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Driving in Costa Rica. Important things you must know…

Costa Rican drivers are generally a little more confident in taking risks and a little less competent in driving skills than the average North American driver. This stems from the fact that most are first generation drivers; their parents did not own a family vehicle.

Five Costa Rica Driving Tips Only “Ticos” Know

A few reasons are that the country lacks adequate signage, the infrastructure isn’t always in the best condition, and there are unspoken social agreements that everyone knows…unless of course, they come from abroad!

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Driving in Costa Rica – What’s All the Honking About?

That familiar early morning sound drags me from sleep again — is it the dawn’s chorus from brightly colored song birds, the low rumbling roar of howler monkeys beginning their daily fruit foraging? Nope.

Driving in Costa Rica – Road to Adventure

We had laughingly rejected the GPS system when the rental company offered it to us as we picked up our fun 4×4. “Who needs one of those?” said my confident other half, John. “We’re on a Costa Rican adventure!”

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For most of us the idea of leaving the house without our cell phone is unthinkable now. We are accustomed to be contactable and able to contact anyone wherever we may be. We believe that your vacation should be no different so we provide our customers with a free cell phone for the duration of your car rental so that you have the reassurance of knowing that one of our highly qualified representatives is on the other line should you need us.

The Law and Driving in Costa Rica. The most important legal requirements for driving in Costa Rica.

The police may ask to see your documentation and you should provide your driver’s license, your passport and rental vehicle documentation however, do NOT hand over your…

How To Drive Like A Tico in Costa Rica And … Survive!

If the vehicle ahead of you is swerving across both lanes in a seemingly alarming fashion, do not panic. The driver could well be under the influence or, more likely the driver is taking an intricate route through the lumps, bumps and gaping holes in the highway.

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