This Property Has Been Sold.">SOLD-Fully Furnished Mountain Home For Sale in Jardin de Dota With One Acre of Land US$149K With Owner Financing – $75K down. This Property Has Been Sold.

The sun is warm, the air is clean and peering out from the terrace of my mountain log home, you can not see a house, a car, a road or a human being, just trees in every possible shade of green, maybe a cow or two, the other side of the mountain, hummingbirds in the garden, red tailed hawks in the sky and, at night – more glittering stars than you ever thought possible…


This Property Has Been Sold.



Your 180 Degrees View From The Terrace
Late on Saturday afternoon, a pair of Black Guans were foraging in the top of a tall tree in the middle of a very heavy rainstorm and on our Sunday morning walk, there was a Torrent Tyrannulet hopping from rock to rock in the middle of the small river about half a mile downhill from the house and we saw a pair of American Swallow-tailed Kites playing their acrobatic games together in the crystal clear skies.

This Costa Rica log home was built by Scott Oliver – the founder of this website – and completed in May 2006. It is a two bedroom, one bathroom 151.85M2 (1,634 square feet) Cypress log wood vacation home plus the additional lots of land beside and behind it that were bought later – 4,297 square meters of land (46,240 square feet)…

Scott sold the home to a Doctor from the U.S. in 2009 and due to a divorce, the Doctor is now selling the home.

If peace and quiet is what you are looking for – you will not find a better location. This rustic Cypress log home in the country is blissfully peaceful.

Four Lots Included = Total of 4,297.42m2

  1. Number 1-529143-000 1,038 m2
  2. Number 1-529144-000 1,037.91 m2 (the house is in this property)
  3. Number 1-529145-000 1,110.65 m2
  4. Number 1-529146-000 1,110.86 m2
  5. Total = 4,297.42m2

Costa Rica Mountain Home For Sale – Location

Located in the Los Santos area, one of the best coffee growing areas in Costa Rica about 60KM southwest and one hour from San José, the home is one of about fourteen mountain homes in a large and private gated community. There is only one entrance, with no public access which makes this a very secure location. We have stored BBQ’s and many other items outside for over a year and nothing has ever been stolen.

The nearest shopping for essentials can be done at a place called Empalme ten minutes (you gotta’ try the Abel Pacheco cheese -tis deeelicious) away which is on the main North-South highway – the InterAmericana Sur. This is also where you will find the Los Chesperitos restaurant where you can enjoy a hearty lunch for about $15.


This Property Has Been Sold.


Having said that, there are many farms in this area and we regularly buy chicken, rabbit, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables from the local farmers. I love to cook so finding fresh, quality produce is important to us.

There’s a well equipped kitchen waiting for you complete with a total of ten gas burners (four in the Whirlpool, four set inside the kitchen counter and two in the wood burning stove and you have two ovens and a microwave. You can see more photos of the kitchen here.

The nearest town with a small supermarket would be Santa Maria de Dota which is an incredibly picturesque 20 minute drive away, and another ten minutes takes you to San Marcos De Tarrazu both very important coffee towns.

We rarely see North Americans or any other expats in this area although we have heard there are a few. The majority of the local people are very humble and few speak English however many of the neighbors within the community do. Your nearest neighbors up the hill are an Argentinian/Tico couple (who only visit at weekends), and then there’s a couple from Bermuda who speak better English than I do… Until they retire, they will only be here for a month in the year.

Reasons NOT To Own This Costa Rica Mountain Home:

There’s really only one that I can think of and that is the fact that the internal roads within this private development that lead to the home are steep and only partially paved which means that you must have a quality 4×4 vehicle in good condition (or a horse – no kidding) otherwise you would be able to drive downhill to your home, but you would definitely not be able to get back.

There are however some wonderful reasons to own this home…

Best of Both Worlds

Pleasantly hot sunny days and cool evenings which are perfect for sleeping.

During the day, the sun is very strong and you will be surprised how quickly you get that golden tan. This home sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet so when it cools down in the evening, if you’re like us, you’ll sleep like a baby.

