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Costa Rica Real Estate Building Contract – A document with caution

Sometimes welcomed, sometimes feared, the building contract is the document where two parts agree on a series of items, which will eventually lead to the fulfillment of the project.

Costa Rica Real Estate Buying Land? Check the location!

If you plan to Costa Rica land, for a house, a commercial property or a warehouse, it is not that difficult to do. According to Ms. Kattia Madriz, sales manager of La Laguna, the size is not always the most important aspect. “This is just one of the factors to be considered when estimating the value of a property, if the rest complies with what one is looking for,” she adds…

Costa Rica Real Estate – Nicoya Peninsula

Where the lush woodland mountains meet the warm waters of the Pacific to the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Nicoya. Uninhabited islands, cascading waterfalls, tropical forests and jungles, rivers, sandy beaches lined with palm trees and …

Costa Rica Real Estate Developers’ Responsibilities. Avoiding uncompleted projects.

When you are buying a building under construction in Costa Rica, be sure to check out the surroundings, and public areas (ranchos, pools, streets) that the developer has promised to build.

Costa Rica Real Estate – What To Consider Before Buying a Turnkey Home.

If you need your own four walls as soon as possible, but do not have the time to engage in all the tedious construction process, you may opt for a turnkey home, offered by many urban development companies.

Costa Rica Caribbean Real Estate – Guapiles

Second caution is that by not using a known real estate agent here, you may be buying land that is not even owned by the person selling it, and this has happened many times. I highly recommend caution when purchasing land here.

Costa Rica Marinas

Costa Rica marina construction stagnates. In the past seven years, at least 16 foreign and Costa Rican investment companies have tried to develop marinas along the country’s 1,250 km (775 miles) coastline.

Four Costa Rica Prefabricated Home Builders

The Costa Rican real estate market offers a variety of alternatives in the prefabricated sector, and according to your specific needs, it can save you from buying cement, blocks, sand, and wood, to raise your own four walls.

Costa Rica Log Home Charms

If you are attracted to wood’s warm qualities, nature’s colors and mountain air, perhaps the idea of building a rustic wooden cabin or log home in Costa Rica appeals to you?

Costa Rica Banks – Competition Benefits Clients

A couple of decades ago there basically weren’t any private banks in Costa Rica. The government-owned banks were the only option for traditional banking services in the country, and these offered few services and what is generally regarded as poor customer service.

Costa Rica Investing Offshore – What’s the Difference Between Hedge Funds & Mutual Funds?

Regular mutual fund managers are salaried employees of a firm and they invest according to strict guidelines. They are normally paid a bonus based on the total assets under management whether they make you money or not.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Old House, New House

How long ago was it that you last painted the front? And the roof, did it have some leaks during that last rainy season? The bathroom tiles don’t look so good anymore?

Investing Offshore – Why Residents Invest ‘Offshore’

Arranging your financial affairs to you best advantage is similar to a game of chess. But unlike chess, the rules concerning your investments are constantly changing and becoming more complicated.

Costa Rica Investing – Are You Making These Mistakes in Mutual Fund Investing?

Many individuals select specific investment funds without giving much thought to an asset allocation strategy. The investor may actually define and identify their investment objectives, but then skip the next vital step in establishing a successful mutual fund portfolio: creating a detailed asset allocation strategy.

Investing – What Is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar Cost Averaging is particularly well suited to well diversified, ‘blue-chip’ growth mutual funds whose prices have moved steadily higher over the long term. DCA encourages discipline in your investments because once you have begun, it serves as a strong reminder to invest every single month at the appointed time.