Many in the Jaco Beach community have made a concentrated effort the past couple years to help bring more art & creativity to the area.

Since Jaco at its core is a small surfing town it appears a little local street art is fitting in perfectly and is starting to give Jaco a more inviting and hipand creative look, that the local community is welcoming and embracing.

Much of this is lead by Artify Jaco, a group helping to beautify Jaco through artistic murals, street art & installations, festivals, and music.

Earlier this year saw the addition of painted wings on buildings throughout Jaco, where visitors can grab a fun photo poising posing as if they had wings.

And it doesn’t stop there; many local restaurants and bars are beginning to follow, making more of a focus on the arts.

One restaurant, Green Room Cafe, features live music every night of the week.


This has really created a culture of live music here that is spreading throughout the town.


And has created a collaborative vibe amongst the musicians which continues to grow the music scene!


Tico Pod Art House has been perhaps one of the biggest supporters and helped bring many of these initiatives to Jaco.

Tico Pod continues to offer weekly painting classes and various workshops throughout the year.


It is exciting to see the energy and vibrancy coming to the area and we encourage you to enjoy some of this excellent local art.

And if you are looking to take a little piece home with you we encourage you to check out Tico Pod, where you can find the best local art in Jaco.

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