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junquillal costa rica real estate

With one of the most private and exclusive beaches in the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Junquillal shares its beauty with visitors and residents alike. Junquillal, Costa Rica real estate includes lots that are perfect for creating your vision of home, towering condos that provide spectacular views of the sparkling waves, and beachfront single family homes that provide all of the privacy that you have been seeking.

Junquillal Costa Rica Real Estate

junnquillal costa rica real estate

Step out onto the front porch of a single family home on the pristine beaches of Junquillal Costa Rica real estate and you will understand the beauty of an untouched ocean view. With almost three miles of coastline, Junquillal beach real estate provides a variety of scenery unlike any other area in Costa Rica. From sparkling white sand beaches to rocky outcroppings that create splashes of white foam waves, Junquillal beach real estate invites visitors to appreciate the beauty of the Northern Pacific Coast. People choose Junquillal for its variety of beach views, its proximity to Tamarindo and Liberia, and its expansive infrastructure of utility services that provide everything necessary to live a modern life in a seriously gorgeous location.

The weather in Junquillal, Costa Rica ranges from an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit to the hottest months topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Junquillal Costa Rica real estate perfect for anyone who loves the tropical temperatures that last throughout the year. Warm breezes and plenty of rainfall provide relief from the heat, and homes along the beach back up to one of the most beautiful and untouched estuaries in the entire world. Sip deckside cocktails made from fresh fruits or enjoy seafood straight from the Pacific ocean with delicious Junquillal cuisine that includes Costa Rica’s luscious combination of Caribbean spices and African themes.

Junquillal Costa Rica beach real estate and condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica range from modest single family homes in the $200,000s to larger beachfront condos or estates in the millions. Ascending shoreline areas mean excellent views no matter where the land is purchased, and large estates, small oceanfront cottages, and even premium condominiums are available for anyone in search of a new beginning.

Homes For Sale in Junquillal

There are a variety of homes for sale when you stop to take a look at Junquillal Costa Rica real estate. Because this area of Costa Rica has less tourism development than many other portions of the coast, Junquillal’s housing market is open and inviting for investment. The huge variety of coastline views makes Junquillal a lovely location for purchasing that beachfront property or a new home.

junquillal costa rica homes for sale

Choose from single family homes with unobstructed views of the Northern Pacific coast, on lots that range from half of an acre to several acres set aside for growing fruits and vegetables or keeping horses. Single family homes come in a variety of sizes with one to many bedrooms, and are available in locations that overlook the gorgeous estuaries as well. Homes are available within gated communities or on private land surrounded by lush jungle foliage filled with tropical birds, monkeys, and iguana.

Condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica stand high on the hills overlooking the ocean and can offer private access to white sand beaches. Beautiful balconies jut out over the crashing waves of the rocky shores or overlook the quiet jungle landscapes. Modern and exciting, condominium communities in Junquillal offer all of the joys of resort living in an area that has not yet become overrun with development.

Condos For Sale in Junquillal

Purchasing condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica, means stepping out of the ordinary into a resort lifestyle that accents the beauty of the ocean while providing amenities that make each location its own community. From sparkling community pools to manicured lawns that offer space for barbecues with family and friends, the condos for sale in Junquillal Costa Rica are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the Costa Rica lifestyle without the upkeep of a private home.

junquillal costa rica condos for sale

The condos include views of the setting sun over gorgeous beaches or backdrops that include the pristine estuaries of Junquillal. Easy access to resort restaurants, bars, and entertainment make it simple to feel at home in your new purchase. Upgraded interiors with soaring ceilings paired with large bedrooms that open to gorgeous balconies make the condos in Junquillal Costa Rica perfect for families or retirement lifestyles.

Although buying a home in Junquillal, Costa Rica means a little more privacy than purchasing a condo, your condo gives you access to an established community. A private home does not require HOA fees depending on where you make your purchase, but the condo association fees provide upkeep on all of the community amenities, making your workload much lighter.

Junquillal Real Estate FAQ

Is beachfront property available for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
Yes, there are several types of beachfront property in Junquillal Costa Rica that are for sale. With fewer building and view access restrictions, Junquillal, Costa Rica is one of the best areas to purchase beachfront land or a beachfront home in Costa Rica.

Can I buy a home in Junquillal, Costa Rica, in my own name or do have I have to have a local partner?
You do not need a local partner for your purchase of land, home, or beachfront property in Junquilla, Costa Rica. The Costa Rica government offers the same rights to foreigners purchasing land as they do to locals. This means that buying land or a home is very similar to purchasing in the United States or Canada. Some people choose to use a local attorney to create a corporation for tax protection.

What are the price ranges for single family homes in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
The pricing for single family homes in Junquillal, Costa Rica, varies greatly depending on the size of the home, its location and amenities. Homes outside of organized communities begin at about $180,000 for one or two bedroom styles with plenty of space. Prices rise all the way to several millions of dollars for larger estates, homes with six or seven bedrooms, and even small farms with guest cottages.

Do I need a real estate agent to purchase a home or condo in Junquillal, Costa Rica?
It is always a great idea to gather information from a good real estate agent when purchasing a home or condos in Junquillal Costa Rica. A local real estate agent will understand the current market, may specialize in the type of home you desire, and can offer you plenty of tips when it comes to negotiating a price.

Land for Sale in Junquillal Costa Rica

junquillal costa rica land for sale

There are several types of land for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Titled beachfront property in Jaunquillal, is available in this area because Junquillal has not been completely developed, making it one of the rarest of all properties in the country. Although title beachfront land is quite expensive when compared to lots in areas further inland, the value is expected to rise dramatically and it is a rare commodity. When you purchase titled beachfront land in Junquillal, Costa Rica, you own that land in the same way you would own any purchase in the United States or Canada. Much of the rest of the beach areas are considered concession lands and are available for long-term lease.

Other land options in Junquillal, Costa Rica include estates that include several acres of property along newly completed roads that provide excellent access to Liberia International Airport just an hour away. Lots for sale in Junquillal, Costa Rica offer detailed construction documents that make it simple to get started on the construction of your dream home whether it is 2000 square feet in size or much larger. Beachfront property in Junquillal has additional construction restrictions, but long-term leases are available.

Summary of Living in Junquillal

Exploring the beauty of untouched and award-winning beaches or traveling the paved roads to visit fun city nightlife make Junquillal Costa Rica real estate an excellent choice for anyone who wants to set down roots and enjoy life. From pretty single family homes that sit along shell beaches and overlook rocky shorelines to sparkling condominiums with plenty of community activities and excitement, buying a home or a condo in Junquillal makes sense. Large estates with ample space for a mother-in-law cottage and beautiful barns give you the flexibility to find your version of perfect in Junquillal.

Year-round warm weather and luscious gardens filled with tropical fruits and blooming flowers create a backdrop that invites a more relaxed lifestyle. Pristine estuaries that are protected and encourage a love of eco-friendly life provide an amazing atmosphere for a love of nature. Views of the ocean sunsets from a condo balcony complete with a hot tub make it easy to enjoy the natural beauty of Junquillal, Costa Rica with all of its excellent resources. Paved roads and high-speed internet along with reliable infrastructure make this relatively undeveloped portion of the Pacific Coast perfect for starting that wonderful new life.

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