during the months of September and October has its own dry season, while the rest of the nation is wet. Land here is a great idea to purchase: you may someday soon want to call this home, or have the foresight to know when a great opportunity is to invest for future development.

Since some of the land here has not been modernized by as many highways as other areas such as Dominical and the city of San Jose, there are opportunities to purchase land that are priced with the intent to sell, and many begin at around $300,000. You can find agricultural land with a greenbelt view  and enjoy living close to breathtaking mountain ranges, while you plan what the finished product will look like once you build a beautiful home.

Luxury Properties in Limon, Costa Rica

Owning property in Limon will be a great place for you to bring the extended family to enjoy some warmth, white sandy beaches, and ability to relax with the calm of the ocean nearby. Luxury prices here have been known to be an excessively great deal, because you are located in an area that seems underdeveloped to some, but is still a slice of paradise. Along with the less developed path comes tranquility, and a owning a home here that provides the upper-end of living quarters will make you always look forward to coming back.

luxury properties in limon costa rica

You can acquire a very large and lavish living space with amenities such as a backyard pool, 5-7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, multiple car garages, and grounds that can wow any wedding party or celebration for an average price of around $700,000- $900,000 here, with prices going up as you gain more space and luxury options. Limon is a location that you will want to call your own for years, and luxury properties here always hold a great equity/resale value.

Gated Community Living in Limon, Costa Rica

Living in a gated community provides many benefits: here in Limon you will have a place to live that you can feel safe and secure in, that gives you moments of total privacy while being located close to the elements that dwellers love about Costa Rica the most. There are properties such as full-luxury mountain villas that are true paradise in the jungle, with an average asking price of around $750,000 – $900,000, and some of the properties like this on the lower end of the cost are ranch style homes that are still packed with luxury features and ideal for turnkey rentals.

Spellbinding mountain paradise is a great location to choose to permanently call home. In a gated community, you will have a few strong anchors in place as contacts for arriving at a new nation, and they will be glad to slowly include you into their vibrant Tico lifestyle. If you have family that is scattered all over the globe, having a gated community property will be a perfect place for all of you to convene in paradise, and you’ll look forward to the months where you pack your bags for this stunning and tropical location.

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José Tercero Suazo has lived in Costa Rica for 35 years and lives with his wife, his son and daughter in Cocles on the sunny Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. As a professional Realtor and member of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Agents he has covered the geographical areas of Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva,Manzanillo and Gandoca for ten years.

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