Free Wi-Fi Coming to 360 Costa Rican Districts

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Recently, Sutel, the Telecommunications Superintendence in Costa Rica, announced that free Wi-Fi is coming to 360 of the 421 districts in this country. Through Fonatel, the National Telecommunications Fund, the project will begin sometime next year.

During a press conference to address the plan, officials stated that they are targeting 985 wireless access points within the 360 districts with this initiative. Included are 62 public libraries, 7 civic centers for peace, 28 train stations, and numerous parks and squares.

Gilberth Camacho, the president of the Sutel Council, stated that through the Espacios Publicos Conectados, wireless service will become available for the entire country. One-hundred megabytes of Wi-Fi internet will be dedicated to covering the targeted areas with this current plan.

As stated by Camacho, this plan will allow over 4 million people to connect to the internet. Whether for work, education, or personal use, the new Wi-Fi coverage will boost Costa Rica’s social and economic growth.

Humberto Pineda, the director of Fonatel, anticipates that initially, the internet speed will increase 50 megabytes annually. That means that in five years, the number of megabytes will jump to 300. To bring this plan to fruition, the total cost of the project is US$45 million.

To use the internet from these points, Pineda stated that Fonatel would simultaneously manage access for 200 users. On a daily basis, this free service will be defined for each of those 200 people, and, if necessary, they will block certain websites or content to protect children and young users.

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One thought on “Free Wi-Fi Coming to 360 Costa Rican Districts

  • Michael ClarkNovember 9, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Hello from Quizarra overlooking beautiful San Isidro. One of my worst issues to deal with is the very limited WiFi we can get with only 4meg speed. I had hoped to stream some of my TV programs but cannot do it with the limited WiFi here. Checked to get Hughesnet but that is also unavailable.

    Will this be coming to Perez Zeledón and make a difference for us? I have some acerage if tower sites are needed but don’t know who to speak with if this is a concern. Also, do you know what the average terms/rent rate is for a tower?



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