Manuel Antonio Real Estate

Thinking About Investing In Costa- Rican Property. How About A Coffee Farm?

The primary product of Costa Rica is tourism but that is not to say that this is the only industry worthy of investment in this tiny but flourishing country.

Enjoying the Adventure of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

Welcome to Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, where you will find long stretches of sandy beaches fringed by rocky shores and steep cliffs.

Large, Unique Marina View Estate Property For Sale in Manuel Antonio. US$990,000

Located just steps from the convenience of downtown Quepos and the newly constructed Marina Pez Vela, this expansive estate property has everything you need for a relaxing lifestyle.

Manuel Antonio. The most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica.

Situated just 130 kilometers west of the capital of San Jose and nestled along the spectacular beauty of the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio is the most popular destination in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Asks Visitors Not to Feed Monkeys in Manuel Antonio

Over the years, Manuel Antonio has developed a reputation where tourists could handfeed the local monkeys. That practice has now ended with Costa Rica instituting a new regulation that prohibits food in the park.

Manuel Antonio Luxury Villa For Sale With Spectacular 180 Degree Ocean Views. Villa Pelicano is a 5-bedroom, 5-bath villa on five acres for US$4.9 million

Looking for your own personal getaway or perhaps an income-producing property? If so, this luxury villa with spectacular ocean views is the ideal choice.

Manuel Antonio Hotel for Sale. 12 rooms plus owner’s suite for US$1,595,000

This is your opportunity to operate your own hotel in beautiful Costa Rica. One of the most intimate hotels in Manuel Antonio, this property is now available for the first time in years.

The Story of Costa Rica’s Unique Airplane Restaurant in Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica has become well known for its spectacular beauty, diverse ecosystem, and unique tourist attractions. Among the biggest tourist attractions on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is the lovely Manuel Antonio National Park, located just outside the town of Quepos.

A Glance Inside the Paradise of Manuel Antonio

Home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, Costa Rica has rapidly become popular for ecotourism. While many visitors to this slice of paradise come for the beaches, others make their way to Costa Rica for the chance to catch sight of an array of unique wildlife.

Casa Tranquila Luxury Estate For Sale Near Manuel Antonio. Asking Price: US$1,890,000

Casa Tranquila, is by far one of the nicest homes and properties on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. Located in the mountains of Naranjito, just 10 minutes outside of Manuel Antonio, this luxurious home boasts mountain and river views.