Costa Rica Fishing – The undiscovered, freshwater treasures of Lake Arenal

For all you fishing fans, you are missing the boat so to speak. Certainly the off shore ocean fishing is great in Costa Rica, but there is another type of fishing that has been kept a secret for many many years.

And that is the excellent fresh water fishing in the 50 square mile Lake Arenal. A long kept secret by the local fisherman living around the lake, it is only now being discovered by the aFISHionados that crave the hard fighting, great tasting bass fishing so prized in other parts of the world.

Lake Arenal is internationally known for Rainbow Bass Fishing. These bass, locally called Guapote (Spanish for very handsome) are a prize catch and can reach over 12 pounds. The average catch is 1 to 4 pounds but don’t be surprised to hook an 8 to 14 pounder, while you are trolling near the jungle shoreline.

Not only fun to catch but the meat is pure white and delicious eating. If you are vacationing the Restaurant Gingerbread will be happy to cook your catch for you. You can also hook into a hard fighting Machacca with their razor sharp teeth used for stripping weeds and grasses.

A typical day of fishing starts out early, at first light, motoring out to cast top water lures for the eager Rainbow Bass. When the sun starts to rise the bass typically go to deeper water, so we cast near the shorelines covered in grass, trees and brush, where the fish hide out. As the day progresses we troll deeper for the really big fish.

One man who is especially hooked on this type of fishing recently moved to Lake Arenal and has set up a very successful fishing tour business.

Ron Saunders of Captain Ron’s Arenal Fishing Tours is a seasoned American Fisherman with over 30 years experience.

He is an avid fly fisherman and supplies top quality gear for conventional, spinner or fly-fishing. His Boston Whaler is fully equipped with life vests, safety gear and marine radio. His business is family friendly, so be sure to bring your kids for an adventure they will never forget.

For tours originating from Fortuna, Ron fishes right at the base of the Arenal Volcano, close enough to see and hear the lava and boulders rolling down the sides of the volcano. Tours can originate from almost anywhere on the lake and include a great homemade lunch.

Captain Ron can be reached at 506 8 339 3345 or visit his Arenal Fishing web site here.

Please note that this is not a paid advertisement, this was written by Terry Moran who lives at Lake Arenal.

Costa Rica Fishing – The undiscovered, freshwater treasures of Lake Arenal.

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