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Caribbean Real Estate in Costa Rica

In many ways, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica stands apart from the rest of the country. For many years, this area was virtually isolated – a situation that went two ways. Many Ticos have a deep-rooted distrust of the Afro-Caribbean settlers, and the Caribe
ìos developed a strong identity very different from the rest of the country.

Costa Rica Real Estate Agent – A Letter From a Satisfied Customer.

Gringos seem to expect that, but as Terry says, “This ain’t Kansas” and you shouldn’t expect that your going to get the best price from any real estat agent or by going directly to a Tico without a significant amount of experience in Costa Rica because …

Costa Rica Condominium Dwellers Ignore The Rules

To make the rules of the game quite clear: the 1999 Condominium Law (No.7933) decreed a series of obligations and restrictions that differ from those pertaining to traditional housing.

Costa Rica Real Estate in Grecia

People are attracted by the security, public services and a more relaxed lifestyle found there. Newcomers come from Alajuela, Heredia, San Jose and abroad.

Costa Rica Paragon, Paramount, Parrita Land Sales

“The aggressive salesman was high-pressuring me to buy one hectare
for $60,000 putting down $25,000 and having an interest free loan with
just a five year balloon; no payments required till the balloon is due!
I’d want your take on this.

Costa Rica Land Use, Contrasts in the city – Some activities change a neighborhood’s dynamics

Zoning regulations indicate how the municipality wants an area organized. The idea is to plan and regulate commercial, urban, industrial and agricultural growth with clear rules. “We want to direct community growth so that development happens in an orderly way and thus avoid both overuse and no use at all,” said Solorzano.

San José, Costa Rica – Downtown – Urban Planning Reform

The project to regenerate downtown San Jose, Costa Rica has another weapon at its disposal to help it reach its goal: the implementation of the reform to the Urban Plan of San Jose, that was approved by the city council and put in force on Aug. 1 2005

Costa Rica Real Estate Investments – Parking Lots

New parking lots are not allowed to hold more than 200 vehicles or be larger than 3,000 square meters. Average lots have 30-50 spaces. Laws require a permit for the lot from City Hall.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Hot Zone

As has occurred in many other regions of the world, the reason for the accelerated growth in Costa Rica real estate is due to the opening, or more accurately put, the use of an International Airport, specifically the Liberia International Airport.

Costa Rica Landslides – Watch Out!

There are about 1,400 locations with landslide problems in Costa Rica.
If you plan to buy land, you should be aware of the areas that are especially prone to landslides or unstable underground, such as …

Costa Rica Alternative Homes – Log Homes

Construction options and house styles are as varied as the plot of land you choose and Costa Rica is no exception. I’m always interested in housing designs, especially if they are a bit unusual and individualistic

Costa Rica Real Estate – What Are ‘Gringo’s’ Buying?

We asked Scott MacDougall if he would give us a brief description of the different types of Costa Rica real estate that are most popular with North Americans and Europeans

Costa Rica Real Estate – Get Your Wiring In Order.

Seven months have passed since the new Electricity Code Regulations were published, but only now in June have they come into force. They will control all electric cable installations in new construction throughout the country.

Costa Rica Vacation Home – Build Your Own

Taking into consideration the distance, the quality of the workmanship and the available technology at the time of building, building a Costa Rica vacation home requires careful consideration about climate, topography, your own specific needs and the surrounding landscape…

Costa Rica Real Estate – Fire Regulations.

They want coherent norms when it comes to human security against fires in buildings and to reevaluate the regulation on human security and protection against fires published in January.