Costa Rica Realtors in Atenas – Dennis Easters and Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras.

Dennis James Easters is originally from Tampa, Florida and now lives in Atenas, Costa Rica. He always wanted to live outside the United States, he had ideas of living in the south of France or perhaps Spain however, a family vacation to Costa Rica changed all that.

After that first trip he was hooked. Costa Rica was all he could think about and as he says: “Now I am living my dream and loving every minute of it.”

After receiving an AA degree in Business Administration, Easters attended the University of South Florida, with studies in Accounting and Industrial Psychology. Dennis believes that: “This has helped me immensely throughout the years in my business. In addition, I hold a real estate license in the state of Florida.”

The AARP Ranks Atenas as…
One of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.”

Dennis began his career in Real Estate back in 1995 – 16 years ago. Since childhood he had been fascinated with old houses, cars and antiques so it was no surprise to him or his family that this fascination turned into a career at age 21 restoring historic homes.

“With help from my family, I began my first company, CBA Investments (Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it), and purchased at 1925 Arts and Crafts Bungalow, and the rest is history. My last restoration before moving to Costa Rica was a 1926 Arts and Crafts church, turned home, with 20′ high ceilings, heart pine scissor trusses, tung and groove ceilings, 36″ x 80″ windows, and maple flooring.

To me this wasn’t work, it was a dream. It even made the local paper!”

Dennis adds that: “For me, real estate is a birth right. My family has a long history in real estate. We are real Florida Crackers. My grandparents from way back received one of the first land grants from the King of Spain in the 1780’s when Florida was still Spanish territory.

Much of my family were farmers, owning and selling large tracts of land. My great-grandfather owned large beach and commercial properties from Tampa to Ana Maria Island. My uncle carried the torch with investing in residential, single family rental homes, then passed the torch to me.”

With this extensive background in Historic Restorations and property management, it was only natural that Dennis became involved with real estate when he moved to Atenas, Costa Rica to begin his new life.

Dennis Easters now works as a professional Realtor and developer with his Tico partner Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras in Atenas, Costa Rica where they are both 50% owners in their company.

Ranked by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) as one of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad” Atenas is a small town located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, in the provence of Alajuela, just 30 minutes west of the capital San Jose.

But everything in life is not work, so when Dennis is not working, he loves to travel. If he can combine those travels to include nature, he’s twice as happy.

“I have been blessed with many opportunities throughout my life to see the world. At age 13 I took my first trip overseas to Great Britain. That trip left a big impression on a cracker boy. I would almost give up food to travel, and I love to eat. Once a year we take a month off to travel and explore a new land, with new cultures. The more I travel the more I realize we have much more in common, than we have differences.”

Dennis Easters admits to being a dreamer, so living in Costa Rica has been a real dream come true for him.

“I get to wake up every morning, have my coffee and look out over those beautiful hills. On weekends and holidays we travel to the beach or hike a mountain, like Chirripo. Nature abounds with butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, and lush tropical foliage at every turn. I hope that my experience in business and life, I can help others realize their dreams too.”

Costa Rica Realtor in Atenas – Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras.

Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras is the resident Tico (Costa Rican) working with Dennis’s company. Gerardo is originally from the capital, San Jose however: “It was my dream for many years to learn the English language. This dream took me to Tampa, Florida where I studied at Florida Metropolitan University. I lived and studied in the United States for 12 years.”

“Just over 8 years ago I met Dennis who was passionate about Costa Rica, and our friendship began. One day in conversation, Dennis asked if I would like to go back to Costa Rica and go into business together. I said yes! I too hold a real estate license in the state of Florida.

Being Costa Rican I know the ins and outs of the culture which gives me an edge in real estate negotiations and doing business here. I hope that “edge” along with my years of experience will help you feel right at home. Come let us help you make your dreams come true!”

Dennis and Gerardo started their real estate brokerage and development company in Atenas since 2007 and have extensive experience in residential development. They are both licensed Realtors in Florida, U.S.A. and are now members of the Costa Rican CCCBR (Camara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raices) associate number 1785, and members of CANATUR, (Camara Nacional de Tourismo) associate number 1143.

Their company is a full service Real Estate company specializing in sales, rentals, vacation rentals, development, construction and property management.

Dennis likes to say that: “We don’t sell properties, we sell dreams!” They sold 10 properties in the past year and have helped over 30 customers with their rental requirements.

What is your favorite quotation? “Actions speak louder than words.” My mother, Gaynell Easters.

