Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Update Video With Costa Rica Realtor Becky Clower in Guanacaste. July 2014

What sort of decline/increase have you see in the number of potential buyers who have contacted you in the last six months in comparison to the previous year?

Guanaba What? The history and health benefits of the soursop fruit

It’s guanábana in Spanish, and graviola in Portuguese. In Cambodia it’s prickly custard apple, in Thailand it’s Brazilian paw paw, and in the US it’s soursop fruit. Whatever you call it, this strange-looking fruit is finger-licking good and offers an impressive range of health benefits.

Why you should care about the Annexation of Guanacaste

Guanacaste is one of the most important provinces in all of Costa Rica — and not just because it’s the country’s busiest tourist sector. This region is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, the best hiking trails and arguably the most beautiful farmland in Central America.

How to Spot Howler Monkeys in Tamarindo

Howler monkeys are super common in the Tamarindo area. Here are Blue Water’s favorite tips to pretty much guarantee finding them.

Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing in Flamingo At Its’ Best

Flamingo Beach is one of the most popular destinations on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific Coast. The beautiful white sand beach is stunning and this is a favorite spot for deep sea fishing.

From Corporate Lawyer to Tamarindo Backpackers! How I escaped the Rat Race!

I just returned to Tamarindo after a quick trip to my hometown of Chicago. At home and in Tamarindo, people are always asking me how I came to live in Tamarindo and own Tamarindo Backpackers. So I thought I would share my story here.

Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate. A radio interview with Costa Rica Realtor Rebecca Clower in Guanacaste.

“Yeah, the local currency is called the “colon” or “colones” plural, actually named after Christopher Columbus. But US dollars are widely accepted here and in fact real estate is almost always quoted and sold in US dollars. It’s just the reason being is because the US dollar is more stable than the local currency.”

A Surfer’s Mecca in Costa Rica. Witches Rock and Ollie’s point.

If you are a serious surfer, you have to travel.  If you travel to surf, you have to at one point in your life make it to surf Witches Rock and Ollie’s point.

Costa Rica Road Trip From the Pacific Coast to The Caribbean Coast

For some reason the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is all but forgotten to the majority of visitors and people who live here.  After visiting there for the first time some 5 years ago, the place has always been on my mind.  It seems as though I always wanted to go back however life kept getting in the way.

Living by the Beach in Costa Rica. Summer in Guanacaste is right around the corner

Living by the beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, there are really only two seasons here, wet and dry. The wet season has been coined “green season” by the board of tourism and it really is nice except for in October when you can plan of some heavy rains. But during the first week of November an amazing thing happens, the skies part, the angels sing and summer arrives with a vengeance!

Old Traditions Become New Traditions Living in Costa Rica

I come from New England, Massachusetts more specifically. October is the time to start layering clothes there. November is bundle up time and Christmas is snow, ice, freezing rain, or all of the above. Santa manages to get there despite the road conditions because he doesn’t have to use them.

Sport Fishing in Flamingo, Costa Rica at Its Best 

Flamingo Beach is one of the most popular destinations on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific Coast. The beautiful white sand beach is stunning, and it is also a favorite spot for deep sea fishing.

Expat Business 101: Managing your Costa Rican staff

Recently I have had several conversations with small business owners who have different approaches to working with their staff. These are people I respect but don’t necessarily agree with.

Living in Costa Rica and Remembering Damon’s Important Christmas Party Tips

Living in a country like Costa Rica, a country that starts celebrating Christmas November 2nd is no help either, what with supermarket aisles already filled with Christmas goodies, only just preceded by the Christmas-meal training camp.

Living in Costa Rica & Finding The Right Staff For Your Small Business.

My wife and I came to Costa Rica because we looked around in the States and felt we could do things better; not just our lifestyle, yes that too, but even in the way we did business. There we both had good jobs, working for solid corporations, which both spoke to us being their “greatest assets.”