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Costa Rica Living – Top ten things we do NOT like about living in Costa Rica with free video.

There are thousands of pages on this website talking about Costa Rica and even though you can find ‘tips and traps’ about certain many aspects of life here, I don’t want you to accuse me of never mentioning the negative side of Costa Rica living…

Costa Rica Living – Top ten reasons why I love Costa Rica. Free video

Different people have different tastes and there are a million reasons to live in this country but here are Scott’s Top Ten Reasons why he loves living in Costa Rica.

Take a 7 Minute Costa Rica Video Break. Legend of the Falls.

The “Pura Vida” guys are at it again. This time in the rainforest of Costa Rica! Bink’s grandfather, Papi, recently moved to Costa Rica as a permanent resident and hosted the fellas.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Living in Costa Rica. With free video.

There are no cliques in the schools. Everybody’s your friend the first day. Nobody’s left out of soccer pick up games – everyone’s invited to play. Second and third place in sporting events is not losing. Greater value is placed on the community and the team rather than the individual. Nobody is shunned.

Take a 3 Minute Costa Rica Music Video Break With Placido Domingo Singing Luna Liberiana!

The Placido Domingo concert in Costa Rica was held on the 14th November 2008

Take a Four Minute Costa Rica Video Break! With music and paintings by Guadalupe Urbina

A short four minute film featuring the songs “Origenes” written and performed by Guadalupe Urbina, featuring the painting of Guadalupe Urbina de Costa Rica.? Creative direction and editing Verona Fonte of Iris Arts and Education Group, Berkely, California.

Beer Tasting Fun in Costa Rica with with Free Video.

On Friday evening 28th September 2012 my girlfriend’s eldest son Gabriel and I attended a beer tasting event at Basil’s Arte Culinaria in Belen, Heredia.

A Stormy Night in Costa Rica. Short video by one of our very talented VIP Member Dawn Pfeifer

Our first trip back to Dominical Costa Rica (after we purchased our property and wondered what had we got ourselves into) we arrived to a torrential downpour (barely making it through the river), no electricity and then the skies opened up with an incredible lightning display!

Won’t You Please Also Help the Jaco Library and the Kids? I’ve donated $100…

To increase the library’s interaction within Jaco, the library conducts local school visits, provides free weekly yoga classes, and organizes beach activity days. Back onsite, we also offer Spanish and English lessons as well as tutoring. We hope to expand our programs to include entrepreneurial workshops and talks on sex education.

Sunset From My San José Apartment. Taken over a period of 22 minutes.

This video shows photos taken from the terrace of my apartment in a period of 22 minutes between 1750hrs – 1802hrs on the 10the September of 2012

Peace & Independence in the Streets of San José. Free drumming video

At 5 a.m. firecrackers went off down the hill from my home. All three of my very large dogs dove for my bed – each fighting to get under the covers. The sky glowed like a blue television screen. The sun would rise in minutes.

Costa Rica’s New National Stadium at Night. Free video!

In 2009 a small army of 600 Chinese workers dressed in red started building the brand new, $100,000,000 stadium in Parque La Sabana in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Living in Costa Rica – Puntarenas is breathing again. Free video.

Puntarenas, less than two hours from San José, is the ocean front playground closest to the capital city. Years ago, the rich came for fun to this sea town built on a peninsula that extends into the Golf of Nicoya.

Costa Rica Living – ‘Accompanying Spouse Shock’ with free video.

When I first moved abroad with my husband, nobody warned
me about the culture shock I would experience as an ‘accompanying spouse’. Of course, that was almost twenty years ago and nobody was telling spouses much of anything by way of …

Retirement in Costa Rica – George Lundquist FREE online video interview.

Puriscal is only about one hour west of San Jose so we drove down to interview one of America’s greatest exports to Costa Rica – my good friend George Lundquist. We sat at the top of the hill on George’s property which has spectacular views reaching all the way to the Pacific coast.