Please give us your comments on the current Atenas real estate market?

“The Atenas market still has a strong draw for expats wanting to retire or looking for a vacation home to escape the winters of the North. With the new San Jose/Caldera Highway, a new Costa Rican market has opened, because commute times to San Jose have been drastically reduced to 20-25 minutes, allowing for “country living” with the convenience of the city at your fingertips! Prices vary throughout the Atenas area with homes ranging in prices from the low $100’s up to over $1 million.

A typical 3/2 home with nice finishes, 2,000 square feet of living space, pool, in a gated community on a 1.75 acre lot averages around $350K. Building lots start in the $50K range and go over $200K depending on size and location. Atenas has the three most important qualities in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location!”

What makes you uniquely qualified to help your customers?

“We are dedicated to educating our clients on buying and selling their dream property in Costa Rica. Our purpose is to find and sell the client their dream while maintaining the highest level of customer service. We listen to our clients, and help them realize what they want and need, and sell them the perfect home or property to fit those needs.

We are professional, ethical, honest, loyal, licensed, we work with integrity, and have over 16 years experience in Real Estate. We will always work with a win:win mentality facilitating a smooth transition for both buyer and seller. We are committed to our clients and each member of our team is unique, individual, creative and dynamic which sets us apart in our market.

Dennis Easters & Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras
Customer Testimonials.

Email received: Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:08 AM

As a former Re/MAX broker/owner in the US, I know good real estate people when I see them; and Dennis and Gerardo are real professionals. They are sensitive to the needs of their clients and offer creative solutions to seemingly impossible situations. If you are looking for top notch professionals who care about their community and their clients, then Dennis and Gerardo are your guys!” Teresa Bueno. Atenas, Costa Rica.


Living In Atenas, Costa Rica

Living in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Email received: Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 4:16 PM

“Get ready to meet the best real estate team in Costa Rica ~ Dennis Easters and Gerardo Porras! They are both very knowledgable, honest and caring. They helped us find a perfect rental that fit the bill to a tee. They drove us to a neighboring town and sat through the meeting between parties and explained what the contract said and made sure we understood it all.

Then they found us a property to purchase in Atenas. Again they listened to what we wanted and could afford. I would always recommend them to others that want to have enjoyable business dealings as well as fun all rolled together. They are never too full of themselves to have a good time in the process.” Susan and Tom Ritter. Atenas, Costa Rica.


Email received: Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 8:35 AM

“Hello Scott! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support Dennis Easters & Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras. These gentlemen are an excellant example of what is needed for a smooth real estate experience in Costa Rica.

They helped us find the perfect piece of property and even managed the building of our dream home in Atenas while we still worked and lived in Oregon. Once the home was complete, Dennis and Gerardo guided us through our relocation, assisting us with all the contacts necessary to set us up with electricity, phone, tv and internet, banking, legal contacts, etc. Their bi-lingual skills and extensive knowledge of how things work in Costa Rica were invaluable to us.

The professional, yet highly personable manner in which they conduct their business is why we would have no reservations in recommending them to anyone coming to the Atenas area. The entire team has extensive knowledge to share and they are always eager to assist.

They were also a huge resource for tours and adventures when we had guests come and stay with us, and when our group was too large for our own home, they provided us with short and long term rental options. They are definitely our number one choice for a great Costa Rica experience, whether it is a vacation or permanent relocation. They have it all. Pura Vida!” Frank & Karen Grayczk.


Email received: Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 8:59 PM

“Scott, received your email and will be happy to respond.

We purchased our home about a year ago in Atenas. We were putting the final touches on a 10 year plan to retire in Costa Rica. We had traveled there on and off over the last 10 years and made our decision on Costa Rica but didn’t know where. We started looking at beach properties (like everyone else) but coming from Arizona, the heat and humidity were not desirable features. We responded to a real estate website about a property in Naranjo. The property belonged to the real estate agent’s father. The agent, who had gone to school in Arizona and was in Coco, sold us on the climate in Atenas and sent us to Dennis and Gerardo.

So a Realtor recommends another Realtor because they know the area! Good reference.

I made contact with Dennis and he immediately began to set up a profile on what I wanted and did not want. Good move! It saved lots of time and effort. I agreed to send him every picture of the houses I was interested in that I found on the internet. The reason being that the “bait and switch” tactics of other agents was eliminated and it gave me a current portfolio of available properties.

