Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Costa Rica Real Estate Investments – Who’s investing in Guanacaste’s “Gold Coast?”

The grocery stores are just an inkling of what’s to come along Guanacaste’s ‘gold coast’, as it is often called. There are two major commercial centers sprouting up on the Huacas/Conchal intersections that are slated to open next month and next year respectively with over eighty units total.

Flamingo Marina Project Update – July 2007

The Flamingo Marina project is in full swing. Recently, because of a conflict of interest, the counsel in charge of choosing who will get the concession to build and operate the future Flamingo Marina stepped down.

Improving Roads in Guanacaste – Part II

The roads continue to improve in Guanacaste! Ordinarily I am not happy to be stuck in traffic, but it’s fine by me if the the delay is due to road construction.

Costa Rica Marinas – Flamingo Marina back on track.

The long awaited Flamingo Marina is back on track after the municipality of Santa Cruz voted to halt the process of awarding a concession to rebuild and operate the marina four months ago.