Residency in Costa Rica

Political Detoxification. Escape to Costa Rica where you can live in peace!

As a Costa Rican and a Canadian with many American friends and immediate family living there of both political stripes, I feel compelled to try to redirect focus to a more neutral state of mind.

Living in Costa Rica: WAY healthier!

The healthiest and happiest people on the planet live right here in Costa Rica. No… Ponce De Leon did not eventually find his elusive …

Getting Your Residency in Costa Rica. Tips on how to get more Yes’s and less No’s!

When you want service from the above-mentioned sources, always wear appropriately colored socks, lace up shoes and a collared shirt with sleeves. In other words, age-appropriate, smart, multi-tasking separates. Best to stay away from bold patterns.

Getting Your Residency in Costa Rica. Attorneys Versus Our Recommended Immigration Consultant!

But there are so many lawyers on the periphery who, while not necessarily intending to do harm, are downright delusional about the imagined prestige and power of that law degree.

Applying For Costa Rica Residency? Why bother? Part II of II

Legal Employment. Yes… certain conditions must be met under specific categories. A bit more work, but legal residency for certain business owners will definitely provide opportunities. This includes diminished tax exposure from both the IRS and Hacienda in Costa Rica. (No capital gains tax here.) Zero exposure from Revenue Canada.

Why Bother Applying For Costa Rica Residency? Part I of II

There are good practical reasons to get residency if you plan on staying from 91 to 365 days per year. Maximum time on any tourist visa is 90 days. (Note: Tourist visas are issued automatically to U.S., Canadian, Australian, Brazilian and E.U. passport holders at their immigration point of entry.)

5 Reasons Why Laura Gutierrez Will Get Your Costa Rica Residency Approved Quicker And More Efficiently Than Any Attorney!

Through very close affiliations, Laura has met many of Costa Rica’s best legal minds. It’s a small country. The majority of these barristers are hard working, competent, ethical and off-the-charts smart…