I must have sent a hundred or so properties for Dennis to analyze. Lots and lots of the ads were of those that had been sold (many by Dennis himself) or did not include the features I wanted, especially the views and accessibility. One of the pictures was of Dennis’ current home. How funny was that? We narrowed the list to about 20 properties that were possibles and gave ourselves several weeks to look and maybe buy.

We met Dennis and Gerardo on our first day there. It was immediate friendship and trust. I gave him my financial situation and we figured out what we could comfortably purchase and have a great quality of life in Costa Rica We never felt pressured or rushed as we looked and they accepted our criticism of the houses and they gave their own.

Living in Atenas, Costa Rica

Living in Atenas – The town’s market.

The second house we looked at, we fell in love with but was too expensive and continued to look. The owner followed up with Dennis to assess the showing. Dennis explained our concerns and was asked to view a second time. Dennis, Gerardo, my wife and I met with the owner personally at the house and with Dennis’ help arranged a structured purchase agreement and we bought the house of our dreams.

To let a potential buyer have the opportunity to meet with the owner personally was a leap of faith in any Realtor’s mind who must have been thinking: Would the buyer try to cut me out of the deal? Would the seller try to go around me?

We struck the deal and and signed the offer and it was accepted… now for the hard part… getting the correct deal written up, in Spanish, for the Registry. No problem for Dennis and Gerardo!

Dennis and Gerardo took painstaking efforts to explain the structure of the transaction to the attorney in Atenas and it was written perfectly. All was approved and we closed on the house 10 days later. My wife and I were not able to stay for the closing but through a Power of Attorney, Dennis and Gerardo acted in our behalf and closed on our purchase, An unbelievable task that was accomplished through professionals doing their job and all while meeting expectations of both a buyer and a seller.

Dennis and Gerardo in Atenas did the job. They made our dream of a beautiful home, in a beautiful country, surrounded by beautiful people come true.

After we signed on the papers, Gerardo had a lead on some furniture and arranged for us to view, We bought the entire household on sight.

They arranged for delivery after we had left and on our first return after the purchase, Gerardo had set up the furniture and the former vacant property had been made a home. The extra mile? These guys went there and beyond!

We haven’t moved permanently yet, but soon. On our frequent visits, we stop by their office for guidance on getting our Costa Rica paradise affairs in order. They have always been there for my wife and I. They even helped us negotiate with a local merchant for a new mattress for our guestroom. On some of our other purchases, we have given their number to merchants for delivery instructions and directions to our house for delivery. Now that is TOTAL service after the sale.

Dennis and Gerardo were our first friends in Costa Rica and they are our most dearest. I have the greatest respect for the job they do in the wild and woolly real estate business in Costa Rica where anyone can hang a real estate sign and be open for business. These guys know their stuff and have as much enjoyment in seeing you get the home of you dreams as you do. Others may say it, but I challenge them to match the service that Dennis and Gerardo provide. I challenge them!” Gary and Linda Yeager. Atenas, Costa Rica and Phoenix, AZ

Questions About Buying Real Estate in Atenas?

Costa Rica Realtors In Atenas

Costa Rica Realtors in Atenas Dennis Easters and Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras.

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) ranks Atenas as one of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.” For more information about homes and land for sale in the area please contact our Recommended Realtors in Atenas by using the simple form below:

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  • Carin JacobsFebruary 18, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Hola Dennis and Gerardo – I am a retired x-ray tech living in West Palm Beach, FL. Retired 5 years ago but have been in Florida this time since 1994. Lived in Miami Beach in the 50’s from age 7 ’till 14. My Spanish is o.k. I am hoping to find a house sitting situation or inexpensive lodging for a month or two while I search for a nice place to relocate for good. I am ready to begin life anew out of the U.S. Costa Rica is calling me, although I’ve never been there. I am healthy, have good life force and want to be where people respect the environment, and each other. Hope you can help……Peace, Carin Jacobs. . . . . I would LOVE to talk to you. Can I call you so I can give you details? Thanks. God Bless.

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    what is your connection to the joseph hart house in hartsville, sc. my mother, bernice blacmon
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  • Ken FaulhaberJune 27, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    Interested in retiring to CR in the next 2-3 years Max,

    Would initially like to find a place I can lease for 6 months or so to determine if that area in CR is right for me.

    I will be a healthy 63 in December and. my intent is to live on my Social Security income as much as possible and possibly take on supplemental part/full time work to keep myself busy earning supplemental income.

    I am planning on visiting for a week sometime in Aug-Sept., before the rainy season gets going



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    This is Ryan, I assume it this is the same Gaynell/Dennis renting the condo in Jaco


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