Samara, Guanacaste

Successful Spinal Surgery at Hospital CIMA and a Rapid Recovery Under the Sun in Samara

We had been living in Costa Rica for nearly a year. Our home back in the USA had been successfully rented with great tenants. Our retirement funds were liquidated and being transformed into our new dream home here in paradise. We had made the plunge and our dreams were rapidly coming to fruition. We were ready to hang the hammocks, grab the guitars, and enjoy a tropical drink.

Living in Costa Rica – From San Francisco to Samara to Atenas

But pretty soon they realized that they were working all the time just to pay bills, and thoroughly caught up in the rat race. Weekends, which were supposed to be fun, soon became full of work too; for laundry, cleaning the house, going to the supermarket, the occasional home repair, car repair, or veterinary visit.