Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Guanacaste Renovation – The Gold Coast of Costa Rica gears up for the high season

What’s the hottest thing on the Gold Coast right now? It’s not the sun, it may be the real estate, but it’s definitely not the tourism, but maybe it should be.

Surgery in Costa Rica. “Better service, than I have received in places like Houston or San Diego.”

It is no secret that Costa Rica is becoming a popular destination where people from around the world can come and receive state of the art medical care at a fraction of the cost that they would pay for treatment in their home country.

Gear Down – Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

While it’s true the fixed gear bike has floated the world of biking out of heavy gear assemblies and into the the pleasant world of “how the hell do I pedal up this dang hill?”

The Wrong Side of the Fence

The grass is always greener or so it appears. On a daily basis I see those who have been tempted by the glory of what they perceive as better than what they already have.

Flying like a bird. Paragliding in Costa Rica.

There are many things in Costa Rica I have done, and only a few that I have not. Paragliding was one of those things (along with sky diving and bungee jumping).

The Best Business To Open In Costa Rica

Business, when done smartly, fits the need of its clients by either creating a need through innovation and marketing, or better by supplying what is lacking in said market.

Costa Rica Fitness Lifestyle Options for Expats

In the States I worked out between four to five times per week, and in Costa Rica I get in at least six formal workouts per week, but I am active almost every day.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Surfing

But, I always hear my associates in the office talk about their surfing stories… “I caught this wave… the waves are pumping”. You know, all that surf speak that I know so little about…

In Grave Danger of Falling Food

In truth, the designs and techniques don’t just leap off the pages, into your yard or farm and magically transform everything into a Garden of Eden before your eyes. The wet-dry tropics imposes its own seasonal challenges, timing is everything and the term ‘site specific’ comes into play from …

Playing Mejenga

Out of thin air you have two teams. Here in Costa Rica people of all shapes and sizes, but mostly males, appear with or without shoes, often in flip-flops but many barefooted to play their beloved futbol. It seems they kick better without shoes.

Going Bananas in the Tropics.

Twenty years ago I was substantially more tranquilo in the act of smuggling than I would be today. With nary an afterthought as to the possible consequences, I waltzed unscathed through immigration and customs at Juan Santamaria International Airport with a dozen ‘pups’ of banana plants, artfully ensconced among the colorful clothing in my 7 year-old daughter’s suitcase.

Guanacaste’s “Lost River” Is A True Gem Full Of Fun Outdoor Activities For All The Family.

The area itself is absolutely amazing, private-feeling and offers 5-star customer service, spa services, zip-lining, mountain biking, great restaurant, and of course, the thermal springs of Rio Perdido. In December, Rio Perdido will be opening a hotel on its grounds (which during our recent visit looked rather amazing and I look forward to going back when it’s complete!).

Country Day School Guanacaste Going Non-Profit and Run By Parents.

It can be a make or break kind of thing when choosing where to relocate. Whether considering permanent relocation or something that is just for a year or two, an internationally recognized and accredited school can give a lot of comfort to concerned parents.

Guanacaste Condo Comparison Report August 2013.

Our research clearly shows that Costa Rica condo prices on the ‘Gold Coast’ of Northwest Guanacaste have seen its low point in 2011.

Grocery Shopping in Guanacaste

Most towns have famers’ markets with what one would expect at any farmers’ market, but these are not just weekly, but all year long. The growing season is unending.