The temperature on our terrace has ranged from a low of about 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit (12.77-26.66 Celsius) and in the “depth of winter” (Ha!) when this video was filmed (7th November 2007) the temperature plummeted (?) to a low of 59 degrees (15 degrees Celsius) which for me is still ‘T’ shirt weather and with the six foot wide covered terrace all along the front of the home, you can enjoy your breakfast watching the sun come up and maybe sun yourself while reading a good book on the small deck at the side.

Mountain Log Home For Sale – What’s Included In The Sale for US$149K

    1. Two bedroom, one large bathroom 151.85M2 (1,634 square feet) Cypress wood mountain home.
    2. The home is 96.8M2 (1,041 square feet), the terrace and the covered garage area is 55.05M2 (592 square feet) for a total of 151.85M2 (1,634 square feet).
    3. For US$175K – you get 4,297+ square meters (46,240 square feet) of land which is just over an acre.
    4. There are two legally separated lots so if you wanted to build a second home behind you you could do so or sell the second lot.
    5. Hand-made wooden beds (2) in both master bedroom and second bedroom with sheets, pillows and bed-covers.
    6. Bedside tables (2) with bedside lamps in both master bedroom and second bedroom.
    7. Corner table with…
    8. Television and DVD.
    9. Dining room table and five chairs.
    10. Living room furniture consisting of two chairs, large couch, glass coffee table and wooden corner table.
    11. Wooden chest and two standing lamps.
    12. Chest of drawers in master bedroom.
    13. Long thin side table and two small stained glass lamps.
    14. Wooden coffee table for the terrace with three ‘Bass’ Director chairs.


This Property Has Been Sold.


  1. Two large wall mirrors and two 3′ high wooden plant stands..
  2. Large wooden rocking chair and small side-table in the master bedroom.
  3. Gas fired water heater.
  4. Fully functional wood-burning stove (one year old) which cooks beautifully after it gets going…
  5. Five baskets used for carrying firewood and one chainsaw.
  6. Wheelbarrow, spade, axe and other garden tools.
  7. Excellent Whirlpool gas cooking stove (less than one year old) with three burners.
  8. Additional four burners set onto the kitchen counter – Yes! I love to cook.
  9. Microwave oven.
  10. LG refrigerator.
  11. Kitchen clock, small hand-held food mixer, pots, frying pans, cutlery for at least six, lots of utensils, mugs, 10 large plates, 11 smaller plates, 12 bowls & glasses enough for a party of six people.
  12. Frying pans, three bar stools, cutting boards, two trays, kitchen towels, graters, sieves, oven pans, place settings and an apron.
  13. Weber kettle style BBQ.
  14. All lights and other fixtures.
  15. There is also a clothes washer and dryer included however, I must confess that these have not even been hooked up yet and …
  16. There’s even a copy of Emery’s ‘Encyclopedia of Country Living’ and the ‘Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica’ by F. Gary Stiles and Alexander F. Skutch.

Comparable land in this area with electricity and water in place in a secure, private area currently costs between $15-$25 per square meter (your land costs alone would range from US$64,461 – US$107,435) so it would be really, really difficult for you to find the land, get the permits, electricity & water, to build and furnish a comparable home that would give you this level peace, comfort and security for only US$149K …

This rustic log mountain home is fully furnished and extremely comfortable with property taxes of less than $100 per year. The electricity supply is excellent, the water is good but it should be mentioned that we do not have – and did NOT want – a telephone installed here although cell phones work perfectly. So if you want internet access, you would need to install a telephone line but while you’re waiting, there is an internet cafe in Santa Maria de Dota and others in San Marcos de Tarrazu.


The lot above the home which is included in the sale also has awesome views.
I do not watch television so the cabin does not have cable TV but our neighbors have satellite TV where you will find many of your favorite channels.

The guardian of the property is a young man called Julio who lives about one mile away, Julio was part of the team that actually built this home so he knows it well. He is paid $150 per month and he and his wife check the house regularly, keep the house clean, deliver firewood and maintain the gardens.

Who Would Love This Home?

Whether you are living here full-time or buying this as a vacation home, this home and location will appeal to people who appreciate beautiful mountain views, fresh air, birdwatching, gardening, peace and quiet, long exhilarating walks and practically silent (apart from the occasional owl) star filled nights.


This Property Has Been Sold.



Fully Furnished Mountain Home For Sale in Jardin de Dota With One Acre of Land US$149K With Owner Financing – $75K down


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