This is a very small country on a small isthmus of land between two great and wondrous oceans. Weather of all kinds flies over this spit of land and seldom stops.

One minute it is beautiful and sunny, two minutes later it is rainy and cold, one minute after that it is hot and sunny, and in ten minutes it will be misty and cloudy.

Get the picture?

That is in a single location. Down the road – a mere ten kilometers – it can be drastically different. How different?

Well, the city of Alajuela and the city of Heredia are 11 kilometers apart. December is the rainiest month of the year in Alajuela. December is the driest month of the year in Heredia. Then there is altitude. Travel 18 kilometers from San Jose to the airport, and you have arrived at an entirely different altitude. That can mean a difference of 10-15 degrees in temperature.

From the cloud forest high in the hills at Monteverde you can look down and see the coast about 20 kilometers away that lines the great Pacific Ocean beyond. It can be cold up there. It is very, very hot down there.

Chances are good that when visiting Costa Rica, you will experience beautiful weather – “rainy” season or “dry” season. We who live here pay little attention to “seasons.”

Retired In Costa Rica – Lair Davis.

Written by Lair Davis who occasionally “works” as a travel consultant arranging “untours” for small groups of solo travellers. These “untours” work well for single folks, particularly women, who like the security of traveling in groups but do not like sharing rooms with strangers. You can find Lair Davis on Facebook, and can drop him a line there if you are interested in his services.

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