Costa Rica Videos

Costa Rica Video – Bananas, hundreds of millions of them.

Costa Rican banana exports will increase by 13.5 million 18.14-kilo (40-lb.) boxes this year – 2006. Sources at the National Banana Grower Association (CORBANA in Spanish) asserted that a marked recovery in production accounts for this increase.

Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate. Jaco is growing up with free aerial video of the beach…

And I don’t just mean taller, although it is definitely doing that as well. What I mean is that the town of Jaco is maturing. I believe that within the next several years that Jaco will be marketed as one of the premier luxury destinations on the Central Pacific Coast of Central America.

Costa Rica Condo Homes For Sale in Brasil de Mora – West of Santa Ana – Two free videos

“Valles de Mora” represents a luxurious, natural living style, in a prestigious location just eight minutes minutes away from one of the country’s most important business centres. Built by Constructora Meltzer S.A. – the same company that built the massive US Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica – right off the bat, you know that Constructora Meltzer S.A. is a solid company.

Escazu Super Luxury Condo Apartments – Top of the line… Free video

If living in luxury in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the most upscale area in Escazu sounds appealing to you then we would encourage you to visit the Golden Hill luxury condo apartments.

Puntarenas Sailing School and Luxury Condo Resort – Free video.

The development of the new luxury condo resort and marina in Puntarenas, Costa Rica will give Costa Rica another private yachting marina. In concert with the developers vision, the positioning of the resort as the premier sailing and yachting destination on the west coast of the country…

New Avalon Country Club Condo Construction Begins – FREE video & photos.

Three hundred plus workers are on site, the land has been cleared and construction has begun on the Santa Ana Country Club project. There are plenty of trucks, earthmovers, laser levels, a thousands different tools and tons of dust!

Costa Rica Video – Our new 3 minute promotional video.

Costa Rica Video. To watch this short video which should you give you a glorious, colorful ‘eyeful’ of life in Costa Rica, please click on the small black triangular Play button below.

Costa Rica Video – Nocturnal walking tour.

This was filmed on one of the night walks offered by Ecocentro Danaus near Arenal. The folk music to this video was provided by our friend Mauricio Penagos.

Costa Rica Video – Horseriding.

Follow a group of horseriders as they tour the Costa Rican countryside, visit a hanging bridge and then stop for a well-earned, very refreshing dip at a gorgeous waterfall.

Costa Rica Living in Atenas? Free video interview with Terry Mills

Atenas is a small, friendly, quiet town with an agricultural base, great climate, friendly people, a good multi-national community base and anything we don’t have here in Atenas is just a short drive away… Practically the center of paradise!

Costa Rica Living in Puntarenas – Attracting more investors every day. Free video.

Puntarenas is the largest province in Costa Rica located in the western part of the country, covering most of Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean coast which includes plenty of white sand beaches.

Costa Rica Video – Aerial tour along the coast

The wonderful folk music to this video was provided by our friend Mauricio Penagos. Now you can enjoy Mauricio’s music and his magnificent Costa Rica DVD tour in your own home with the Costa Rica “Must Have” Folk Music Classics and DVD Tour.

Costa Rica Video – Arenal Volcano

Arenal lies along a volcanic chain that has migrated to the NW from the late-Pleistocene Los Perdidos lava domes through the Pleistocene-to-Holocene Chato volcano, which contains a 500-m-wide, lake-filled summit crater.

Puntarenas Luxury Condo Apartments & Marina Resort – Free developer video interviews.

This beautiful new Puntarenas luxury condo apartment and marina resort will be located on the premises of the famous old Hotel Colonial in the city of Puntarenas on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Condos – Belen, Heredia – Custom Designed Luxury Condo Homes At Off The Rack Prices.

In our series of highlighting experienced developers with a proven track record of delivering a quality real estate product in Costa Rica we would like to take abrief look at the Belen area which is only ten minutes from the San José International airport, 10-15 minutes from all the cultural attractions in the capital city of San José (depending on traffic), five minutes from the Plaza Real Cariari Shopping Mall and only three minutes from the 126 acre award-winning Intel site.