“Researching memory improvement techniques I discovered that not only were many
of the Memory Masters’ secrets very effective, they were also very simple.

First I learned to memorize a deck of shuffled cards. Then I taught my then 10 year old to do the same!

We then incorporated a large number of their techniques in to our 200 Words a
Day! language learning system. And the response from customers has been terrific!”
So says the language system inventor and developer Kevin Crocombe from his home
in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

“Never before has Spanish vocabulary learning been so easy,” says Kevin. “And by fast building a large base of vocab and phrases, it makes
the acquisition of grammar and sentence structure so much easier. Many words act
as foundations for other words, so having a wide vocabulary base will fast enable
the learner to identify the meaning of a word from the root word.

The course is ideal for the serious student, and for the traveller on a short
stay. Equally it is a great tool for the person that studied Spanish all those
years ago and needs a quick brush-up.

The techniques used a quite simple.

The Memory Masters teach us that to memorize something you need to visualize
it in a crazy scene, a goofy mental movie. Visualising things on your own is effective
says Crocombe, but it does take time, so we avoid the ‘time trap’ by giving the
learner the picture in cartoon form.

So for example the Spanish
word for ‘crocodile’ is ‘cocodrilo’.

Crocombe gives you a picture of a crocodile working as a COCO-DRILLER, drilling
holes in to coconuts!

The picture uses a number of little tricks to improve the student’s learning,
and includes a way of remembering whether any noun is masculine or feminine. He
does this by having the key figure in the cartoon representing the gender of the
noun. So for ‘cocodrilo’ he has Craig Crocodile, a male, so it is a masculine

Also included is ‘superlearning’ music. In the 1970’s and 1908’s Dr Lozanov found
that students learn best in a relaxed state and found that certain specific types of music induced this ‘optilearning’ or superlearning

“Researchers also have found that rhythmic breathing with the learning material
synchronised to breathing can also increase learning performance. So we have incorporated
a synchronised breathing system with the course,”says Crocombe. “Yogis and meditators
have long known the benefits of synchronised breathing, and are one of the first
software developers to incorporate such mechanisms in software.

There are many other features to the course, including the students’ ability
to track their learning rate and see how many words per day they are learning
at any time.

“It is not impossible to learn well over 200 words a day with our system,“says Crocombe. “If you are struggling for a word that you’ve learned, just
think of the picture – a picture paints 1,000 words!

Kevin Crocombe is the inventor of the 200 Words a Day software systems and
is currently putting the courses in to book form. www.200words-a-day.com/costa

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