Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Partially Built Brand New Designer Ocean View Home For Sale. US$225,000

Quality, Value, and Security! This home is currently partially built and sits on a 1.25 acre lot (5000 m2) in the community of Pacific Heights in Potrero. Over 3,500 SF of space plus two car garage, infinity edge pool, and some of the most amazing views of Potrero and Flamingo Bay.

Costa Rica Adventures With Young Children

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with smaller children, especially when travelling to another country. I truly recommend that if you are travelling with smaller children (under 5) that it’s best to do less drive time in the car. The drives here can be long and windy sometimes (perfect example as you head to the Arenal region).

Costa Rica Real Estate Investing – Recognizing a real deal.

From 2002 to 2006 the buying process was quick; primarily driven by emotion rather than logic and reason. Due diligence was something done by only a few Costa Rica real estate investors and the Guanacaste real estate market was booming. Nowadays the process is completely …

Living at the Beach. What would you do in the case of an emergency?

I came out of the bathroom to find blood gushing down my son’s hand and arm and he was hysterical. So much so, that even his little brother started crying because I assume he was scared.

Internationally Accredited Health Care Comes to Guanacaste. The missing piece of the puzzle is no longer missing…

The plans call for a hospital and medical center along with a retirement living community, hotel, golf course and all the amenities needed for retirees or medical traveler. Being a stone’s throw from the ever expanding Liberia International airport lends to a marvelous and growing synergy to the entire region.

Build Your Own Ocean View Dream Home in Costa Rica. Part III

Our new home will consist of three bedrooms plus office and 3 bathrooms, living/kitchen area, pool with outdoor covered living area and two-car garage. The house will be three stories (with the garage being the only thing on the ‘first/ground’ level). The house is about 2,800 square feet including the terraces and garage and sits on a 1,300 m2 lot.

Legendary Surfer Robert August Surf & Turf Charity Event in Tamarindo

We came in a respectable 2nd place and really had a blast supporting a great cause. Team Blue Water consisted of Rob Goodell, Steve “Conejo” Torres, Jarrod Guidry, Mike “Grandpa” Clifford–all locals who live in the area!

Fishing in the Surf in Sunny Guanacaste

Guanacaste is an ocean lover’s paradise. While in other parts of Central America you find mostly black sand beaches, which reach volcanic temperatures for much of the day, the Guanacaste Province located in the North-West region of Costa Rica has mostly lighter colored sand with…

CREA’s Learning Through Living Program Teaches Teenagers About the Costa Rica’s Wildlife and How Humans Affect our Environment.

Traveling, often times, proves to be an invaluable experience for young minds as they grow. By exposing young adults to different ways of living and being, we are in essence creating a more active and compassionate global citizen for the future.

Build Your Own Ocean View Dream Home in Costa Rica. Part II

We are now five weeks into construction and things are moving along on our ocean view home near Pirate’s Bay (Bahia del Pirata) in Guanacaste.

Building Your Own Ocean View Dream Home in Costa Rica. Part I

What took my husband and I the longest was the part of actually visualizing what our perfect home was. For me, it wasn’t about having the biggest house out there (just more to clean!). It was about having a great layout and good use of space.

Running and Reggae in Tamarindo for a Good Cause. With free video.

This year, the goal of Ruta La Paz II was to build on that success and continue to unite participants of all ages and skills through positive healthy sport while raising funds for scholarships at La Paz Community School. All proceeds from Ruta La Paz are dedicated to the La Paz Scholarship Program, which currently provides scholarships for 21 motivated students.

Having Trouble Getting Pregnant? Come to Costa Rica…

Years ago after coming to Costa Rica for prolonged surf adventures, I met this amazing little Tica (Costa Rican lady) named Marcela, at the Home Depot in Oceanside, California. After dating her for about three months, she announced to me, in my living room, in front of my roommate, “I want to have your baby, Rob.” Just like that. My first instinct was to run but for some reason, I didn’t.

HGTV’s Live Here, Buy This Show in Costa Rica is a Wrap!

The filming of the different areas along the Pacific Coast from Playa Flamingo (Potrero), Conchal, Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio took a total of two weeks. There will be six homes featured (two per area) as well as many tourist attractions along the way.

HGTV Now Shooting Their Show in Costa Rica

I am excited to have the opportunity to host this show alongside the HGTV crew. We will be showing properties in Playa Tamarindo, Conchal, Potrero/Flamingo and Manuel Antonio.