Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Dealing With Costa Rica’s Insurance Monopoly (INS) After An Accident. Part II – Pay Day

I am happy to report that after my accident about 3 months ago I successfully received my insurance settlement from INS. I had heard many horror stories about INS being a sham, not paying out claims, etc. However, I can honestly say, I received my INS settlement.

Going Green – Green Building on the Gold Coast

Many people believe that we must focus more on green building in Costa Rica. It seems natural that with Costa Rica’s focus on ecotourism and it’s growing respect for the environment that we should embrace such a concept.

Dealing With Costa Rica’s Insurance Monopoly (INS) After An Accident. Part I

About three weeks ago we were in a terrible car accident which involved my Toyota Prado some 5 hours south of us near Playa Dominical. I won’t bore you with the details, but the short story is that a car went to pass us while we were making a left.

Guanacaste Real Estate Market Update With Costa Rica Realtor Becky Clower. April 2009

What sort of decline/increase have you see in the number of potential buyers who have contacted you in the last six months in comparison to the previous year?

Enormous Five Star Hotel Riu Guanacaste – Should open in November 2009

Set amongst the picturesque Playa Matapalo in northwest Guanacaste, the RIU Hotel and Resort owns a 325-hectare (800 acres), $125-million, 701-room, all-inclusive resort an they’ve been very busy getting things ready for its November 2009 grand opening.

JW Marriott New Luxury Resort Opens Its Doors in Guanacaste

Despite economic uncertainty, the JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort opened its doors for business, as planned, on December 1st. The project took about two years to complete and is welcome news to the local tourism and government leaders.

Good Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Deals In A Flat Market

This is one of the most popular email responses I get when I ask what a person is looking for in real estate. “I want a good deal, a fire-sale, a divorce situation, motivated sellers, etc…” Don’t all of us want a good deal?

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment – Q&A with Costa Rica Realtor Becky Clower

“We have pristine beaches, improved infrastructure, availability of high speed internet, proximity to grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and medical services. We are only 50 minutes from the Liberia International Airport…”

Costa Rica Condos At The Beach. Free August 2008 price comparison report available.

One of our Recommended Realtors Becky Clower has put together a spreadsheet which analyzes 44 different Costa Rica condo projects on or near the beach in the Flamingo, Coco, Conchal, Hermosa, Langosta, Playa Grande, Potrero, Ocotal and Tamarindo areas.

Costa Rica In The News in the UK – Overseas: Natural beauty

Costa Rica is a wildlife-lover’s paradise, with its exotic flora and fauna, two stunning coastlines, lush mountains and pristine rainforests. Written by Laura Latham for the British newspaper – The Independent and published on Wednesday, 13th August 2008 South and Central America have opened up hugely to tourists and second-home owners in recent years, thanks […]

Saving Dolphins When Not Selling Real Estate

As Keith was walking the dogs, he noticed something rather large flapping about 100 meters in front of him. At first, he thought it was a regular fish. As he ran, with the dogs in tow, he realized it was a dolphin that had beached herself.

Volunteering in Costa Rica: You can make a difference.

I had always imagined that I would volunteer in Costa Rica. When I had first arrived, all my time was taken up with the unpacking, organizing and getting all the ‘typical’ Costa Rica things out of the way.

Costa Rica’s Newest Marina – Flamingo marina contract awarded.

In March, there were four companies that were still in the running to bid for the Flamingo Marina. Of those four companies, only two of them actually fulfilled the requisites set by the municipality of Santa Cruz.

Costa Rica Build Your Own Home Horror Story – Shocking photos

For those who plan to build your own home in Costa Rica, for those who thought that something like this could not happen to you, or those of you who wonder what your legal recourses are in Costa Rica, I dedicate this story of a retired couple from the USA building their retirement home in Costa Rica to you.

Costa Rica Schools. Education at the beach

Fast forward to 2007. Country Day School has invested some $2 million in a new facility which just opened for business. The former facility will now be used as commercial office spaces. The new school will be able to accommodate about 360 students, and although only about 160 students are expected to enroll this year…