Costa Rica Private Schools – Central Valley

For those of you with small children who wish to do a little research into what’s available in Costa Rica private schools, here is a listing of a few of the private schools in the Central Valley around surrounding the capital city San Jose we see advertising in the local newspapers.

It is important to please note that since this list was first compiled school fees have risen substantially – so you will need to confirm the current fees when you speak with the school.

  1. American International School of Costa Rica which works on the US calendar year. Located in Cariari, San José, Costa Rica.
  2. Anglo American School. Bilingual = English & French.
  3. British School. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  4. Blue Valley School. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  5. Country Day School. Escazu, Costa Rica. About $1,000 per month.
  6. Colegio Calasanz in San Pedro de Montes de Oca for 47 years.
  7. Colegio Saint Benedict. Curridabat location.
  8. European School. Heredia, Costa Rica.
  9. Franz Liszt Schule & Kiwi Learning Centre Preschool in Santa Ana. Spanish, German & English.
  10. Golden Valley School. Trilingual = Spanish, English & German. San Francisco de San isidro de Heredia.
  11. Humboldt College. Trilingual = Spanish, German & English.
  12. International Christian School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Miguel de Heredia and Liberia locations.
  13. Iribo School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. For girls only.
  14. Kamuk School. Bilingual = English & French. Boys and girls. Tibas location.
  15. La Palabra de Vida. Bilingual = English & Spanish Christian School.
  16. La Salle. Bilingual = English & Spanish for young women only.

  17. Lighthouse International School. An interdenominational Christian school in Guachipelin de Escazu.
  18. Lincoln School. English. San José, Costa Rica.
  19. Marian Baker School. Bilingual – Spanish & English. San José, Costa Rica.
  20. MonteAlto School. Heredia, Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  21. MonteBello – Taller Pedagogico. Heredia. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  22. Monterrey College. San Pedro. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  23. Mountview School in Guachipelin, Escazu. Bilingual Pre-School, Elementary and High-School.
  24. New Hope bilingual school in San Juan de Santa Bárbara de Heredia.
  25. Pan American School San Antonio de Belen, San Jose. Costa Rica.
  26. Prodigy Kids Academy is located in Trejos Montelegre, Escazu. Their mission is to become the “school of choice” for discerning parents by providing a social, physical and natural Montessori environment that encourages children to reach their full potential.
  27. Saint Claire School. Trilingual = English, Spanish and French. Curridabat location.
  28. Saint Francis College. Bilingual = Spanish & English. Moravia, San Jose. Costa Rica.
  29. Saint Gregory. Tres Rios, Costa Rica. Trilingual = English, Spanish & French.
  30. Saint Joseph School. Moravia. Bilingual = Spanish & English.

  31. Saint Jude School. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
  32. Saint Margaret School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Antonio de Belen location.
  33. Saint Mary School. Guachipelin, Escazu. Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish
  34. Saint Paul College. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Antonio de Belen, San Jose. Costa Rica.
  35. San Diego High School. Located in Alajuela.
  36. San Lorenzo. Trilingual = Spanish, English & French. San Pedro, San Jose. Costa Rica.
  37. Santa Monica School. Trilingual = Spanish, English & French. Guadalupe location.

  38. SEAS International School (Services enriching academic success) is located in Escazu. An International Elementary Program with customized academics for grades K-8.
  39. SEK Costa Rica. Curridabat, San Jose. Costa Rica. Biligual = English & Spanish.
  40. Sistema Educativo Whitman. Curridabat. Bilingual = English & Spanish.
  41. Yorkin School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. For young men only.

There are a few private schools focusing on children within the Jewish community but all of them declined to give us any information:

  1. Hebrew School. Declined to give us any information.

  2. Jewish Jabad Lubavitch Costa Rica. Declined to give us any information.

  3. Jennifer Sossin School for Jewish Education. Declined to give us any information.

  4. Instituto Dr. Jaim Weizman de Costa Rica. Declined to give us any information.

Most people agree that the best choice in international schools in Costa Rica is to be found in areas west of San Jose.

Finding Your Perfect Home Near A Good School in Costa Rica

If you are serious about buying or renting a home in this area west of San Jose and would like to hire an experienced real estate professional who can point out the best private schools to you then, then please contact us using the simple form below:

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